Been busy--baking,cooking,walking&swimming!

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Work,love,baking orders,a little me time..hahaha

Recently,for the past 3 weeks,the boyfriend and I have been walking everywhere.We're trying to be healthier.Hope this will work!We used the Pedometer GPS app on the iPhone but I don't know if it's really working in terms of counting steps..but the miles are accurate!
The app

He's also been teaching me swimming techniques every weekend.Previously I can't swim to save my life.Now I can atleast keep myself afloat in the swimming pool and also staying under water..phewwww I face my fear!!ha-ha

We usually swim at the swimming pool of his eldest sister's apartment.Last weekend his niece Qarla joined us as well.A cute picture of her wearing a the age of 1 year 1 month + hahaha.We had dinner at Bonjour Garden(pic below) because Razin & I wanted to buy groceries and so did Nana(his sister).I didn't like the food that much.It was so-so.

This weekend we had dinner of Dominos with them after swimming..Razin's youngest brother joined us as well.Qarla had a bunch of new of her holding them below!arghh so cuteeee
So many pretty dresses,so little time
Managed to catch up with my girl Aimi!Had a quick brunch at Sushi King and browse through a few shops.Had dessert at Sweet Chat.Their sago cendol was really good!I will definitely go back and try their durian cendol.

Sweet Chat's sago cendol

I tasted laksam(a Kelantanese delicacy) for the first time 2 weeks ago.The boyfriend made me tried it.And I surprisingly love it!It tasted good.:)

Wanted to eat a light and fluffy plain cheesecake so I made this Japanese cotton cheesecake.They named it cotton because it was very light and fluffy.I love it!Will definitely bake this again and put fresh blueberries or raspberries into it.

Japanese cotton cheesecake
Lately I've been blowdrying my hair less and less and letting it air dry naturally.Apparently the boyfriend prefers it that way.I'm the kind of girl who always wants to look and smell nice for him hahaha So my hair is always smooth but not pin straight.My hair is naturally wavy so now it saves my time to let it air dry instead of blow drying it.

My hair after I put it up in a bun
The boyfriend and I are currently addicted to the game Candy Crush!I downloaded the app 3 days ago after seeing it on a blog and was quickly addicted to it.Then the boyfriend followed suit a day after and now he has surpassed my level!grrrrr haha A pic of him playing it on his ipad,below.
Candy Crush!
Went for a Korean BBQ dinner with the boyfriend and his family at Gangnam Station,his eldest sister treated all of us.I love the beef bulgogi!So damn good!But has to be eaten by like 3-4 people as if it's just me & Razin we probably wouldn't be able to finish it.

Korean food!
After dinner Razin and I took Qarla(his niece) and Benjamin(the son of Nana's friend) around the park area of Laman Seri and they were running wild hahaha Went to Tutti Frutti and the kids were quite noisy but they were so adorable so who cares!haha
Kids living it up at Tutti Frutti!
Behold a natural picture of me and my boyfriend hahahaha He's very camera shy!

Watched the movie This is 40 recently with Razin and I love it!Marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows but it doesn't mean we should give up on it.Of course I love Paul Rudd as an actor and he didn't disappoint.There's a lot of famous cameos in the movie.It was very enjoyable!

One night,Razin and I was on the phone for over 2 hours because we were poring over this cooking/baking blog...he found it while searching for a recipe that I wanted to try cos he's never heard the name of the dish before--kek batik.hahaha

So I wanted to try a few of the recipes mentioned on the blog.Cooked honey prawns one night with the boyfriend and ate it with his lil sister for dinner.It was yummy!

Honey prawns
 We also made lemon chicken for his family for dinner and made honey prawns as well.I love the lemon sauce!The recipe is a definite keeper!
Lemon chicken and honey prawns(again!)
 Below is the pic of the recipe I tried.An elevated kek batik.It was yummy and wasn't too sweet.Just nice.
Kek(cake) batik choc cheese


Dinner at Gen @10,Sunway Putra Hotel

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I wanted to take Razin out to a fancy Japanese dinner for his 28th birthday but due to the fact that he went on his family vacation on his birthday,and then we went to Penang for 3 days and then I went on my family holiday to PD,the reservation had to be rescheduled,two times.

Wore my fave oldblossombox lace black dress with the emerald
cluth that the boyfriend gave me
Finally last Saturday we managed to go there.I purchase the voucher from Groupon which gave an rm52 discount.If not per person would have cost rm82 ringgit but I only paid rm110 for the both of us.On top of his presents and birthday cake,this was something extra.The place was next to PWTC.You go to the ninth floor of the hotel and from there you can take the pretty staircase to the restaurant.

