A rainy late afternoon at Fat Spoon cafe

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This is a late post I guess considering that I went to Fat Spoon right after the Silky Girl event ended.I've heard good things about Fat Spoon via twitter,instagram and such.Always wanted to go there but didn't have the time and I also heard that the place was always full of people.

I planned with my friend Aimi to meet her and Faiq there after the Silky Girl event I attended which was held at Hello Deer.I just had to walk a few steps from the event and my car was park right next to Fat Spoon.Finding a parking spot on a Saturday afternoon there is like winning a prize!haha

When I went there,there was only 2 tables that was occupied at Fat Spoon.Probably because it was raining really hard.I love the place as it was quaint and the tables were mismatched.Even the plates were mismatched and the place felt really cozy and homey.The table we were sitting on was actually a sewing table.Cool!

Their menu is actually enclosed inside Peter and Jane books I read when I was little.They used Enid Blyton's book to put the cheque/receipt in it.Also instead of bowls of white sugar for your coffee,they serve bowls of brown sugar!

Since I was a bit full from the event at Hello Deer,I only ordered a baby hot chocolate and sago gula melaka.The baby hot choc was really good but the sago gula melaka was just okay.I will definitely come back for the ulam fried rice or the spicy beef macaroni soup.