Recent beauty purchases from Luxola and iHerb--review:Sleek MakeUp Palette & Physician's Formula liquid eyeliner!

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Today is the last day of 2013.I wanted to blog an entry of my beauty favorites for 2013 or my favorite moments from 2013 but I don't seem to have the time now.Thus,I decided to make this blogpost first and perhaps in the days to come,I'll do a recap of 2013 :)

I love buying stuffs from Luxola.This is my honest personal opinion and if you follow me on instagram,you'd known that I've been buying stuffs from them months back.I made my third online purchase from them 2 weeksa go.They have amazing discounts and fast shipping.

So far these are the things that I've bought from Luxola(pics below)-- the Beauty Blender, Tangle Teezer(I carry this everywhere & it's in pretty sparkly purple which is now out of stock on Luxola!),Sleek MakeUp Contour Kit and Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish.
They gave me a free Sigma brush!
Recently they were having such a massive sale..I managed to buy Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Au Naturel!I've never been a fan of eyeshadows..the only one that I always wear from time to time is MAC's Carbonized  ( a beautifully pigmented eyeshadow).

But after watching the video below from one of my favorite makeup guru on Youtube,raving about Sleek's palette,I just had to buy it.Plus because of Luxola's sale,I got the palette below at only.. RM30!Yes that's cheap for such a high quality product and plus I don't use eyeshadow often so I don't want to spend too much on it(i.e buying the Naked Palette etc).

So how was the palette?I freaking love it and I've to admit that I use it everyday now.It's great for travelling because the palette is sleek(hahaha) and not bulky..I can't wait to bring it to Bali with me :P

The pretty colors!

I love how the palette have a mixture of matte and shimmer colors meaning that you can use it for a lot of things.Recently I've been using Bark or Regal for my eyebrows,Taupe for highlighting my brow bone and inner corner of my eyes.For eyeshadow I've only use Conker,Moss and Mineral Earth.The colors are so beautiful I tell you.Definitely one of my favorite purchase this year!

That's Razin's niece's feet btw haha So cuteee

The boyfriend's sister Qeema wanted to purchase items from iHerb so I joined her!Stuffs that I bought:

  • Giovanni's Frizz Be Gone(hair serum)--I'm always a sucker for hair products!
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush-- I bought their Core Collection brushes in August and use them everyday!I use their buffing brush for foundation/powder and their contour brush for bronzer.
  • Cococare Cocoa Butter Stick--great body moisturizer for travelling and of course it smells like chocolate!
  • Yogi Bedtime tea--I have trouble sleeping early.Everyday I sleep at 1.30 am which isn't good for my skin!
  • Loveee!
  • Physicians Formula Eye Booster--black liquid eyeliner(they've this in brown as well) which is so amazing!It's my favorite liquid eyeliner this year and it beats my previous favorite from Stila!That's saying something!
It's inexpensive-cheaper that Stila and the brush is so glides so smoothly and it DOES stay on for 24 hours.I cried while watching a video on Youtube(the one about the man who got his late wife's letter 2 years after her passing,being read on the radio!) and the eyeliner still stayed on perfectly.I will definitely repurchase this again and again :P
Wearing the eyeliner..lovesss!

I don't really care much on whether it makes my eyelashes grow longer or not because I've long eyelashes already haha Though they're straight so I've to always use an eyelash curler and mascara
Edited:I forgot to mention that for iHerb's shipping,I use the DHL express shipping option which cost more(I think it was RM35+ for me cos it depends on the weight of your items) but the items arrive in less than 5 days..We ordered on Wednesday or Thursday(can't remember) and it arrived on Monday!That's fast because it's all the way from USA!

This would be my last blogpost for 2013..I've a few more blogposts but I think blogging twice in a day is pretty annoying and I've done that before hahaha

Happy New Year to all of you..I hope 2014 will be a year that brings us all more happiness,success and prosperity!Enjoy New Year's eve or New Year's day with your loved ones :)


7 movie reviews:Frozen,The To-Do List,The Host,The Internship,The World's End,Jobs&Admission

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I'm a movie buff and so is the boyfriend.We watch a lot of movies together.Mostly at his family's house and not at the cinema.His dad has a projector so we would watch movies with his siblings and their other half as well on the 'big screen'.Among all the movies that I'm writing about today,I only watch one of it--Frozen,at the cinema.