Even the lift were fancy!
The view..we could see Menara KL(not in pic) as well.
I've heard rave reviews about the exceptional service of Gen @10 staffs and it was definitely true.Razin and I was very impressed with their service.Initially when I made the reservation,they said due to the place is almost fully booked,is it okay that my table is at the foyer(outside of the restaurant)?I said okay.But when we got there,they ended up giving us a table inside with an amazing view.
Dinner with a great view

The variety of Japanese food there was great.There was teppayanki grill,a udon section,a sushi section,a salad section,appetizers section,main course section,fruits,desserts(cakes&puddings) and ice cream.We tried a little bit of everything.Razin made sure I controlled my portion so that we won't be too full.haha.Everything was good!
Huge plate of wasabi
The food!
Each table was provided with a pot of green tea that can be refilled.The staffs was very courteous.The waiters are all very polite and they'll always let their customers walk before them first.They even open your napkins for you.Top notch service!I love that their desserts was bite size so we don't overeat.
The pretty porcelain.
I love our bamboo shaped cup.
I would definitely come here again with Razin.For the food and the excellent service.:)

Afterwards we walked around the lobby and saw this little girl who was hanging at the bake shop of the hotel.She was very hyper--bouncing of the walls hyper-- and couldn't stop talking to me and commented on my iphone cover.hahaha

We went to OU(one utama)to watch OZ The Great and Powerful which was the prequel to Wizards of OZ.I thought it was enjoyable although I did dozed off a little bit because of the food I ate before hahaha We bought the Popcorn Royale from TGV in OU although we were watching the movie at GSC.haha I love Popcorn Royale!

A great pic of the Penchala tunnel
by me while Razin was driving :P

Before the movie started we were rushing to Cold Storage because the boyfriend wanted to buy the ingredients for his Nutella ice cream.It was so cute because he rarely get excited about a recipe and wanting to make it himself.We made nutella ice cream before the night ended.It was yummy(I tasted it the day after).


Beauty Junkie--my Cosmobox/Box Culture and Wonderbox experience.

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I'm one of those girls who loves beauty products,browsing them and trying a few things but ended up only using one or two products on a daily basis.haha.But I can't help it,I love seeing all those pretty beauty products in their pretty packages.

Since 2011 I've been lusting over Birch Box(launched in 2010) which is only available in the States and wishing that it's available here in Malaysia.My prayers were answered when last year,a few beauty boxes mushroomed in Malaysia.Currently we have one of the pioneers--Cosmobox/Box Culture,Wonderbox,Mivva,Treasure Trove and The Lilac Box.

I subscribed to Cosmobox under the 3 months subscription (rm198) in December but I was so scared of what awaits me for the January box because of the bad reviews they got for their Christmas box.I was surprised to see really great items in my January box.Pictured below:

OPI,Body Shop,Mariah Carey perfume,
Yadah&Organix haircare
In January I received a bottle of OPI's Mariah Carey Liquid Sand nail polish,Yadah anti trouble spot,a travel size bottle of The Body Shop's Strawberry body wash,Organix shampoo and conditioner sachets and Mariah Carey perfume samples--I love the three different was like candy!

For the month of February I decided to give Wonderbox a try as well just for comparison and fun purposes. So I subscribed for 1 month only.I received the box when I gotten back from Penang.

Cosmbox list of items

 I have to say both boxes had great item but the winner has got to be Cosmobox because they had better stuffs and it was a bumper edition.But I was a bit sad that both boxes gave me the same Murad voucher with the same code number.So although I received rm60 worth of Murad voucher,I can only use one of them.

In my Wonderbox:

There was too much skincare stuffs to my liking.A full size Clinelle's moisturizer(which I gave to my mum),Murad's Pomegranate moisturizer and T-zone pore refining gel,H20 +'s Marine toner and Oasis dual action exfoliating cleanser(which I'll probably give to my brother who has blackheads) and a bottle of Jaqueline Burchell's nailpolish in an unflattering shade in my opinion.

In my Cosmobox:
They packed a lot of things in this February box.There was Murad's Oil Free Sunblock,White Brilliance Wrinkle and Pore Refining serum,Illuminating day and night moisture.I personally love the White Brilliance line because I've been using it for a week or so now and my oily skin become so so much less oily the whole day!I didn't even need to use my Clean and Clear Oil Control Film!

There was also Avene's gentle toner and cleaser,Stage intense kohl eye pencil,Beautyfoot foot mask and a few Wella's hair mask samples(I'll definitely love this because I use Wella's hair mask as well but not the same line as the samples given).

I will definitely continue with my subscription with Cosmobox soon!So to the beauty junkies out there,do try either one of these beauty boxes :)


The Carrie Diaries

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From left:Maggie,Walt,Mouse,Carrie & Sebastian
Have you guys watched The Carrie Diaries?Currently it's on the 8th episode and so far I'm loving the show..especially Austin Butler's Sebastian character.I bought the book 2 years ago but didn't have the time to finish reading it and then forgot all about it haha.It's a teenage book after all!

I just love this outfit!!
 The reason why I bought it was because Candace Bushnell wrote it and I have quite a number of her books.But the series is a little different than the book because a few characters isn't on the show.

I think Anna Sophia Robb is perfect as Carrie as she does look like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Watching the series at first was a bit of adjustment for me because it was set in the 80's when I was just born haha.But the clothes on the show,especially on Carrie are really cute.Especially her nail polish splattered bag in the first episode.

