Big Bad Wolf 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

We're here!

Last Saturday I went to Big Bad Wolf with Adela and we had a great time.We arrived there around 4-ish on Saturday.Initially I was a bit apprehensive to go because I heard at night the queue was so long.They opened for 63 hours straight since Friday when they first opened.BUT,to our surprise,it wasn't congested.

We managed to find a parking,though we were a bit lost inside the mall trying to find the connecting bridge to get to the convention center..bwahaha.And paying for the books wasn't a problem as well.There was only 2 people in front of us in the queue.

So many books!
Though each of us carried a tote bag each for the books,it wasn't sufficient.And although they had many empty boxes for customers to carry their books around,it was heavy as we found so many books we wanted.They said there are close to 3 millions books there and I think that's pretty accurate.It took a long time for us to look at all the books..close to 4 hours but I don't think we even managed to see all of it!haha.

Luckily,we found an empty trolley lying around,for customer service purposes.So we put two of our big boxes on it.hahaha.
Happy girls!That's 'our' trolley haha

I went to Big Bad Wolf last year--post HERE and I have to say they did a much better job this year.They venue was convenient,there was massage chairs,it was next to a we could grab a meal before or after buying books.

Sorting the books
So happy that I found Enid Blyton's!!
I was estatic when I found Enid Blyton's books especially The Faraway Tree series..I still have a few Enid Blyton's books but not the Faraway Tree series.I remembered watching the cartoon version on tv as well.

They sold it in box set for rm40 but I only wanted two of the books as some of the stories weren't as appealing to me,I remembered reading them years back.
Wani and her basket :P
Both me & Adela saw our friends there.haha I met Wani,a friend of my TESL junior Nashrah & also my boyfriend's little sister's friend.She came well prepared with her purple basket!

What I bought..wish I could have bought more.
Musn't be greedy!:P
I managed to sort of adhere to my budget.I spend rm70 on 8 books.What a steal!Though it took a lot of editing on my end.haha I wanted a lot more but truth be told,there are some books I bought from last year's sale that I haven't finish reading yet..I think.hahaha..Also I have a lot of e-books on the iPad(easier to carry around but I still love a real books as well).

I will refrain from going there again..because it'll end on the 23rd of Dec.