Weekend:Wondermilk,sexy red rainboots,Mini Putt and Trianon cake

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Pictures of the boyfriend's cute niece Qarla during last Saturday.So precious!I can't wait to have my own daughter one day..though the pain of giving birth scares me!haha
She was in awe with the bubbles!
So cuteeeee!
The morning after Anuar Zain's concert I went to Setia City Mall with Adela.She slept over after the concert and we talked and talked and at Mc Donalds after it..so hungry!Ended up sleeping at 2.30 and waking up at 9am.We haven't had a sleepover in a longgggg time.
She's so skinny!

Went to H&M and because it was early morning..around 10-ish on a Sunday,there wasn't any people around!So much fun because usually the place will be packed with people.We were looking around,trying to find possible gifts for our loved ones..their birthdays are only 4 days apart from each other!haha 

Suddenly Adela saw this pretty red rain boots with gross grain ribbon as laces. There were only 3 pairs left!I checked the price tag inside the boot,rm29!!From rm99!Omg!Luckily one was in Adela's size and the other was mine.So we got matching red  rainboots!hehe
Red rainboots and Gong Cha with Adela.
The best part was that on top of the low price of the boots,we got a further 25% discount because Adela is a part-time H&M staff(but she works at the Lot 10 outlet& a lot of the things there sold out fast thus Setia City Mall has better stock).How awesome was that?

Me in the boots :)
After I send Adela to KL Sentral,because she had to work at 1pm,I went on a date with the boyfriend!We had our early dinner at Wondermilk.I had their California Chicken and Sloppy Fries..didn't know my sandwich came with potato salad...if not wouldn't have ordered the fries as the portion was huge!But it was good.I love the crispy turkey bacon in my sandwich.Would definitely order that again!
Delicious food at Wondermilk!
The boyfriend ordered the Super Cheese burger and we had cold Caramel and Butterscotch milk to go with everything.Everything was good but I couldn't finish the fries :(

Mini putt!

We played mini golf after Wondermilk..it was fun!I got 2 hole in one out of 18 holes hahaha.But at times it was stressful because it was small,not like a huge golf course :P

Le Trianon
The boyfriend eldest sister,Nana told us about this really amazing chocolate cake at Citta Mall and that the shop doesn't look like a cake shop nor was there any cake display and that they only sold 2 kinds of cake.So after mini putt we were walking around and I wanted to buy some baking stuffs at the supermarket..suddenly I remembered about what Nana told us.

We looked for it and saw no cake shop whatsoever.Suddenly we passed through a concrete looking shop.We asked the guy and he said one cake they sold it whole and the other they sold it in slice and whole.
So the boyfriend bought 2 slices of the Trianon cake and it cost rm18.The box was really tiny for 2 slices of cake.

But we were like..oookay.So we went home,opened the box,I smelled a very strong chocolate smell.I took a fork and tasted a tiny piece...it was AMAZING!It was more chocolate than cake but it was very very very indulgent.Like nothing I've tasted before.I'll definitely buy it again!:)


Anuar Zain's 3 Decades concert

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My aunt told me that she has free tickets to Anuar Zain's 3 Decades concert and asked if I wanted to go?She also said I can bring 3 other people with me..I was like hell yes!!hahaha I heard about the concert but by the time I found out,a lot of the tickets are sold out.Luckily my aunt got 10 tickets.4 was given to our other relatives.2 for her and my aunt.We got the Silver tickets which would have cost us rm398 each..omg hahaha

With Nana,Aimi & Adela
So I invited my 2 friends Aimi and Adela and also the boyfriend's eldest sister,Nana.My boyfriend wouldn't be caught dead going to the concert anyway and when I did asked him,of course he declined hahaha. Anyway,I had a really great time despite that it was raining cats and dogs around 1 & 1/2 hours before the concert started.We were very wet as the parking is outdoors.
Me,Aimi and Adela

The concert started 30 minutes late due to the rain.There's no opening act as it's 100% about Anuar Zain,just the way we like it.How was the concert?It was superb!His vocal power and control was just amazing.The band was great and also the stage!

