Season 2 of Once Upon A Time,Revenge and American Horror Story.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I don't particularly like watching horror tv shows/movies but yet I've come to realize that I've watched a lot of it over the years.Maybe because my boyfriend watches a lot of different movie/tv series so I got it from him..Recently I watched The Woman in Black and VHS(that was crazy!).Will try to blog about them soon.I've watched a lot of movies and haven't blogged about any for like 4 months?

Anyway,I don't know if some of you have watched American Horror Story or not.The season 2 came out recently.I don't watch our national tv and all of the tv shows that I watched are downloaded.I heard that the first season came out on Astro?But I'm sure a lot of it was cut out because AHS is very graphic in terms of sex/horror.

If season 1 was about a haunted house,season 2 is about an asylum.The first episode there was new faces such as Adam Levine(yes from Maroon 5!),Jenna Dewan-Tatum,Joseph Fiennes,Sarah Paulson,and James Cromwell.Zachary Quinto is on the cast but he didn't appear in episode 1.So we have to wait for episode 2.
Recurring cast members from the first season is Evan Peters and Jessica Lange.

I have to say that American Horror Story never fails to give me a mind f%#k.Pardon my french!haha.It is disturbing and there's so many questions.I love questions because it leaves me wanting for more.We have newlyweds played by Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan,who stumbled upon the old asylum and from there we got to see the flashbacks of what happened to the place.

There seems to be an alien theme going on.Also the crazy mad doctor.I can't wait to see episode 2 because I need to know more!This will be hell of a season!
I remembered watching Emily VanCamp as the sweet innocent Amy Abott on Everwood years back.Now she's playing the vindictive Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke.

So season 2 starts with Emily being trained by Takeda.There's another dude with her but I don't remember his name.haha.4 episodes have come out so far.There'll be spoilers in the next few sentences so close your eyes if you don't want see it.Do you really think Victoria Grayson was dead from last season's episode?Come on!

That's what they wanted us to believe the first few minutes of the first episode!haha But the story does get a bit twisted.Emily have become more ruthless.Going as far as lying to Amanda by saying her baby is not Jack's.And Emily's mother is still alive!Currently Emily have no love interest so it's interesting to see what will happen!Look out from the Clam cam in the first two episodes.Like,are you serious?How can a perfectly smooth clam,contains a camera?haha

Trivia:Did you know that Josh Bowman who plays Daniel Grayson is British?haha He's dating Emily VanCamp!
Ahhhhh..the tv show where fairytale characters comes alive--Once Upon A Time.This second season we're seeing a lot of new fairytale characters from Sleeping Beauty,Mulan,Captain Hook and Sir Lancelot.There's of course a few exciting twist.*spoiler* Apparently,while Storybrooke was under a curse,a part of the old land was spared from it so some of them fairytale characters are still there.

4 episodes have come out so far and I don't know what have happened to Pinocchio.There will be crazy hell to pay if some evil characters managed to escape the magical land and come to Storybrooke!

Currently the story is divided into three parts..--the current situation in Storybrooke where everybody remembers who they are and magic is back,the old magical land where some fairytale characters are still there and also flashbacks of what happened in the past.

I can't wait for more episodes to come!