Coincidentally,four of the movies that I'll be talking about in this post has the word "The" in front of it.haha

Let's start shall we!


I love Disney movies.The latest one that I was obsessed with was Tangled.I can watch that movie over and over again.So Disney came out with a new one that's perfect for Christmas as it's about a princess who has an unusual ability.She can turn things into ice/snow.Hence the title.But she has problems controlling her powers since she was little ever since something bad happened to her little sister because of it.

The songs are pretty catchy and the tiny talking snowman(forgotten the name cos I watch this movie like..2 weeks ago?) was so cute!The boyfriend who went with me enjoyed the movie as well.The storyline is pretty predictable but it doesn't mean that it wasn't enjoyable!If you have an inner child,you will love this.

I'd give it 3.5 out of 5.

2)The To-Do List

When I watched the trailer I was excited to watch this movie because they've an amazing cast.Aubrey Plaza,Bill Hader(I'm such a fan of Bill Hader especially when he used to be Stefon on SNL!) ,Andy Samberg,Rachel Bilson and many more.So I really wanted to love this movie but I ended up not liking it very much at all.I was actually glad when the movie ended.Some of the jokes weren't even funny.Some were just too distasteful.Don't even get me started on the awful outfits that Aubrey had to wear.

The title of the movie is in accordance to Aubrey's character's to do list--a long list of sex stuffs that she wants to do before she goes to college so that she's not "the virgin".

She was so intent to check all the stuffs in her list that she forget about other people's feelings--sleeping with the guy whom her bestie have had a crush on and using a guy who clearly has a thing for her,just for sex.

The were some totally gross and uncomfortable scenes.Some were funny though.I'd give this movie 2.5 out of 5.

3)The Host

I didn't expect that I would quite like this movie because reviews haven't been kind to it.I guess because the book was written by the same author who wrote Twilight(I read all of Twilight's book back in university days..sue me hahaha),people didn't have a good outlook on it.But I've to say that I quite enjoy it.It doesn't hurt that they've two hot guys in it hahaha.

The host is about how the human race are now taken over by an alien species that is called "Souls".A girl named Melanie had an alien who's name is "Wanderer" being put inside of her after she fell from a building,running away from the aliens.Instead of exposing the location of the last remaining humans,the alien ended up empathizing with the human race and helped Melanie to go back to them.

I'd give this movie 3 out of 5!

4)The Internship

I think this movie had its moments.At times it was very funny and sweet.It's basically about two guys who used to work for a company who makes watch and they're basically the salesmen.One day the company collapse and they lost everything.So they decided to join the intership for Google but there's so many other worthy candidates and they're the oldest one there.

I've always been fascinated with Google headquarters that years back I even read a blog of their employee who documents what he eats at the various cafe/restaurants there everyday.They get free food everyday by the way!

It was funny because Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn's characters are so behind in terms of technology and these teenagers knows more about it than them.It's definitely a light but fun watch.

I'd give this movie 3 out of 5 too!

5)The World's End

Who doesn't love British actors?They're brilliant!And in this movie,there's two of them that I adore--Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman.Simon Pegg co-wrote this movie by the way.It's hilarious and have a crazy story behind it.

The story is about Gary King(Simon Pegg) who rallies his estranged friends after 20 years to go back to their hometown of Newton Haven and finish their 12 pubs crawl in order to reach the last pub which is named...The World's End.A lot of crazy things happened while they were on their pub crawl!

There's a lot of hilarious bit in this movie and it is a must watch if you want a good laugh.Also,Pierce Brosnan is in it!haha

I'd give the movie 4 out of 5.


I was obsessed with Steve Jobs autobiography.I read it last year on my iPad via the iBook app(quite appropriate don't you think?haha) and even print screen a lot of the pages because I was hoping to blog about it but the time has yet to come because I can be OCD about it hahah

My point being is that Steve Jobs is eccentric,difficult to work with,a genius and many more.He has achieved so much in his life and he had such a brilliant and exciting life but unfortunately it didn't translate on the screen through this movie.

