2 years&1 day--the yin to my yang.

Monday, January 28, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Yesterday,two years ago was the day that a guy named Razin Yuzer asked me to be his girlfriend after our second date and about two months of getting to know each other.He also told me he loved me that night.I remember the place as well.I like the fact that he was being a gentleman and man up,asking me to be his girlfriend which guys rarely do nowadays.

It took me 23 years to finally meet him though we were in the same high school for a year(his house was less than 5 mins from my childhood home),his cousin was my classmate back when I was 12 years old and his friends are also the friends of my ex.I like the fact that he said,if we didn't meet back in 2010,we would have met somehow.

We spend Saturday in Melaka although our anniversary was on Sunday because I knew traffic would be bad.Went to a wedding first in Merlimau and made our way to Melaka on Saturday morning and came back to Shah Alam at night.

Although it has been two years that we've been together,to me,time flies so fast.I've never been happier with a guy.He's amazing and he makes me feel amazing.Like the title of this post,he's the yin to my yang.I'm someone who panics easily,hates change,quite morbid and he calms me down and balance it out.I also have a temper at times and he's very very patient with me.

Our hands :)
He's very intelligent and we never run out of topics to talk about and I learn a lot from him about many things.He's very unbiased about a lot of things which is good because he keep things in perspective.I could be angry about something or someone and he'll give me his view on it which makes perfect sense.

He's very spontaneous while I'm the planner and more neurotic in this relationship.I have to plan things and I don't really like throwing caution to the wind.But I love it when he takes me by surprise and does spontaneous stuffs.He's the only person that I can be very 'manja' with and won't be embarrased to do so.:)

He gives some of the best advices I've had although sometimes my stubbornness makes me refuse to accept it at first. We have our share of fights in the span of two years but they are far and few and we always know how to bounce back from it.We have a template/strategy/rule that we've told and promised to each other when we're angry or in a fight.Stop talking.hahaha.

Because when you talk when you're angry, you tend to say hurtful and ludicrous things that make things even worse.And this has been always how I deal with fights and in time Razin has managed to make me take an hour or two to calm myself down and then we'll be fine.

Words can't describe how much I love him, how much I cherish and appreciate him and how much I can't wait to grow old together.I want to give you beautiful children, be the wife who makes you breakfast every morning and dinner as well(don't know about lunch cos I'll be working haha)and give you..(as cheesy as it sounds),all the love in the world.