Weekend:Wondermilk,sexy red rainboots,Mini Putt and Trianon cake

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Pictures of the boyfriend's cute niece Qarla during last Saturday.So precious!I can't wait to have my own daughter one day..though the pain of giving birth scares me!haha
She was in awe with the bubbles!
So cuteeeee!
The morning after Anuar Zain's concert I went to Setia City Mall with Adela.She slept over after the concert and we talked and talked and at Mc Donalds after it..so hungry!Ended up sleeping at 2.30 and waking up at 9am.We haven't had a sleepover in a longgggg time.
She's so skinny!

Went to H&M and because it was early morning..around 10-ish on a Sunday,there wasn't any people around!So much fun because usually the place will be packed with people.We were looking around,trying to find possible gifts for our loved ones..their birthdays are only 4 days apart from each other!haha 

Suddenly Adela saw this pretty red rain boots with gross grain ribbon as laces. There were only 3 pairs left!I checked the price tag inside the boot,rm29!!From rm99!Omg!Luckily one was in Adela's size and the other was mine.So we got matching red  rainboots!hehe
Red rainboots and Gong Cha with Adela.
The best part was that on top of the low price of the boots,we got a further 25% discount because Adela is a part-time H&M staff(but she works at the Lot 10 outlet& a lot of the things there sold out fast thus Setia City Mall has better stock).How awesome was that?

Me in the boots :)
After I send Adela to KL Sentral,because she had to work at 1pm,I went on a date with the boyfriend!We had our early dinner at Wondermilk.I had their California Chicken and Sloppy Fries..didn't know my sandwich came with potato salad...if not wouldn't have ordered the fries as the portion was huge!But it was good.I love the crispy turkey bacon in my sandwich.Would definitely order that again!
Delicious food at Wondermilk!
The boyfriend ordered the Super Cheese burger and we had cold Caramel and Butterscotch milk to go with everything.Everything was good but I couldn't finish the fries :(

Mini putt!

We played mini golf after Wondermilk..it was fun!I got 2 hole in one out of 18 holes hahaha.But at times it was stressful because it was small,not like a huge golf course :P

Le Trianon
The boyfriend eldest sister,Nana told us about this really amazing chocolate cake at Citta Mall and that the shop doesn't look like a cake shop nor was there any cake display and that they only sold 2 kinds of cake.So after mini putt we were walking around and I wanted to buy some baking stuffs at the supermarket..suddenly I remembered about what Nana told us.

We looked for it and saw no cake shop whatsoever.Suddenly we passed through a concrete looking shop.We asked the guy and he said one cake they sold it whole and the other they sold it in slice and whole.
So the boyfriend bought 2 slices of the Trianon cake and it cost rm18.The box was really tiny for 2 slices of cake.

But we were like..oookay.So we went home,opened the box,I smelled a very strong chocolate smell.I took a fork and tasted a tiny piece...it was AMAZING!It was more chocolate than cake but it was very very very indulgent.Like nothing I've tasted before.I'll definitely buy it again!:)