Disclaimer/Penjelasan and then..happy things!

Sunday, December 16, 2012 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Susah betul kalau orang suka buat kesimpulan sendiri.People like to judge others and make assumptions.I like to read and cook/bake.The recent trip to Big Bad Wolf whereby I bought a few books/cookbooks,have gotten me the comment above.The said person thought I bought a book on wine when in actual fact it's a cookbook containing recipes from various cookbooks,edited by Food&Wine magazine.

If you would have actually googled the title of the book,you would have known that it's not a book about wines.I have never in my entire life,drank alcohol/wine or cook using it.You can call me "bangang" for not covering my head that's fine because I know I'm not.:) Thank you for taking your time,to sift through my blog and pictures and then come up with your witty and insightful comment.

Let's move on to happier things shall we!
Below are three pictures of me and Razin(the boyfriend) with his niece,the ever so cute and precious baby Qarla,to wipe out the negativity that is the comment above :p
This picture above was taken when Razin& I went to his eldest sister's house to visit little Qarla who was down with the flu and bringing the books I bought for her at Big Bad Wolf which her mother asked for.Qarla's nose was runny but she was in such good spirits and she's always a happy baby!:)
The picture above shows how Qarla loves having her picture taken using the front camera of my iPhone 4s.
Went to KL for a little bit of shopping and catching up with Aimi.She bought this bling2 shoes.haha.Our shopping trip was for me to find a new bag and wallet/purse.But instead,I ended up with 2 bags,2 dresses,a chiffon cardigan,a belt and the one I've been waiting to arrive here from the States for months--Revlon Just Bitten!:)
Loving the colours above!A few things from my buys with Aimi :)
I love the bright color of this lipstain and how it looks like crayon.haha
Found out that Bake With Yen headquarters is 15 mins away from my office at Bandar Sunway..been there twice this week to get my baking supplies.:)
One of my favorite baking cookbook is The Hummingbird Bakery which I bought at Kinokuniya.I have tried quite a number of the recipes with success.Recently I baked their double chocolate cookies which had melted chocolate and chocolate chunks in it.Very decadent and delicious!Pictures of the chocolate and cookies are above and below.
I have also been trying my hands on fondant and practicing how to use them because I got an engagement cupcake order.I managed to mix different colors of fondant and achieved the color below.Can't wait to do more things with it.:)
On my next blogpost I'll blog about the movie The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey which I watched on Imax 3D yesterday with the boyfriend and his family members because his dad treated all of us to it.Have a great Sunday!