Redeemed my "coupon":Paranorman and dinner at Dancing Fish

Sunday, September 09, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

On my 25th birthday on the 25th of June,the boyfriend not only gave me a necklace as a gift,but he also made my birthday cake on his own and also a card with a special coupon in it.I can redeem it for a fancy dinner and a movie.So I finally did so around 2 weeks back!:) Above is the picture of the coupon that he made.

I've been dying to try Dancing Fish because there have been so many great reviews about the food there.Also I want to watch Paranorman after seeing the great trailer.So the boyfriend picked me up and we went to my favorite mall..Setia City Mall(a snap of the mall by me below when we walk around the park after the movie!).

How was the movie?It was very enjoyable.I even cried a bit during the last part and even the boyfriend was moved by it.Definitely a movie that you should watch!Basically Norman can see the dead and unfortunately he doesn't know how to keep it from others so everybody thinks he is weird.The sad thing is his own dad thinks he is troubled as well.Not a movie to bring your little kids because there are some creepy scenes!

After the movie,we walked to the park in front of Setia City Mall and took some pictures.It is pretty but I think some of it is still incomplete yet.Pictures of me below in my fave ASOS Rainbow dress!:)

After walking around and working up an appetite..we went to Dancing Fish for dinner.I already knew what I wanted to order.I choose the Dancing Fish--rm39.90--(deep fried Nila fish..sooo good!)dish with sambal terasi and also Gulai Lemak Pucuk Paku--rm11.90.
Now I know you guys might think that why would you order a dish(gulai lemak pucuk paku)that you can get at any malaysian food restaurant?Well because I read online that theirs are different and very tasty.I was glad that it was true!The boyfriend ordered Bebek Goreng Bali--rm29.90--(crispy duck).Pictures of the dishes below.
Both the duck and fish came as a whole on the platter but they ask if we want them to cut it so they quickly took it back so I couldn't get a picture of them whole.The portions are huge!Definitely too much for two person that we had many leftovers and had to tapau them.

The food was so good!The fish was very crispy and the sambal terasi was delicious.The rice was fragrant as well.The gulai lemak pucuk paku was different than the normal ones and the ferns was fresh and wasn't wilted.I will definitely try to make gulai lemak pucuk paku the way they did,at home one day!

I took a bite of Razin's duck dish and it was good but I wasn't a fan of duck meat so he enjoyed the dish on his own.But we definitely couldn't finish our meal because of the portion but it was very worth the money.I'll definitely come back for the fish and to try the desserts!

Total bill for two person was around rm115-I had teh botol while he ordered sirap bandung for drinks,along with rice for our dishes.I don't remember the prices for the drinks but rice was rm3 each with free refills.My verdict:Go to Dancing Fish for a special occasion!The food will not disappoint you.:)