New TV Shows(The New Normal,Guys With Kids,Go On)&Recurring(Glee)

Monday, September 24, 2012 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Wanted to post a totally different post about all the many movies that I have watched these past few months but then somehow a glitch happened and it went kaputt!Oh well,the peril of blogging through an app.haha.Moving on!

There has been a slew of new tv shows coming out(not in Malaysia of course..everything reviewed here was downloaded online)and here are a few that I have been watching:

1.Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Cookery Course

I have been drafting a post on Gordon for so long because I'm such a fan(including my parents&boyfriend who loves him!)but then I'll forget all about it.hahaha.

Gordon came out with a new cookbook titled with the same name as well so this show shares some of the recipes from his cookbook but with many useful tips!Heard that there'll be 20 episodes in total.Each episode is only for 30 minutes.

So far there's been 10 episodes that is out and you can get all of them on

I definitely recommend people who likes to cook like I do or those who wants to learn how to cook,to download all of the episodes.He gives tips from cookware--sharpening knives,choosing the right pans&etc to how to choose vinegars/vegetables/spices/poultry and many many more.

The show gives you a wealth of cooking knowledge and cooking with simple easy steps.I tried one of the recipes which is the chilli beef lettuce wraps and it was good!Picture of the dish below:

2.Guys With Kids

This show reminded me of another tv show involving a young father with a baby which I also watched,Baby Daddy.But I have to say,from the first episode,it looks promising and the jokes are funnier.Plus,there's so many cute babies compared to only one baby Emma in Baby Daddy.

I guess because Jimmy Fallon created this sitcom so it's funnier?The show is about three guys raising their kids.Two of them are married while one of them is recently divorce.I've only watched the first episode so I can't say much but I'll definitely wait for the second episode which will come out in 2 more days.

*Oh,while I was watching the show I was saying to the boyfriend how the divorced guy looked so familiar..and then I realized he's the guy Kirsten Dunst was so into in the cheerlearding movie Bring It On(I watched that so many times as a kid)!hahaha

3.The New Normal

It's mind boggling to me how Ryan Murphy can churn out hit tv shows with totally different genres.From Popular(love it back when I was a teen!),Nip/Tuck(hot!),Glee to American Horror(super creepy!)to his recent one,The New Normal.I've watched the first three episodes and I have to say I love it.A gay couple hires a surrogate and her family gets involved in the way.

The show is funny and smart.I like the fast pace dialogue similar to Gilmore Girls/Bunheads/Glee.One half of the gay couple is played by Justin Bartha(that dude who used to date Ashley Olsen haha)so it was interesting to see him in this kind of role.

I love Andrew Rannells who plays Bryan,Justin's gay-er other half.haha.He's so funny and on point--he is a Tony&Grammy award winner after all.Ellen Barkin who's playing Jane,Goldie's(the surrogate mother) grandma is funny as well because she's a racist/bigot who doesn't like gays or african americans(Bryan's PA played by Nene Leaks--from the Real Housewives of Atlanta).

Her reaction is just hilarious!And not forgetting Goldie's daughter,Shania who's very unique!

4.Go On

Yeay,Matthew Perry is back on tv!The show is about a sportscaster played by Matthew who's dealing with the loss of his wife by joining a support group,after his employers made him to do so.I've watched two episodes and it's pretty okay.

There's many colorful characters in the support group.Only time will tell whether this show is here to stay or not.

Recurring tv shows.


Glee is back!I have watched the first two episodes and I was blown away by how Kate Hudson managed to transform her body!She's beyond fit and she can definitely sing and dance as well.She's making life a living hell though for Rachel Berry.I haven't seen Finn or Quinn yet in the two episodes.But I love that Kurt and Rachel is living together in New York.

And her new possible love interest is yummy!The two new characters in New Direction--Marley and Jake has great voices!Can't wait what will come in the next episode.



Anonymous said...

Guys with Kids should prove to be successful. Jimmy Fallon is too creative of a guy to let this show slip away. Did you see the actors from the show performing TV theme songs on Late Night with Jimmy? It was amazing, and it shows that the stars are ready to please. I can’t wait to catch the 2nd episode on my Hopper DVR before this week is over. One of my coworkers at DISH is flying out to catch Late Night in person, and he’s planning to take some Guys with Kids merchandise to get autographed. For now, I’ll be saving each episode to my DVR, along with all of my other show addictions. I wouldn’t know what to do if my hard drive wasn’t large enough for all of this. Now I just need to make time to enjoy it all. Cheers.

Liyana.H said...

Hey anon!Thank you for your comment!
The episode 2 is out and I'm downloading it as we in my country,malaysia,the show is of course,not shown yet!Thank god for torrents.
I get what you mean.My WD Elements Play is 1tb but it's almost full as well.Whadya think of Baby Daddy?The jokes are pretty dry.Guys with kids is a breathe of fresh air!