Homemade oreos,dulce de leche brownies,goreng pisang,cake pops and more

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

As all of you know,one of my favorite pastimes are baking and cooking.I have a few interesting blogposts lined up for you especially my review on Steve Jobs autobiography by Walter Isaacson.But for this post I'll blogged about the things I've been baking and cooking recently with a few other things in the mix.
Who doesn't love oreos?My boyfriend certainly does,so I decided to bake him oreos!I used the recipe from Bakerella.You can get the recipe HERE! I love the recipe and it was easy to make.Though the cookies puffed up as they bake so I suggest you slice it thinly.
Had some leftover toffee sauce from the sticky date pudding that I baked weeks ago in the fridge so I decided to use it to make dulce de leche brownies.Dulce de leche is toffee sauce but way thicker.

What you do is just use any brownie recipe that you like and then mix the dulce de leche with the brownie batter at the end.It tasted so good but didn't turn out looking so great due to my toffee sauce was not that thick.But it tasted really good.Definitely gonna bake these again one day.
My mother loves goreng pisang(fried bananas) so much.So when I managed to make the perfect crispy batter for it a few weeks back,she's been asking me to make it every week.haha.It was my first time making goreng pisang because I was craving for it but unfortunately there wasn't any good ones being sold near my house.

So I searched for the recipe online and I was appalled that most of the recipe uses either margerine or coconut milk in the batter.I thought that was crazy since we have to deep fry it and the batter has to have those ingredients as well?After I didn't find the right recipe,I decided to wing it!

I've tried two batter recipes with success(because I've been making it every week) and I don't use any form of measurement since we just deep fry them.My tip is you fry a little bit of the batter in hot oil to test the crispiness and then add anything that's missing.

The first batter recipe consists of tempura flour+corn flour+1 tablespoon baking powder+cold water+sugar/salt.

The second batter recipe consists of flour+rice flour+corn flower+1 tablespoon baking powder+cold water+sugar/salt.You gradually add the cold water and make sure it's not too thick or runny.
I had some leftover chocolate cake and frosting so I wanted to try and make cake pops.I know that I should've use cream cheese frosting because it's thicker and can hold better.

But my first attempt is in the picture above.I coated the cake with melted chocolate and pink sugar crystals.Definitely will try it again with a different stick because the one I had just made it slipped down.
The boyfriend wanted me to make bbq chicken wings and also KFC style fried chicken.So I took the challenge and the result is as above.For the bbq chicken I marinated it a day before with hickory smoke bbq sauce and I added some chilli flakes to it as well to make it a little spicy.

The fried chicken was easy as I dip it in egg whites and then coat them in kfc flour mixture which I tweaked a bit and the result was so yummy and crispy!

I love ABC(ais batu campur) which is like Malaysia's version of snowcone but with a lot of things in it like rose syrup,gula melaka syrup,evaporated milk,sweet corn,jellies and red beans/peanuts.I've tried a lof of different versions but I have to say the best ABC in Shah Alam is Fredoo ABC at Section 2 Medan Selera.

I takeaway their ABC special last week and the last time I had one was early last year but the quality is still the same.For rm3 for the special one,you get your money's worth--they put chocolate sauce,seedless grapes,lychees as well.So good!
Another icy treat that I love is cendol.This one is different than ABC because it has coconut milk,cendol(the green worm jellies),gula melaka syrup and red beans(adzuki beans).The best one I've had for years(other than the original place of cendol in Melaka on Jonker Street) in Shah Alam is from Rojak Karim at Section 9.

My family have been buying their pasembur and cendol for years ever since my teenage days.So good especially on a hot day and you can takeaway them as well.

I love getting new books!Ever since I had an iPad2 early this year,I've been downloading all the books that I have read/bought or new books so that I have the convenience to read any of the books anytime I want without having to carry all of them.You gotta love technology!

One of the new books I got recently was Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling which is her newest book!I can't wait to read it soon and tell you my review of it.