Recurring tv shows:2 Broke Girls,How I Met Your Mother,Big Bang Theory &more Guys With Kids.

Sunday, September 30, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

All of my favorite sitcoms are back on tv!Here is the rundown!:)
The Big Bang Theory season 6

The new season starts with Howard who's in space,while Leonard and Penny's relationship is at a weird stage.Sheldon and Amy celebrates their anniversary.hahahaha I feel sorry for Raj because he's all alone.But at the end of the episode,are they hinting that he could be gay?Can't wait for more episodes to come!

How I met your mother season 8

You would think that after 8 seasons the show will FINALLY reveal who the hell the mother is.Seriously they've stretch this show for too long that at times it gets a little old.So the first episode of the 8th season,at the end of it,we get to see a glimpse of the 'mother'.Well..what else is new?I hope this season Ted will actually talk to the 'mother'.Lets hope!

2 Broke Girls season 2

I love 2 Broke Girls though sometimes the jokes borders on being a little crass.But I love Caroline and Max.The first episode we get to see Caroline's dad and an auction being involved.I love the jokes when Caroline wore a brunette wig.haha The episodes to come I hope they'll get their cupcake business up and rising!Also,where's Peach?She's funny!
New Girl season 2

New Girl season 2 is out with episode 1 and 2 together.So the new season,Schmidt finally took off the cast for his you know what,had a party for it and *spoiler* Jess got fired.There's a potential new love interest for her who's beyond hot by the name of Sam.Nick meeting his future self was very funny!And also,we got to see Winston's family and his hot sister who of course,Schmidt wants to sleep with.I hope Sam will stay on the show for a little while.:p

Guys With Kids episode 2 was out a few days back and I'm loving the show even more.If you make me want to watch an episode again,you know it's gonna be good.I like how the dynamic of the show is about relationships--between husband and wife and also about being a single parent trying to have a social life.
The jokes are funny as what you'd expect from Jimmy Fallon.The cast is great as well so I have high hopes for this show!Thanks to a comment from a reader,I watched the part on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon whereby the cast sang tv theme songs with him(remember how he used to do songs mashup with JT?).

I recognize some of the theme songs from tv shows that I used to watch as a kid like Facts of Life,Threes Company,Cheers,Happy Days and many more.Below is the video: