Tv series:Revolution

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Who doesn't love a good sci fi series?This new one shown on NBC is created by Eric Kripke and the executive producers consists of Kripke,Bryan Burk,Jon Favreau(directed Iron Man1&2 or best known as Monica's boyfriend Pete in Friends!Remember that guy?haha) and J.J Abrams(Alias,Lost,MI3,Star Trek,).

With a great line up of producers,I was hoping it'll be a really good television show.So currently only one episode is out with the second episode premiering in a few hours in the States.Stats shown that during the first episode,11.65 million viewers in the US tuned in.

So how did the first episode fared with me?

It left me with so many questions.

Revolution is about what will happen to the world if suddenly,one day electricity disappears and cease to exist?

Right before the electricity disappeared,Miles Matheson managed to store some information inside his pendrive.Contents of which until right now is unknown.

The story starts 15 years after the world have had no electricity.There's no cars,no medicines,no actual schools as well.There's militants and a place called Monroe Republic.I won't reveal much because I believe you guys should watch the episode and judge it yourself.There's a great fight scene!

People are saying it's a cross between Lost and The Hunger Games.Not so much I guess..probably in terms of the weapons used and the premised that they've no idea why the electricity disappeared.Other than that,no clear comparison to Lost or The Hunger Games.

It's an interesting concept and we will know in episodes to come why certain people became the way they are after 15 years.

Two things that is bugging me: The guy who was with Miles in his car before the electricity disappeared..find out right a few minutes before the episode ended on who he is after 15 years!My question is why,what and how?Also,that African American lady who helped Danny.How did she have what she have?Yes I have to speak in codes because I know a lot of other people haven't watched the first episode yet!

Only time will tell whether Revolution will thrive or sink.