SILKYGIRL Sweet Temptation Launching *updated*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

On Saturday I was invited along with a few other bloggers to Hello Deer for Silkygirl's newest product unveiling--their Sweet Temptations EDT,collectible perfume dolls.It will be out next month on 15th of November which is only a few weeks away!

I was excited because when I saw the invitation,the collectible perfume dolls looked so cute!And I love fragrances!I have a few in my collection.My parents instill in me at an early age the importance to smell good.

The theme of the event was candy colors.I had already planned on wearing this lilac maxi dress since the invitation was given out 3 weeks before the event.

But unfortunately that 'time of the month' visited me so change of plans and I wore a different outfit to make me feel comfortable for the day.My outfit below with my friend Nina who invited me to the event.

Top:Forever 21. Pink outer:Oldblossombox Store. Jeggings:ASOS Shoes:Madden Girl by Steve Madden. Necklace:Oldblossombox Store.

This was my second time going to an event that's being held at Hello Deer,a place owned by Wondermilk.I love the decoration and of course their refreshments are always delicious!

At the start of the event,we were briefed on the different fragrances that Silkygirl have come up with under the Sweet Temptations collection.Also we had to take a personality test whereby it determined which out of the five fragrances suited us.I got Lovely Lucy!They also listed all the different notes in the perfume and you can see all of it down below:
The other four fragrances was Sunshine Sue,Bold Becky,Innocent Isabelle,and Charming Charley.
After that it was the cupcake decorating competition/tutorial.Initially we thought it was like using a piping bag filled with buttercream which I have had experience working with.But it was fondant!So it was interesting to learn how to use it.

I was sitting with Shea,Dee,Lyna and Izzati.Since the other girls knew that me and Dee loves to bake,they said we have to win.But fondant is something foreign to me!haha It was quite hard but I enjoyed it because we got to learn something totally new.

Shea won second place!:) Below is a picture of me in the plastic apron they provide for us and all of our decorated cupcakes.As you can see we had to do the Lovely Lucy doll.Sweet Tooth Ville provided the tools and instruction for us along with an individual cupcake.
Pic of the girls above with me taken from Silkygirl's page :)

After we finished our cupcake deco,we had a question sesh and I managed to answer one of it and got a perfume.I gave it to my mum when I got home as I already got one in my goody bag.
Above is my picture with the girls.From left:Shea,Lyna,Dee,Nina,me and Izzati.
Loveee the refreshments provided by Wondermilk.Everything was so good.All of us was hungry since we didn't have lunch.haha.
This are some of the things I got in my goody bag.I choose Lovely Lucy scent because it's my favorite.I love the fresh scent.I also love the ice cream lip taste so good on my lips!And the dessert charm bracelets is so cute!I don't wear bracelets but I'll make an exception for this one since it has lollipops,ice cream and cupcakes on it.
As stated on the packaging,the fragrance last for 6 hours and it retails for only rm19.90 which means you can even get all of the dolls for rm100.So girls go and buy them on 15th of November before it's gone from the shelves!:p