Anuar Zain's 3 Decades concert

Monday, February 18, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

My aunt told me that she has free tickets to Anuar Zain's 3 Decades concert and asked if I wanted to go?She also said I can bring 3 other people with me..I was like hell yes!!hahaha I heard about the concert but by the time I found out,a lot of the tickets are sold out.Luckily my aunt got 10 tickets.4 was given to our other relatives.2 for her and my aunt.We got the Silver tickets which would have cost us rm398 each..omg hahaha

With Nana,Aimi & Adela
So I invited my 2 friends Aimi and Adela and also the boyfriend's eldest sister,Nana.My boyfriend wouldn't be caught dead going to the concert anyway and when I did asked him,of course he declined hahaha. Anyway,I had a really great time despite that it was raining cats and dogs around 1 & 1/2 hours before the concert started.We were very wet as the parking is outdoors.
Me,Aimi and Adela

The concert started 30 minutes late due to the rain.There's no opening act as it's 100% about Anuar Zain,just the way we like it.How was the concert?It was superb!His vocal power and control was just amazing.The band was great and also the stage!

Full house audience!
There were a few surprises-- appearance from Nora Danish,Adibah Noor,Dina,little kids from Suai Tari dancing to 'Kain Pelikat'..videos and pictures of him was played when he changed his outfits.The band was great although they were a little bit loud than Anuar Zain's voice.

Pictures below were taken using just my iPhone 4S.I was able to sing a long through most of his songs..Been listening to him since my high school days!The crowd sang to all of the songs!
Nora Danish and Anuar Zain

Adibah Noor and Anuar Zain
Kain pelikat!

He came back after the crowd chanted "We want more!!"
The best part was when he ended the night with Lelaki Ini and Sedetik Lebih,two of my fave song!!There was an encore--he said goodbye and everything before he sang Teman Terulung and Lelaki Ini and then left.So some people already went home.But then I saw that the band was still on stage so everybody shouted "We want more!!"..After about 10 mins of waiting, he came out!!!

He was making fun of us for not going home haha It was fun because he asked what song we want him to sing.He sang his famous Raya song,without the band and the whole crowd sang with him.A lot of people wanted the song Sedetik Lebih but he said a few times that Mac Chiew didn't prepare for it.But then of course,he sung it.It was awesome!

Thank you to my aunt for the tickets and for my friends for enjoying the concert with me!