Lots of weddings and other things!:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm so sorry because I haven't blogged in quite some time.Been going places,watching movies,cooking and baking that I became too lazy to blog.I have quite a number of posts in draft mode.hahaha I will try to blog 2 posts tonight.

There's definitely a lot of weddings going on this September!Two of the boyfriend's friend got married.He was the best man for one of them.A friend of mine is getting married this month as well and another is getting engaged!

So I went to both of Razin's friends wedding.Went to Joe's akad nikah(pic above was taken before we went to the akad,near my house)and wedding.And also Shafiq's wedding where Razin was the best man.Razin was busy the whole 3 days for Shafiq's wedding..first day was the akad nikah,the wedding ceremony on the bride's side and then the last day was the ceremony for the groom's side.

I went to the groom's ceremony with my friend Adela.Then went to Razin's house after to let Adel meet baby Qarla,his niece.Pictures below!

The next weekend me and Razin went to Joe's wedding.We wore my fave color..purple!:)
Afterwards it was Razin's little sister Qeema's open house.I helped her make the colorful roti jala below.Their family's speciality.There was a lot of good food!Their mum made nasi lemak,pulut kuning,lontong and many more.
Oh before going to the wedding and Qeema's open house,in the morning I went to Razin's eldest sister Nana's house to help her with Qarla's swimming because everybody was busy that day preparing for the open house.It was fun seeing Qarla having fun in the pool.That's me in my fave ASOS watermelon shirt.:p