Catching up:AHS,Survivor and Top Chef

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The month is about to end and I've been a bad girl because I haven't updated the blog in quite some time..

Let's start with my opinions on some of the current tv shows that are out--as per usual there'll be spoilers!:P-

1.American Horror Story season 2

I've told the boyfriend that Zachary Quinto's character seems to good to be true.True enough,it was revealed that he is one sick sick dude!The reason why at times AHS terrifies me because it is gruesome.Even the montage itself is enough to give you shivers.There's a lot of things going on in the asylum.

Chloe Sevigny's character(I can't remember the name) was just so pitiful because of what the doctor did to her.She looked worse than deform.

So this season there's a lot of different elements compared to last season.There's Nazi's,aliens,satans and murderers.Eventhough I can only watch each episode when Razin is next to me,I'm still anticipating the episodes to come.

2.Survivor season 25

I've been watching Survivor since I was in high school and man doesn't Jeff Probst still looks dishy??I'm 25 now and the show is the same age as me!haha

So this season has been quite enjoyable especially since it started with three tribes instead of the usual two.Which also means that there's three hidden immunity idol.In one of the episodes,two people revealed their hidden immunity idol and that was by far the most entertaining tribal council was even admitted by Jeff himself.

There's also a contestant that was a former child actor whom I used to watch as a kid!Remember the tv show Facts of Life?Remember the character Blair in it?haha I don't know who'll win this season.I just can't wait to watch more episodes!

3.Top Chef season 10

I'm a big fan of Top Chef and the other Top Chef spin off--Just Desserts and Masters as well.So the new season just came out and right now there's only 3 episodes.The setting this season is Seattle..remember Grey's Anatomy?bwahahaha.

I like the variety of contestants this season.Plus,they're making the show sorta like Survivor with former contestants entering the competition.Some of the interesting contestants this season is Carla who's the ex-wife of a Pellegrino.I was like,in my head..the sparkling water?

There's also a Belgian knight who became a chef,a model who became a chef and many more.I can't wait to see more episodes to come!

I will blog more this week..I hope!:P


My Baking Blog

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So some of you may or not know but I've been baking for my friends who ordered from me for a few years now but it's usually a few people at a time since I don't have a proper blog for it.I decided to do a blog so it's easier for people to see what I bake and for them to choose what they want.

Currently it's still new so it might not look that pretty and some of the prices aren't there but you can email me and we'll take it from there.:)



The Weekend That Was Filled With FOOD

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Pretty bubbles taken using my iphone 4s!
Before I filled my post with pictures of food,above is a pretty pic I took using just my iPhone 4s.:) Played bubbles with Qeema because Raushan came back from OZ & bought them these long bubble blowers.
Qeema blowing the bubbles!
 Last weekend was different than my usual weekend because I had to cook a lot of Malay dishes with my boyfriend's little sister,Raqeema,to help Razin's bestfriend's little sister Aisyah's photography assignment.Me and Qeema was excited and brainstormed on what dishes to cook.We narrowed down to quite a number of dishes because we were told we had to cook 12-16 dishes.

Aisyah brought us to Tesco and bought all of the ingredients with us.It was a weekend filled with a LOT of FOOD!

We made simple Malay food.What we cooked:
1)Asam pedas ikan(assam pedas fish)
2)Masak lemak udang(prawns cooked in coconut milk)--the white thing is fresh coconut flesh.

3)Tauhu sumbat(stuffed tofu)
4)Cucur jagung udang(corn&prawn fritters)
5)Acar timun nenas(pickled cucumber&pineapples)

We also made Malay desserts like:
Above:Bubur caca
Below:left--Kuih cara.Right--Buah Melaka
7)Kuih cara
8)Buah Melaka
9)Bubur caca
10)Sagu(not in pic)
11)Sirap selasih(not in pic)

Because we were busy with cooking,I didn't take much pictures.By the way,the kuih cara was made using this copper mould my late grandma gave to me.
Above:Durian at my house
Below:Kuah durian made by Razin's good!
Also right now it's durian season and both my family house and also Razin's family house has the smell of durian wafting through it..a few days back.haha.All durians have been consumed.

On Sunday after the whole cooking thing ended,I went to Jaya Grocer Warehouse with Qeema and we bought more food..haha I was pms-ing and wanted rootbeer & homemade crispy fried chicken.

Homemade fried chicken!
So I bought things for the homemade fried chicken and also my fave rootbeer,Thomas Kemper.And also my fave candy bar--Butterfinger!nomnomnom
I love this root beer and the candy bar!
Qeema bought fresh salmon and made salmon sashimi.I told her to fry the leftover salmon skin.yummmsss.

