The Weekend That Was Filled With FOOD

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Pretty bubbles taken using my iphone 4s!
Before I filled my post with pictures of food,above is a pretty pic I took using just my iPhone 4s.:) Played bubbles with Qeema because Raushan came back from OZ & bought them these long bubble blowers.
Qeema blowing the bubbles!
 Last weekend was different than my usual weekend because I had to cook a lot of Malay dishes with my boyfriend's little sister,Raqeema,to help Razin's bestfriend's little sister Aisyah's photography assignment.Me and Qeema was excited and brainstormed on what dishes to cook.We narrowed down to quite a number of dishes because we were told we had to cook 12-16 dishes.

Aisyah brought us to Tesco and bought all of the ingredients with us.It was a weekend filled with a LOT of FOOD!

We made simple Malay food.What we cooked:
1)Asam pedas ikan(assam pedas fish)
2)Masak lemak udang(prawns cooked in coconut milk)--the white thing is fresh coconut flesh.

3)Tauhu sumbat(stuffed tofu)
4)Cucur jagung udang(corn&prawn fritters)
5)Acar timun nenas(pickled cucumber&pineapples)

We also made Malay desserts like:
Above:Bubur caca
Below:left--Kuih cara.Right--Buah Melaka
7)Kuih cara
8)Buah Melaka
9)Bubur caca
10)Sagu(not in pic)
11)Sirap selasih(not in pic)

Because we were busy with cooking,I didn't take much pictures.By the way,the kuih cara was made using this copper mould my late grandma gave to me.
Above:Durian at my house
Below:Kuah durian made by Razin's good!
Also right now it's durian season and both my family house and also Razin's family house has the smell of durian wafting through it..a few days back.haha.All durians have been consumed.

On Sunday after the whole cooking thing ended,I went to Jaya Grocer Warehouse with Qeema and we bought more food..haha I was pms-ing and wanted rootbeer & homemade crispy fried chicken.

Homemade fried chicken!
So I bought things for the homemade fried chicken and also my fave rootbeer,Thomas Kemper.And also my fave candy bar--Butterfinger!nomnomnom
I love this root beer and the candy bar!
Qeema bought fresh salmon and made salmon sashimi.I told her to fry the leftover salmon skin.yummmsss.

Fried salmon skin!
She bought this super hot wasabi.OMG I love hot wasabi..mmmmYou know when you put a little too much wasabi on your sushi and it drives up to your nose and makes your eyes water?I freaking love that.Yes I'm weird.:P
Salmon sashimi!
The salmon was super fresh and wasn't fishy at all. I'm not a fan of raw fish,yet I loved the taste of it.

Below are some cute pictures of Qarla!!:P
2 people I always am excited to meet:Qarla and my beloved Razin :)
At 9 months she can stand while being engrossed with a book :))
Other food pics within last week:

One of my favorite food:Nasi briyani!!

Had Kayu Nasi Kandar's nasi briyani for lunch on Friday with the colleagues.At rm12.50 with a glass of iced lime drink,it was quite expensive but you can't deny the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the place.

Chicken soup ingredients

Made chicken soup for dinner at home one day because I was craving it.Maybe because of the rainy season we're experiencing.Put lots of carrots,potatoes and celery.I used the leftover chicken bones and carcasses for the soup from the chicken mushroom pie that I made.
Yummy chicken soup.

So there wasn't that much chicken there just plenty of vegetable swimming in good chicken stock.:P I love garnishing it with lots of spring onions/scallion and leaf celery(daun sup) and bawang goreng(fried onions).
Great finds at Cold Storage Subang Parade
One of my favorite things to do is going grocery shopping and looking at the all the different aisle for unique and hard to find items at other supermarket.I saw the Golden Choc Oreo which I have seen being featured on Serious Eats(one of my fave food website!) during their various kinds of oreo taste test.

I also saw Applemint and fresh Peppermint(not pudina) which I thought would be great as a perk me up tea in the morning.Will buy it soon!They sold edible flowers!So pretty to garnish salads or a dish with.I also various kinds of candy canes.

Homemade lasagna with melty mozzarella
Made trays of my delicious lasagna and mini chicken mushroom pies for my friend Shila who ordered from me.I was so happy with the feedback I got from her and her friends.I love it when people are happy with what I made them.:)

Sushi King with the boyfriend!
Haven't had Sushi King in a few weeks,so went to have it for dinner with the boyfriend on Thursday!I ordered my fave irodori gozen while Razin had his fave piri2 chicken.All the raw & smoked salmon you see above is Razin's.hehe But the crispy salmon skin was mine :P

Wonka ice cream
Me & Qeema saw Wonka Ice Cream at Jaya Grocer Warehouse.I swear I go there a few times in a week because it's so near and the selections are awesome!