Full house audience!
There were a few surprises-- appearance from Nora Danish,Adibah Noor,Dina,little kids from Suai Tari dancing to 'Kain Pelikat'..videos and pictures of him was played when he changed his outfits.The band was great although they were a little bit loud than Anuar Zain's voice.

Pictures below were taken using just my iPhone 4S.I was able to sing a long through most of his songs..Been listening to him since my high school days!The crowd sang to all of the songs!
Nora Danish and Anuar Zain

Adibah Noor and Anuar Zain
Kain pelikat!

He came back after the crowd chanted "We want more!!"
The best part was when he ended the night with Lelaki Ini and Sedetik Lebih,two of my fave song!!There was an encore--he said goodbye and everything before he sang Teman Terulung and Lelaki Ini and then left.So some people already went home.But then I saw that the band was still on stage so everybody shouted "We want more!!"..After about 10 mins of waiting, he came out!!!

He was making fun of us for not going home haha It was fun because he asked what song we want him to sing.He sang his famous Raya song,without the band and the whole crowd sang with him.A lot of people wanted the song Sedetik Lebih but he said a few times that Mac Chiew didn't prepare for it.But then of course,he sung it.It was awesome!

Thank you to my aunt for the tickets and for my friends for enjoying the concert with me!


4 Movie Reviews:The perks of being a Wallflower,Upside Down,The Cabin in the Woods and Bachelorette.

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What did I do with my free time during the long weekend?Baked cookies,cooked a few dishes,unsubscribe from a few junk mails,spend time with my love and we watched a lot of movies.But there's still a lot of movies to watch.So here are my review of the movies that I've watched so far.

1.The perks of being a wallflower

I love this movie.It has friendship,intrigue,sadness,happiness and many more.The whole cast did a great job.The music is good as well.I haven't read the book yet but I will soon if I have the time.The story is about this boy named Charlie who's an outcast in his high school. 

At the start of the movie he actually counted the days when he'll graduate from high school which goes to show how much he doesn't want to be there.But luckily he met Patrick and Sam who are step-siblings,seniors in his school whom he can gel with and from then on life in high school doesn't seem so bad.

I love the character Patrick!Very vibrant and funny.I won't reveal anything more but there's more to Charlie than meets the eye.Things we never imagined could have happened to him.It was a great movie and IMDB gave it 8.2/10 which is a high rating!

2.Upside Down

I saw the trailer of this movie a few weeks back with the boyfriend and I was intrigued about the concept of the story,whereby a world that has double gravity.To me the movie was enjoyable and had a good ending to it.

Here's how a world with double gravity works:
There's 3 rules:
  1. All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other.
  2. An object's weight can be offset by matter from the opposite world..
  3. After a few hours, matter in contact with inverse matter burns.

Adam lives in Down while Eden lives in Up.Interesting that their name plays from Adam and Eve.Down is very bleak,not opulent nor is it city of bright lights like Up.Somehow Adam 'found' Eden when they were little kids and they would meet at this edge of this mountain... called Sage mountain if I'm not mistaken.

So they sort of had a relationship going on until their teen years.Until one accident happened and fast forward to 10 years later,Adam founds out that Eden whom he thought had passed away is still alive.So he's trying to figure out a way to see her at Up.You should watch this movie was the concept is a bit different than most.:)

3.The Cabin in the Woods
I saw this movie being shown on our cinema months ago but the boyfriend and I never thought much about it nor did we want to watch it.But recently he downloaded it and he was like Chris Hemsworth is in it so maybe it could be good.I have to say it was SURPRISING.I thought it was gonna be another one of those horror story...it sorta was but with a twist.

I like the idea of the story but it was also sick the way that there could be people,using others as their gruesome puppets.I won't say much about this movie as well other than watch it because although it's not as good as Perks of being a wallflower,it's quite interesting!


This movie had an amazing cast but the story itself just wasn't good.It's sad because to me Kirsten Dunst did a good job..especially her nose flaring/twitching expression at the start of the movie.And I love Rebel Wilson as well but her scenes wasn't much which equals to her not talking much either.The boyfriend didn't like the movie at all.And so does it!