Fried salmon skin!
She bought this super hot wasabi.OMG I love hot wasabi..mmmmYou know when you put a little too much wasabi on your sushi and it drives up to your nose and makes your eyes water?I freaking love that.Yes I'm weird.:P
Salmon sashimi!
The salmon was super fresh and wasn't fishy at all. I'm not a fan of raw fish,yet I loved the taste of it.

Below are some cute pictures of Qarla!!:P
2 people I always am excited to meet:Qarla and my beloved Razin :)
At 9 months she can stand while being engrossed with a book :))
Other food pics within last week:

One of my favorite food:Nasi briyani!!

Had Kayu Nasi Kandar's nasi briyani for lunch on Friday with the colleagues.At rm12.50 with a glass of iced lime drink,it was quite expensive but you can't deny the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the place.

Chicken soup ingredients

Made chicken soup for dinner at home one day because I was craving it.Maybe because of the rainy season we're experiencing.Put lots of carrots,potatoes and celery.I used the leftover chicken bones and carcasses for the soup from the chicken mushroom pie that I made.
Yummy chicken soup.

So there wasn't that much chicken there just plenty of vegetable swimming in good chicken stock.:P I love garnishing it with lots of spring onions/scallion and leaf celery(daun sup) and bawang goreng(fried onions).
Great finds at Cold Storage Subang Parade
One of my favorite things to do is going grocery shopping and looking at the all the different aisle for unique and hard to find items at other supermarket.I saw the Golden Choc Oreo which I have seen being featured on Serious Eats(one of my fave food website!) during their various kinds of oreo taste test.

I also saw Applemint and fresh Peppermint(not pudina) which I thought would be great as a perk me up tea in the morning.Will buy it soon!They sold edible flowers!So pretty to garnish salads or a dish with.I also various kinds of candy canes.

Homemade lasagna with melty mozzarella
Made trays of my delicious lasagna and mini chicken mushroom pies for my friend Shila who ordered from me.I was so happy with the feedback I got from her and her friends.I love it when people are happy with what I made them.:)

Sushi King with the boyfriend!
Haven't had Sushi King in a few weeks,so went to have it for dinner with the boyfriend on Thursday!I ordered my fave irodori gozen while Razin had his fave piri2 chicken.All the raw & smoked salmon you see above is Razin's.hehe But the crispy salmon skin was mine :P

Wonka ice cream
Me & Qeema saw Wonka Ice Cream at Jaya Grocer Warehouse.I swear I go there a few times in a week because it's so near and the selections are awesome!


A post with lotsa pictures

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IMPORTANT:Due to a stupid glitch with my blogsy app,somehow my previous post(the one with raya haji,date night and flea market-ing) went into draft mode and everything that I typed and all of the pictures in it is gone.

Bloody hell.Super pissed about it because it was a longgg post!Oh well,I won't repost it again anytime soon cos it took a long time to complete.Atleast from the stats,56 people got to read that blog post.Definitely won't blog using Blogsy in awhile.-_-

A quick way to update my blog is by sharing photos I've taken and talking briefly about it.This way I get to update my blog more often and you dear readers won't be pissed of at me for being AWOL for a few weeks after a blogpost.Sorry!

I tend to take a lot of pictures every week thanks to my trusty 8mp iPhone camera.haha.So lets begin shall we?


My everyday look
My everyday beauty look consist of black liquid eyeliner and a cherry red lip stain.When I line my eyes,it has to be precise.People ask me how I manage to do the line so straight with one single swipe everytime?Practice,practice,practice!:)

What a steal!
I got these 2 Revlon lipstick above for only rm30!Rm 15 each from ACG's warehouse sale..thanks to my friend Nina who emailed me about it.The Really Red lipstick is just beautiful while the Blushing Mauve is a natural color for everyday use.

My makeup stash..there's more in my handbag :P
Some of my makeup stash are shown above.Funnily,I only wear a few of them.I have quite a mix of a few brands as I follow makeup reviews and also buy what I like.Brands that are in the box are:

Urban Decay---the metallic purple box--their Brow Box which I wear everyday!)

Bare Minerals--l bought their Get Started kit).

Christian Dior--I loveee their Diorshow mascara and also the Dior Addict Lip Glow.

Benefit---their Hervana blush and Confessions of a Concealaholic

MAC--their Prep&Prime and not in pic,their Studio Fix compact which I wear everyday and a bronze eyeshadow.

Maybelline--their Hyper Sharp Liner is my daily staple for years!I have their eyeshadow which I rarely wears.Their mascaras--Falsies and Hyper Curl Volum Express.

Loreal--True Match foundation which I wear for special occasion.

Rimmel--I have two of their lipstains.Love it!

Sephora--I have their eyeshadow and their creamy lipstain.

