Review:The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

Sunday, December 16, 2012 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

The boyfriend have been waiting to watch the movie for a long time.He actually read the book years back.But I didn't so I didn't really know what it was about.I am a fan of LOTR and have watched the trilogy and read the books,and even practice how to write in elvish language hahahaha Yes,I'm a nerd :D

Razin have been showing me the production videos of The Hobbit,the sets,the people behind it and everything else.Basically Peter Jackson and his crew have created sort of like their own state in New Zealand to produce The Hobbit trilogy.Apparently this movie took 3 or was it 8 years to make?Actually Razin said the book can be sum up in one movie but I guess for profitable reasons,they split it into three parts.

When the movie came out,the boyfriend was frantically clicking on TGV's website because he wanted to watch it in IMAX 3D(which is recommended for this movie,see the poster).But it took TGV I think a day or 2 to release the IMAX 3D tickets to be bought online.

He basically checked every few minutes and when he was busy,I checked it for him and lo and behold,when the IMAX 3D tickets was available,I called him up and he snap up 6 tickets!I went to watch the movie with him,his sisters,dad and brother in law yesterday.

So how was it?I have to say that I loved it and I actually want to watch it again.:p

Having watched all of LOTR movies at the cinema,watching The Hobbit in IMAX 3D was great.I wasn't dizzy at all and some of the scenes looked like they came alive.During some of the pivotal scenes that were a bit nerve wrecking,it seemed so realistic that I was reacting to it by moving from left to right hahahaha

The action scene in this movie was,as the boyfriend put it,more than what was shown in LOTR.The part woth the head rolling down was a bit squirmish.I love the friendship between all of the dwarves and also how Bilbo had to come out of his comfort zone and go on an adventure.Basically this movie is about the 13 dwarves,going on an adventure with Gandalf and Bilbo to reclaim their home--The Lonely Mountain/Erebor from Smaug the dragon.

The soundtrack is just fantastic.I love the song sung by the dwarves which is written in the book.That was a sad moment because it was revealed why Thorin(pic above),the leader of the dwarves is a bad ass.There was a few moments in the movie whereby I felt like crying.The boyfriend did as well.haha.This movie is much much less darker than LOTR.Keep in mind that this book has be called a kids book--Razin said this is true.

I won't reveal much but I have to say it was pretty awesome of a movie.Of course there was a few scenes that was probably could be left out and we discussed that maybe they had to stretch the movie out a bit.And yeah,Radagast the Brown is a bit kookie and that growth on the right side of his face was a bit disturbing.And ooh,Gollum scene with Bilbo was great especially the riddles part.He looked so realistic.

Anyway,below is the review by Jeremy Jahn who is awesome because he watch so many movies,even Disney ones or lame ones because he's unbiased and is Razin's favorite reviewer and mine as well.Watch his vid for a more thorough explanation.:)



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