December is here--weekends.

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Oh my,I've been busy with work,baking orders,my love life,family and friends that I didn't have the time to blog.Utterly sorry.It's not like I don't want to blog at's just that I didn't have anytime to do so.So usually my blogpost will be in draft mode.haha.

Anyway,I'll blog about my weekends.Since those are the days whereby I get to go out,spend with the boyfriend/friends,eat and eat or bake.

Before that, a few pictures that have nothing to do with my weekends:

Saw this at Sunway Pyramid..I use
the new-ish Coway's toilet..very convenient..
I guess?ahaha

This is not MPH or a bookstore,it's Cengage's office
Awesome right?These are all book samples.
Went there for work purposes.

An adorable pic of my boyfriend(left) with his little
niece and brothers.So cute!

Addicted to Wordament on Windows 8..
the highest ranking I got was 121-in the world!:P
Me and the boyfriend tried to 'brush' Qarla
and she was so 'geli' by it hahaha.
He captured her reaction here.So cute!

Woke up one morning and receive this email from Razin.
High tech world we live in now.
Boyfriend buys apps for girlfriend haha
This is Yolanda's from Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills--refrigerator!Crazy awesome.
I watch the show.:P


Two Saturdays ago,I ate a lot with the boyfriend and his little sister Qeema because their parents went on a trip and they had to find food on their own..hahahah.Had Jim's Burgers and Breakfast sub sandwiches which Qeema takeaway.Super good.Especially the Steak Cheese and the chips.
Jim's Burgers and Breakfast is available
at section 13 shah alam.:)
Then went to Citta Mall with Qeema and left Razin at home.Wanted to go to Triumph/Sloggi's warehouse sale there but the prices weren't that cheap.Managed to buy an item each.Went to Urban Fresh and bought a bunch of ingredients for dinner.I wanted to make guacamole for tea time.I know,you guys will be like what?But I was craving for it!

Ingredients for guacamole and a big bag of tortilla chips!
Guacamole is simple and delicious.Pick one or two ripe avocados.The way to know if it's ripe or not is to check the skin color.If it's brown on the outside,it is ripe.Mash the avocados,squeeze some limes/lemons,add chopped onions&tomatoes,salt/paprika/sugar to taste.Done!You can add sour cream to it if you want it to be creamier.But without it,it's fine as well.
Homemade guacamole..done!:)
For dinner,because of Adventure Time...:

... and the fact that I had this big bottle of maple syrup which I bought during fasting month(which was months ago!) for pancakes,I decided to make bacon pancakes!Qeema bought beef bacon at Urban Fresh.So I made the pancakes using a simple recipe from Martha Stewart's.

Our weird but delicious dinner spread
Also had this half a pumpkin which I bought and store in their fridge a few days back because I was craving for roasted pumpkin.Yes,I have weird cravings :P

Bacon pancakes!Yummahhh 
The combination of a fluffy pancake with maple syrup and crispy beef bacon just works!No wonder there's a lot of maple bacon inspired desserts in the USA.

Wasabi mayo--so good!
Qeema wanted fried chicken so she made that and we ate it with this amazing Wasabi Mayo,which is not available yet in stores.She bought it at an exhibition whereby Pacific West was selling it.

Had sushi and found stuffs for our iPhones!
On Sunway I went out with Adela because she wanted a girls day out together.So we went to Subang Parade(the mall my family frequently bring me to when I was a toddler/kid haha) for their weekend flea market.Found quite a lot of interesting items.
Wearing my ear cuff!My ears on d left and
 right is the boyfriend's ears.haha 
Found this super cute lavender m&m's dust plug,a pretty leaves ear cuffs,leggings for little Qarla,earrings,and a few tops.hehe.

Qarla in her squirrel leggins and ballerina hanky!:D

Next post:Big Bad Wolf 2012 and also a lot of food porn..hahaha