Fresh--I have their Lip Sugar lipbalm..the red tube!

Nyx--I have their pale pink impulse buy which I never wear haha.


My boyfriend lovesss my chicken mushroom pie.I have friends who have ordered from me before.So thankful for that.If you live near Shah Alam/Puncak Perdana/Bukit Jelutong/Bandar Sunway/Subang you can order them from me and email at

I don't particularly like eating chicken skin on fried chicken.So I saved all of the chicken skin from the chicken I used for my chicken mushroom pies and slice them thinly and deep fried them for Razin because he loves them.It turned out great and super crispy.

I loveee this little baby girl!So cute and precious :)

I made this late lunch for the boyfriend one weekend at his family's house.Made crispy omelette,stir fried vegetables and nestum butter prawns because both of us were hungry and haven't lunch yet.All done in less than an hour..felt like such a super woman after.haha.


Me and Razin mucking around at Yazid Burger stall and bought their mushroom patty burger in small size but to us it was still pretty big!But it was reallyyyyy good and messy as well..haha

The boyfriend made me grilled salmon for dinner.I love it!He's great at making good salmon.


I love using Windows 8!They have a lot great cooking apps.One of my fave(not in picture) is All Recipes video app.Also I love playing the Xbox Adera game because it is a puzzle of sort.Can't wait for episode 2 to come out!
Did you see the Mydin app above??Yes our Mydin has a Windows 8 app!Me and the boyfriend was browsing through it and saw the app.The app was pretty cool looking I must say.
Made mini chicken mushroom pies so that it's easier to eat and more bite sized.

I used The Hummingbird Bakery Buttermilk Pound Loaf recipe and added various colors to it to make more colorful.Baked this for our office's potluck.It turned out super moist.I made my own buttermilk by adding vinegar to milk.

I tried another doughnut recipe and this time it turned out so puffy and fluffy!!I loved it!Definitely keeping the recipe and making it for parties or whatnot.


Date night,Raya Haji and Flea Market-ing

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*Fixed this post and uploaded everything again..Pheww but some of the words aren't lazy to retype hahah sorry dear readers!:P*

My Raya Haji was simple.2 days prior I baked pandan cupcakes,pineapple tarts and kuih siput for the family.Because a day before Raya Haji me&the boyfriend had plans.
What I baked for Raya Haji

The night before Raya Haji,I went to KL,to Pertama Complex with Razin cos he wanted to get his iPod Touch battery replaced.I had to call a few places for Razin to find out if they sell and install the battery.Because some shops only sold the battery but doesn't install it.

I called a place in Subang which sold it for rm70 but nobody to install it and had to wait one day for the stock.A place at The Curve sold it and with installation as well but it cost rm280 which is a bit off Razin's budget.Finally a store in Pertama Complex sold the battery with installation at only rm170.So cheap in comparison right?So always find a better deal.Something I learned from Razin's eldest sis Nana.:)

I love this iphone cover
The installation took 1 hour so we walked around and I found the prettiest iPhone cover in my favorite color--purple for a mere rm15.Compared to my Ted Baker one which cost 149.It was raining hard when we were there so after the rain subsided we cross the road to Sogo.Haven't been there in years.There was a sale going usual.So we mucked around the home depot department to wait for the rain to subside.
My silly guy

Afterwards,we went to Damansara and had a late dinner at The Bee,Publika.We've never been there before and I was amazed at how big the place was.Both of us ordered the Texas something2 burger(picture below).hahaha It cost rm24 and the portion was huge..a mountain of fries!So worth the money!

The huge burger!
On Raya Haji I had breakfast with the family.The normal rendang,kuah kacang,nasi himpit,lemang and ketupat palas.My relatives came to our house and then we went to our uncle's house which I haven't been to in a long time.

Raya Haji food at my uncle's house
My cousins having lunch at our house
A day after Raya Haji,me and my family did something we haven't done in a long time,visited my mum's fave flea market..Amcorp Mall's flea market!Pictures of some of the stalls down below.I bought a big poster of my fave actress Audrey Hepburn--I have all of her movies-- at this great stall which sold various posters of Audrey and Marilyn Monroe.Got Razin The Beatles poster as well.

Amcorp mall flea market
Love this stall

The poster is on my wall!

Slightly lopsided pic of Razin's wall with the poster I gave him

Other pics
Razin bought Windows 8 for his pc..hey,that's me!
Razin bought Windows 8 like day it came out,via Microsoft's website and they're having a promotion for like USD 40 at the moment..If I'm not mistaken.It's pretty cool and from what Razin said,very smooth.They have lots of apps as well.
I love spending time with Qarla!

WD service is awesome!2 new device!