What I'm loving

Sunday, January 27, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

1.Dia Frampton
I heard her song a few weeks ago on the radio and I thought that her voice sounded like an angel!I didn't know that she was coming to Malaysia and perform at The Bee..:( One of my favorite songs is The Broken One.


I'm a hugeeeee fan of Gilmore Girls.I can watch the episodes over and over again and have done so since I was 15 years old(when it first came out & I'm 26 years old now haha).My boyfriend got the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and I was estatic.Now,the creators of Gilmore Girls came out with Bunheads!

Although the storyline is different,the feel of the series is similar.Plus,a lot of past Gilmore Girls characters actually came on the show as guest actors and one of the main character of Bunheads is Emily,Lorelai's mother in Gilmore Girls!I've been watching the show since last year and now the second part of the season has continued.It is still in its first season so you guys out there still have time to catch up with the past episodes.

3.Vanderpump Rules

I'm guilty of being a fan of the Real Housewives series..specifically the 3 series that I watch are--Beverly Hills,New York City and New Jersey.I just love it because it's crazy real drama at its finest.hahaha.Now one of the housewives of Beverly Hills,Lisa Vanderpump has her own side show called Vanderpump Rules,about the waiters and waitress of SUR,her restaurant.She and her husband actually have 26 restaurants all over USA.

So far two episodes has come out and it's pretty entertaining.Maybe slightly less dramatic than Real Housewives but nonetheless,it's a relief to see how far worse of a girlfriend Stassi is than a lot of girls I know or even myself.She's a crazy control freak and terribly insecure for someone so pretty.Also,all of the cast in it have one time or another,been in a relationship with each other.

I used to be so into high heels..but now not anymore..I have quite a number of flats nowadays and my heels/wedges have been collecting dust in my shoe closet.I save the heels for special occasions.My current fave is my H&M black studded loafers and my nude Cotton On loafers.They make moving around from one place to another much faster!

5.Online magazine subscription

*All the screen shots above is taken from my magazines in the Newsstand app on my iPad*

I love fashion/beauty magazines and food magazines as well.But sorry,not our own magazines.Because the quality of editorial/content sucks..except for GLAM and Harpers Bazaar(I hate Cleo!Sorry hahaha).I've been buying Instyle US since I was 15 years old until now.So it has been 11 years that I've read the magazine.

The boyfriend is a fan of buying apps through the Apple store.Ironically,he Jailbreak both of my Apple devices but now since installous is gone,he buys everything.So he was the one who told me to subscripe to online magazines via Newsstand on the iPad because it is cheaper than buying them in Malaysia.Currently I'm subscribing to Seventeen US,Martha Stewart Living,Allure and Everyday Food.

It's much cheaper because per annum cost me around rm36 for each compared to Malaysia prices for these magazines run from rm20 per ISSUE!Plus,there's the interactive layout and videos and it also saves paper haha I get to carry all of my magazines through my iPad,anywhere.Sad that there's no Instyle US magazine available for Malaysia's app store though.:(

6.Bargain finds!

I love a good bargain!Bought a few stuffs far cheaper than the real retail price thanks to comparison shopping and also for the promo during Boxing day.:) I got a dress and a top for less than rm60--for both!And many others.

7.Pecel Lele Lela

The boyfriend and I love trying out different places but he's more skeptical in terms of whether the food will taste good or not eventhough he has a far more adventurous tastebuds than mine. We've tried more than 5 different indonesian penyet food restaurants that served lele(catfish)/ayam(chicken) penyet and we have 2 favorites:Waroeng Penyet at The Curve and Ayam Penyet Ria at Section 9,Shah Alam.
Recently a new penyet restaurant opened in Section 13 Shah Alam called Pecel Lele Lela.I've heard from Razin's eldest sister that the food there is delicious.We went with her and her baby one night and recently we went there again.:) I love the lele sos padang.It is spicy and delicious!Ordered pekedil as well.Now Pecel Lele Lela is a fave of me &Razin.Btw,we've tried Wang Solo before and it wasn't for us.The sambal was too sweet,not spicy!

8.Bruno Mars "Unorthodox Jukebox"

It's rare to find an album that I like as a whole.There'll be a few hits and misses in it.But I have to say,Bruno Mars's latest album is stellar.I love all of the songs.I got it the day it was released thanks to the boyfriend,which was weeks ago and have been listening to it for nonstop.

9.My new sparkly white gold ring from the boyfriend!

Today is our 2 years anniversary and the boyfriend got me this sparkly white gold ring as a gift.He gave it to me on Thursday(public holiday haha) and I can't stop looking at how pretty it is.


I've been lusting over Birch Box since last year (pic above taken from my Allure for iPad subscription) and wished that it'll be available here.So I was estatic when I found out about Cosmobox and decided to subscribe to a 3 months subscription.I received my first box a few days ago and was please with what I got.Can't wait for more to come!