Date night,Raya Haji and Flea Market-ing

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*Fixed this post and uploaded everything again..Pheww but some of the words aren't lazy to retype hahah sorry dear readers!:P*

My Raya Haji was simple.2 days prior I baked pandan cupcakes,pineapple tarts and kuih siput for the family.Because a day before Raya Haji me&the boyfriend had plans.
What I baked for Raya Haji

The night before Raya Haji,I went to KL,to Pertama Complex with Razin cos he wanted to get his iPod Touch battery replaced.I had to call a few places for Razin to find out if they sell and install the battery.Because some shops only sold the battery but doesn't install it.

I called a place in Subang which sold it for rm70 but nobody to install it and had to wait one day for the stock.A place at The Curve sold it and with installation as well but it cost rm280 which is a bit off Razin's budget.Finally a store in Pertama Complex sold the battery with installation at only rm170.So cheap in comparison right?So always find a better deal.Something I learned from Razin's eldest sis Nana.:)

I love this iphone cover
The installation took 1 hour so we walked around and I found the prettiest iPhone cover in my favorite color--purple for a mere rm15.Compared to my Ted Baker one which cost 149.It was raining hard when we were there so after the rain subsided we cross the road to Sogo.Haven't been there in years.There was a sale going usual.So we mucked around the home depot department to wait for the rain to subside.
My silly guy

Afterwards,we went to Damansara and had a late dinner at The Bee,Publika.We've never been there before and I was amazed at how big the place was.Both of us ordered the Texas something2 burger(picture below).hahaha It cost rm24 and the portion was huge..a mountain of fries!So worth the money!

The huge burger!
On Raya Haji I had breakfast with the family.The normal rendang,kuah kacang,nasi himpit,lemang and ketupat palas.My relatives came to our house and then we went to our uncle's house which I haven't been to in a long time.

Raya Haji food at my uncle's house
My cousins having lunch at our house
A day after Raya Haji,me and my family did something we haven't done in a long time,visited my mum's fave flea market..Amcorp Mall's flea market!Pictures of some of the stalls down below.I bought a big poster of my fave actress Audrey Hepburn--I have all of her movies-- at this great stall which sold various posters of Audrey and Marilyn Monroe.Got Razin The Beatles poster as well.

Amcorp mall flea market
Love this stall

The poster is on my wall!

Slightly lopsided pic of Razin's wall with the poster I gave him

Other pics
Razin bought Windows 8 for his pc..hey,that's me!
Razin bought Windows 8 like day it came out,via Microsoft's website and they're having a promotion for like USD 40 at the moment..If I'm not mistaken.It's pretty cool and from what Razin said,very smooth.They have lots of apps as well.
I love spending time with Qarla!

WD service is awesome!2 new device!