But it's amazing to see Lizzy Caplan coming a long way since her Mean Girls day.She's far slimmer and prettier now!I know this because the boyfriend and I was watching Mean Girls again(he likes it because SNL's alum,Tina Fey wrote the script) and we noticed Lindsay's "lesbian" friend was Lizzy from Bachelorette!

Bachellorette was just bad.


Long update:Office dinner,Cosmobox,Melaka trip,Qarla's birthday and many more.

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A lot of my blog posts have been in draft mode for weeks..because it's either I've been busy with work or spending time with my love.:) I hope this long post will make up for lost time.
Can't believe that it's already February!This month there'll be a lot of special dates--recent ones was my boyfriend's niece,Qarla's 1st birthday,then it'll be Valentines Day(which yeah,we're not suppose to celebrate but last year the boyfriend suprised me by coming over to my house with breakfast,flowers and a homemade card and I didn't get to give him anything),Razin's 28th birthday and a trip to Penang!
At the end of January my colleagues and I with our bosses had our office dinner at Hilton PJ and the food was good.Especially the chilli crab and the cheesecake.So damn creamy!
I subscribed to Cosmobox/Box Culture which cost me rm198 for 3 months subscription.Received my first box at the end of January and I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.I love the bottle of OPI Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand nailpolish.It's brand new in the market and it looked amazing on my nails.Pictures above.I also use the Yadah's Anti Trouble Spot for my spots!Can't wait for my February box.:)
Went to Melaka with the boyfriend for our 2 years anniversay.We parked across Casa Del Rio and when we went to use the washroom there,we walked around and saw how beautiful the place is!The boyfriend loved it.Pictures above.
I brought Razin to Jonker 88 for assam laksa and cendol durian and he agreed that it was good.Really good!It's my fave in Jonker.
I'm a tea person and I love buying dry flowers for teas.There used to be a stall at The Summit USJ every weekend selling these dried flowers with various health properties back in 2010.But then they were gone.When Razin and I went to Jonker Walk,we saw this stall selling them which I love!I bought 5 different packets and got 1 for free.They were dried lavender,french rose bud,purple rose bud,apple flower and lemon slices.
I have sinus and so does the boyfriend and his siblings.So when we went to Jonker,they were selling these sinus sticks which cost only rm5 for 2 sticks!Much much cheaper than the price in Klang Valley.So we did sinus facial on each other and gross things came out haha
I baked all these desserts above for Qarla's first birthday.Dark chocolate and also milk chocolate cupcakes.Blueberry cheese tarts and Qarla's smash cake.Details can be seen on my baking blog.The link is at the top left side of this blog.
A day before Qarla's birthday,I gave her a cupcake size of her smash cake--which contains no butter,sugar or any other form of dairy.So glad that she loved it!Razin and I bought her a cute owl hat for her birthday.She looked so cute in it!

Qarla was holding balloons the whole day.She just wouldn't let go hahah So cute!Even hours before the party started,she was holding a balloon while walking.As the day goes on,she was holding a bunch of balloons in her hands haha
The whole decoration at the party was made by Razin's eldest sister,who's Qarla's mummy.Everything was DIY by her.
This button above was given by Nana(Qarla's mother) to me and also I had to wore this cute pink ribbon headband.
Opening her presents was another great part.Her uncles--my boyfriend and his brother Raushan,was excited that they already knew what some of her gifts were.Look at how cute Qarla was the hat that we gave her and they toy car her mummy bought for her.
Random picture of Qarla with me using the front camera of my iPhone.She stick out her tongue like I did.hahaha
Look at my baking cabinet above.haha My mum put all of my stuffs in a cabinet.Down below is my equipment but it looked a bit messy because I was taking things out.
Above is the latest copy of Cakes and Cupcakes from The best of Martha Stewart Living.Since I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living on the newsstand via my iPad,it was free for download.I love it so much and has been waiting for weeks for it to come out because I saw the ad on my February copy of Martha Stewart Living(the magazines comes out 1 month early in the States).I love how interactive it is with videos and pretty pictures and moving graphics.
Razin's younger sister went to Jakarta a few weeks back and I asked her to buy me these body scrubs that I heard was good for the skin.Love it!
I have so much more to blog about but I always forgot about my drafts.Super sorry!Will try to blog more frequently.