It was such a disappointment to me who's a big fan of Steve Jobs!Ashton Kutcher did a good job as Steve Jobs but the storyline was just so boring.

They could choose more exciting parts of Job's life like the time when he was fired from Apple but he created Pixar& became the maker of Toy Story,his relationship with his kids(which was pretty cute as he grew older),his biological father who's a muslim from Syria & his half sister Mona,how the media berated him for creating the first Apple store(Business Week wrote a headline titled "Sorry Steve,Here's Why Apple Stores Won't Work") in 2001 but in 2010, it became the store that grosses more per square foot than any other store in the world(the Manhattan 5th Avenue store)..

There's just so many other exciting things that they can choose to highlight in the movie.Take the Social Network for an example..I love that movie!I wish Jobs was as exciting as that..but it just wasn't and was such a bore!

I'd give this movie 2 out of 5.

I love Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.Put both of them together in a movie and you have a winning combination.The movie is sweet and funny..

Basically Tina Fey works as one of the admissions officer at Yale University and one day she met this special boy who is actually her kid and her life becomes upside down.Paul Rudd is the owner of Quest School,an alternative high school where the boy studies at.I love the concept of Quest School.If only we had that kind of school here in Malaysia!haha

This movie is enjoyable,funny and sweet.

I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars.

I hope I get to do atleast one more blogpost before the year ends!


The Butterfly Project Xmas Potluck party!

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Last Saturday night,The Butterfly Project Malaysia had an Xmas potluck at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee.It was my first time ever bringing Razin to an event that consisted of 95% girls haha But I had to because the place was foreign to me and I heard that there's no it was at night.

I was thankful that he went and drove me there because it was raining really bad on the way to the place and we were stuck in traffic for 30 mins while we were...600 meters away from the place!It was crazy.

I was a little bit drenched in rain from walking from the car to the place and when I arrived,the girls had already started eating..Mamasan/Tammy was so nice and gave a towel for me to dry off :P

Reindeer shirt!
I wore a maxi skirt from The Limited Rainbow and a crop reindeer shirt from Glamorous for the night.

The venue was so pretty.I bet it would look even better in daylight.

For the potluck I baked blueberry boy bait cake and also since I brought Razin with me,I roasted some pumpkin for a dish for him to bring.
It was a hit!
 I love turkey but I only get to eat turkey slice/turkey bacon.Not a whole turkey!So I was so happy that there was a whole turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce at the potluck.It was delicious!


There was so much food!From roast chicken to pasta,nasi dagang,nasi lemak bungkus,springrolls,satay,sushi,salads and so much more.

More food!
Lotsa drinks
Dessert table

100 bottles of Kinohimitsu!
All the girls was excited with the 'dish' above.hahaha Bottles of Kinohimitsu collagen drinks..Seriously though,I've drank a few bottles before and I noticed a difference in my complexion!
Enjoying his turkey!
My plate!

After eating,we had gift exchange which was organized by Cindy.We were given a number for our gifts which we had to write on a post it and then describe about it--we can lie or not,so that when everybody reads the note,they'll get to choose the gifts.It was cool and hilariously chaotic when all the girls scrambled to read the notes.

Post its!
Scrambling to find our gifts!
I got Hada Labo's whitening set and also some facial masks.The Hada Labo one would be great for travelling!All of us also got a pretty xmas package from Bisou Bon Bon.It contained their solid perfume in Provence, a lavender sachet,a pretty pair of earrings and a candy cane on top.I love their packaging!

Of course we had to take lotsa pictures!There was also a photobooth from Seriously though,I told Razin that when we get married,I want at our's so great that our guests will get instant photos of the day for them to bring home.
Anfaal and I with our guys!

The boyf looked at me instead of the camera haha

Mucking around!
I was looking at somewhere else!With Shasha and Anfaal :)

Poor lighting!
We have similar noses haha
I look really weird that night hahaha Must have been the rain :p Yes I tend to slouch when I take pictures -_-
I looked so pale!
Thank you to Butterfly Malaysia for the awesome night and of course all of the girls and some boys(haha) who were there.Thank you to the boyfriend who was an awesome sport though I know he would rather not go haha Atleast he had a pretty good time!


