Documentary:The Cove..A MUST WATCH!!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The boyfriend have been asking me to watch this documentary movie.He said he never thought that he would cry while watching a documentary about dolphins.Initially I was skeptical in watching it and was delaying it even though he kept asking me I have watched it or not.Because I thought it would be boring.Boy was I wrong!!!

It was an eye opener.To see that dolphins are being killed mercilessly so that these Japanese people(in the documentary it was set in Taiji,Japan) can make some money out of it.I have to say I did cry a few times while watching it.

I saw on the net how some people can justify these actions by saying that well,the Westerners kill cows for meat so the Easterners are killing doplhin/whales for their meats.But it is weird since most Japanese living in Tokyo and other cities doesn't consume dolphins at all.

Plus there's high levels of mercury in dolphin meats.It is worrying because obviously they(the Japanese government) is trying to cover it up.All of this can be seen in the movie.To me Ric O'Barry is a hero,championing a great cause that a lot of people might think is small or overlooked.

There's a lot of politics being played in order to keep whaling and killings of dolphins alive in Japan.This can been seen during IWC conference in the movie.A lot of the votes were bought.

You can download this movie from torrent because I think it's hard to get your hand on it here in Malaysia.But when you have downloaded it,pass it around and spread the message.If we can't do anything,atleast we can create an awareness about it.

And do go HERE to sign for the petition to help save Japan's dolphins.I have done my part.:)