Long update:Office dinner,Cosmobox,Melaka trip,Qarla's birthday and many more.

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A lot of my blog posts have been in draft mode for weeks..because it's either I've been busy with work or spending time with my love.:) I hope this long post will make up for lost time.
Can't believe that it's already February!This month there'll be a lot of special dates--recent ones was my boyfriend's niece,Qarla's 1st birthday,then it'll be Valentines Day(which yeah,we're not suppose to celebrate but last year the boyfriend suprised me by coming over to my house with breakfast,flowers and a homemade card and I didn't get to give him anything),Razin's 28th birthday and a trip to Penang!
At the end of January my colleagues and I with our bosses had our office dinner at Hilton PJ and the food was good.Especially the chilli crab and the cheesecake.So damn creamy!
I subscribed to Cosmobox/Box Culture which cost me rm198 for 3 months subscription.Received my first box at the end of January and I was pleasantly surprised with what I got.I love the bottle of OPI Mariah Carey's Liquid Sand nailpolish.It's brand new in the market and it looked amazing on my nails.Pictures above.I also use the Yadah's Anti Trouble Spot for my spots!Can't wait for my February box.:)
Went to Melaka with the boyfriend for our 2 years anniversay.We parked across Casa Del Rio and when we went to use the washroom there,we walked around and saw how beautiful the place is!The boyfriend loved it.Pictures above.
I brought Razin to Jonker 88 for assam laksa and cendol durian and he agreed that it was good.Really good!It's my fave in Jonker.
I'm a tea person and I love buying dry flowers for teas.There used to be a stall at The Summit USJ every weekend selling these dried flowers with various health properties back in 2010.But then they were gone.When Razin and I went to Jonker Walk,we saw this stall selling them which I love!I bought 5 different packets and got 1 for free.They were dried lavender,french rose bud,purple rose bud,apple flower and lemon slices.
I have sinus and so does the boyfriend and his siblings.So when we went to Jonker,they were selling these sinus sticks which cost only rm5 for 2 sticks!Much much cheaper than the price in Klang Valley.So we did sinus facial on each other and gross things came out haha
I baked all these desserts above for Qarla's first birthday.Dark chocolate and also milk chocolate cupcakes.Blueberry cheese tarts and Qarla's smash cake.Details can be seen on my baking blog.The link is at the top left side of this blog.
A day before Qarla's birthday,I gave her a cupcake size of her smash cake--which contains no butter,sugar or any other form of dairy.So glad that she loved it!Razin and I bought her a cute owl hat for her birthday.She looked so cute in it!

Qarla was holding balloons the whole day.She just wouldn't let go hahah So cute!Even hours before the party started,she was holding a balloon while walking.As the day goes on,she was holding a bunch of balloons in her hands haha
The whole decoration at the party was made by Razin's eldest sister,who's Qarla's mummy.Everything was DIY by her.
This button above was given by Nana(Qarla's mother) to me and also I had to wore this cute pink ribbon headband.
Opening her presents was another great part.Her uncles--my boyfriend and his brother Raushan,was excited that they already knew what some of her gifts were.Look at how cute Qarla was the hat that we gave her and they toy car her mummy bought for her.
Random picture of Qarla with me using the front camera of my iPhone.She stick out her tongue like I did.hahaha
Look at my baking cabinet above.haha My mum put all of my stuffs in a cabinet.Down below is my equipment but it looked a bit messy because I was taking things out.
Above is the latest copy of Cakes and Cupcakes from The best of Martha Stewart Living.Since I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living on the newsstand via my iPad,it was free for download.I love it so much and has been waiting for weeks for it to come out because I saw the ad on my February copy of Martha Stewart Living(the magazines comes out 1 month early in the States).I love how interactive it is with videos and pretty pictures and moving graphics.
Razin's younger sister went to Jakarta a few weeks back and I asked her to buy me these body scrubs that I heard was good for the skin.Love it!
I have so much more to blog about but I always forgot about my drafts.Super sorry!Will try to blog more frequently.