The Butterfly Project Malaysia:
Sekeping Sin Chew Kee

Bisou BonBon and Bisou Rose


The Butterfly Project Malaysia high tea + Serverfreak

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Finally I'll blog about how I change my blog to a domain after 7 years haha..:)

My blog has been online for quite sometime.I started it when I was in my early university years,around 7 years ago.I'm 26 now and this year I started accepting some of the advantages that it comes with having a blog.Finally going to events, movie premieres,taking part in blogging campaigns and such eventhough I've been asked to do so months and years back.

It's merely because 2 weeks after I finish my studies I was recruited to work with the no.1 bank in Malaysia at one of their headquarters and during the 2 years that I worked with them,I had no life whatsoever.Currently I've been working with Textbookasia for more than a year and I love that my time is more flexible now.I've time to go to gym,holidays and events such as the ones I'll be blogging about.

I'll probably never make a Facebook page for my blog just because this blog started as a labor of love,not a job and it was for me to improve my writing in English because I was a TESL student when it started.But I've to admit that I love and appreciated the opportunities that have come my way.

I've managed to meet new friends though I've to admit that sometimes my social anxiety gets in the way of things.I'm actually very awkward and shy with strangers and it'll take awhile for me to open up.But once I do,watch out!hahaha 

I'm very thankful that I found The Butterfly Project group and by becoming their member,I've been able to join quite a number of events since September this year.I've met a lot of girls who are so nice and friendly as well.:)
Anway,on 7th of December,I was invited along with 49 other butterflies from The Butterfly Project Malaysia for a high tea with Serverfreak and thanks to them,I managed to purchase this domain!So finally I transitioned from blogpost to having my own domain which is pretty cool!
The venue
The venue of the high tea was at Show.Case in Plaza Kelana Jaya.
Illy and Ayna  from The Butterfly Project with our gift bags!
Look at the stacks of books on top of the table pictured above?All of us got to pick one..they were cute children books which I'm sure was purchased at BBW!:p
I looked too white here haha
Beautiful table setting

I loveee the beautiful setting.Look at the table above and pretty!

The best macarons I've tasted!
Love the quiche!
Tea anyone?

The food for the high tea and the table setting was provided by Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.All of it was delicious!My fave were the quiche and the macarons.I've tasted quite a few different macarons from Whishk,Delectable By Su and many more and I've to say this were the best!
Picture time!
Like all of the other Butterfly events,there's a photobooth from love the multicolored ribbon backdrop that they used.
Love the ribbon backdrop
With Innanie
With Iqa
With Ayda
Above are the pictures of me with some of the butterflies.Had a great time with them!
We also had a performance by one of the Butterflies,Edazz!She sang beautifully :)

Taken from Butterfly Project
As you can see,being bloggers and well-versed with social media,look at what everybody was doing above..including me hahaha

Taken from Butterfly Project
Last but not least,we had a presentation from Serverfreak regarding what they do and also on their special wordpress package!

This is the main reason why I was stoked in joining this high tea because I truly wanted to know how I can upgrade my blog.

You can actually let Serverfreak create a whole new look for your blog and also change it to a domain, like what I did.All you have to is get a header ready for your blog(mine was designed by my guy at Plusmore!)
Wordpress account features
Imagine having 5 domains in one account.A lot of bloggers have their on online shopping blog/baking blog(like me!) so it's convenient that this package comes with 5 domain.

So how much is the cost for whole package?

For first year it's RM 298.
Renewal fees(1 year) is RM198.

Monthly it will only cost you around RM25 to maintain your blog which is cheap.And for the following year it's only RM16.50!

You can learn more about the package by clicking HERE.

To know more about Serverfreak,here are the links:

FB page:

Taken from Butterfly Project

Thanks to Serverfreak,I managed to change my blogpost address to a domain!You can also do so by clicking HERE. Price starts from RM40 annually!
Love the macaron & cupcake!
Thank you for the cute gifts from The Butterfly Project and also the lovely food and desserts from Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party.
Cool door gifts!
Tammy/Mamasan also made this DIY notebook for us to purchase and help with the Butterfly's fund.I bought one in the design below.It's so cuteee!My fave color is purple :)

Bought this DIY notebook
A new year will be upon us in 5 more days!I want to do a few more blogposts before the years ends.Will update soon.:)