Gossip Girl finale--the end!*Contain spoilers*

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Shotgun wedding!
Finally the series has ended.I watched the final episode last night.The series based on the book written by Cecily Von Ziegesar back when I was 15 years old--10 years ago.It would have gone a totally different direction for Blair and Chuck if the series stayed true to the books because Chuck is gay in it haha.

As seasons go by,the reason we stayed glued to the series even after the storyline became boring and so soap opera drama-ish,is because of Blair and Chuck,the friendship between Blair and Serena(fight,friends again,fight,backstab,friends again) and of course for us girls,the beauty looks and the beautiful style--gorgeous clothes,shoes and bags.

The various celebrity and fashion cameos from a true Upper East Side girl--Tinsley Mortimer,to Vera Wang,to Alexa Chung,Lady Gaga,Tim Gunn,Rachel Zoe,Cynthia Rowley,Lou Doillon,Ivanka Trump and her husband,GEORGINA CHAPMAN(capital letters because of Marchesa),Tory Burch and many more.

So,how was the last episode ever of Gossip Girl?For those of you who thought that the ending would be tragic don't worry..finally there's a happy ending after so many dramas.Especially for 'Chair'(chuck+blair)' fans..you won't be disappointed.

Chuck and his mini-me :)
We also found out who's Gossip Girl.Was it shocking?Not really.But then I feel like re-watching all seasons from 1-6 to see the loopholes in it,like how did I miss it?It makes sense because the Gossip 'Girl' is the most observant of the whole cast and is a great writer.

It's a bit bittersweet,because you just want the show to be over because the plot has been getting more ridiculous and they're running out of elaborate stories and you're like..,please for goodness sake let Blair and Chuck end up together.BUT on the other hand,Gossip Girl, like the creator said,is a homage to New York after Sex and The City ended and because the filming was done there and the fashion is just so major...so you'll be missing that.

There was a lot cameo appearances in the final episode--Rachel Bilson and Willa Holland(both The O.C alum which was created also by Josh Schwartz),Kirsten Bell(the voice of Gossip Girl),Katie Cassidy,Jessica Szhor and Mayor Bloomberg(he created 'Gossip Girl day',Jan 26th last year).Jenny and Eric came back for the finale as well.:)

Oh,was it just me or does Uncle Jack Bass looks a bit like a zombie with the way he walks and how gaunt he is now.And yes,Jenny looks like a ghost to me.hahaha

Since I think by now the internet is swarming already with who GG really is..I'll just say this and I'm sure those of you who've been watching GG will know who--Lonely Boy.I like the revelation of who Gossip Girl was because it makes sense,he wrote himself into the Upper East Side.:)

On a girly note,of course I love the beauty looks and the fashion in the finale.Makeup looks that I loved:Blair's lilac eyeshadow at the start of the episode and then her bronze eyeshadow for the wedding.
Her beautiful Elie Saab's wedding dress and her earrings and headband as well.Loved how Chuck's bowtie and tux lapel matches her dress.I wasn't loving Serena's huge wedding dress because it was too shiny gold.
Wedding dress:Elie Saab on Blair
and Georges Chakra on Serena
The dress Blair wore for Serena's wedding was pretty as well.But let's be honest,that was Serena's wedding and it was 5 seasons in planning and why did they decided to do it in Blair & Chuck's house?haha
She looks pretty even in this color.Love the details though.
My next post will be on the various styles I loved on Gossip Girl throughout all of the seasons.Though I've gotta be honest,some of the pictures were hard to find..:(