A few movie reviews:Ruby Sparks,Oldboy and VHS.

Monday, October 29, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I watched a TON of movies..just name it and I probably have watched it because my boyfriend have a huge movie collection.He gives them to me or sometimes we watch it together when we have the time.

But I always forget to blog about it or it'll be too long of a post or in one mishap,a long draft was deleted because of an app glitch.(I blog from Blogsy app on the iPad).

So here are 3 movies that I watched recently with the boyfriend:

Ruby Sparks

I saw this trailer a few months back when Razin showed it to me.I like the concept because there's a bit of magic in it but not in a fairytale sort of way.It's about this guy who's a writer and he had a case of writer's block and one day he wrote about a girl named Ruby Sparks.

Basically she's his dream girl.One day,she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.She has all of the characteristics and mannerisms which he wrote in his manuscript that he showed to no one.

I love the movie.It was great and you do learn about the dynamics of a relationship from it and the cast is good as well.And at the end of the movie when the credits rolled,I was surprised when I found out that Zoe Kazan(who played Ruby Sparks) wrote the entire movie.Impressive!


When I saw the trailer for this movie awhile back,I was really disturbed by it.I was like,could this bring the glory of Blair Witch Project/Paranormal Activity(don't get me started on 2&3 which was shitty..no need to watch 4).I'm sure a lot of you know what VHS is..back when there wasn't any dvd/vcd/torrents,that's what we used to watch movies or record tv shows(I did this a lot back in my teen years).

So VHS is a compilation of videos of scary/paranormal/gory encounters of different groups of people.There was quite a few moments that made me go "What the f$%#?!??"..and it looked so bloody real.It is a great scare fest.Definitely do not watch this alone!

This is quite an old Korean movie because it came out in 2003.The boyfriend watched it back in 2007/2008 and he told me about it recently and I watched it with him.It was just plain crazy of a movie.The boyfriend who doesn't watch Korean series or movies recommended me to watch it.I trust his taste in movies so I'm glad I watched it.

For a Korean movie,the quality was great.Great script,a storyline that is brilliantly sick and many more.But it was adapted from manga though the boyfriend said the movie is way better than the manga.

Imagine one day,for no apparent reason,you were captured and imprisoned in a room for 15 years.You have no idea why and you can't get out.I won't say much about this movie.There's a lot of violence,sexuality and many more.The villain in this movie is one of the most brilliant villain I've seen in a long time.Watched it,be blown away by the mystery of it.