That's the nail polish splattered bag!
The stylist for the show is Eric Daman who styled the wardrobe for Gossip Girl and Sex and The City.A few of my fave moments--whenever Sebastian and Carrie talks.They have such great chemisty.Also the moment Carrie got her first Manolo's and drank the Cosmopolitan.Of course,like any tv series,there'll be a character which you just love to hate and in The Carrie Diaries it's Donna!urghhhh And also,Carrie's little sister Dorrit who's going to through an angst-y teenage phase.

Donna & Dorrit
I can't wait for Carrie to meet Samantha Jones though!:)


Penang and PD trip pictures

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No time to blog so I leave you guys with pictures first and will blog later :P
For more pictures follow me on my Instagram account HERE.:)


Penang trip with my Razin and friends :)

My family and I used to live in Penang for 2 years when my dad was based in Penang Airport.That was when I was 13-14 years old.So I haven't been back in 12 years!Crazy.So much has changed.I went there with my dearest Razin and my friends Adela and her boyfriend Furqaan.Furqaan is a member of Berjaya so we got one room for free and the other one on a discount!Sweet!We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.
On the way

Penang Bridge

Blue and pale green house near Line Clear

The place has been featured on
Anthony Bourdain's No Reservtions
I haven't eaten at Line Clear before so when we arrived and put our bags in our room,we went to Line Clear for lunch.Love the nasi kandar although I'm not a fan of curries.haha We went for gelato at a place nearby but it wasn't good..:(
A so-so gelato
Went back to our rooms and then we went swimming!Yes,I can finally swim now thanks to the boyfriend for teaching me.He has taught me last year as well but only now I can truly swim hahaha
My guy showing of his skills
Because our hotel was near Gurney Drive,we walked that night to have dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.Past through some beautiful bridal houses.They take weddings very seriously there!haha
Pretty bridal house
There was quite a number of stalls but the boyfriend said(he has been to Penang recently out of all of us) usually during weekends there would be a lot more(we went on a weekday).We ordered a huge plate of rojak pasembor.
Rojak Pasembor!

The boyfriend and I choose quite a number of items--there was even a huge deep fried crab!I love loveeee the pasembor sauce.One of the best I've tasted and that's saying something.But I forgot the name of the stall though..:(
I ordered udang goreng tepung(deep fried prawns) and the boyfriend ordered char kuey teow.Adela 7 Furqaan ordered fish and veges with rice.Everything was good!
Gurney Drive
The next day we went to Kek Lok Si Temple and Bukit Bendera.I've never been to the temple but I've been to Bukit Bendera years ago in the old train.Today it is much better and more organized.
Kek Lok Si

Love the lotus tiles
I'm wearing the H&M
hat his mum bought for me
Bukit Bendera!
The view from Bukit Bendera was amazing!We could even see Penang Bridge and the whole of Penang.Next time we should go at night(they close at 10pm) cos I bet the view would be even more amazing.
Laksa Janggus
We had our late lunch at Laksa Janggus in Balik Pulau where I used to live with my family.We passed my old house!The laksa was good but the broth was a bit watery.Loveee the bandung soda and also the crispy banana fritters/goreng pisang with had sesame seeds in the batter.

Afterwards we went to Penang National Park where Adela &Furqaan took a long time taking a lotttt of pictures.hahaha That's one of their favorite thing to do.
At Penang's National Park
Razin wanted to bring me to Gurney Plaza just because.So Furqaan and Adela dropped us there as we wanted to walk back to the hotel later and they were too tired to follow.

Sugar rush with Razin!
So quaint
I love how Gurney Plaza had a lot of restaurant/cafes that we don't have in the Klang Valley.One of them was Macaron Cafe and I love their macarons!I think they're better than Whisk!I bought 5 different flavors--my fave was the English Rose,Salted Popcorn and Black Sesame.Didn't really like the Jaffa or Lychee.

Goodies at Macaron Cafe
 Had Creme Brulee at Tong Pak Fu with Razin.We shared a bowl of course!haha It was good & we'll definitely have it once in awhile again as we know their outlets are all over Klang Valley.

Razin waiting for the milkshake haha
Some of their combos
We had Ferrero Milkshake from Milkshake Factory as well.I've heard about them before but that their KL outlet has closed down.But the guy told us that they'll open a new one in Lot 10 soon!We love their milkshake.It was just nice and wasn't too sweet.Plus they used low fat/fat free milk.

Really good gelato
Razin finally got the gelato to redeem the bad one we tasted the day before.It was so good!I hope they have outlets in the Klang Valley.They allow you taste any flavor you wanted.The shop we went the day before only allowed one flavor to be tasted per customer.So stingy!Anyway,it was nice walking back to the hotel,just the two of us for 20 minutes.It was perfect and I still remember it.The little things in life!:) Oh,he bought me a super pretty clutch from the mall as well!I love it!

At night we went to Batu Ferringhi to the night market and had dinner there.I had the salmon teriyaki at the I love you cafe(hahaha).It was really good and the rice was really fluffy.Razin had the mackerel and I can't remember what Adela and Furqaan had.

The next morning,the boyfriend brought me to Hard Rock Penang for breakfast.I think it was the most expensive breakfast he has spend on me.haha Initially he wanted to bring all of us to Hard Rock the night before but since suddenly it rained while we were in Ferringhi,the plan was scratched.Adela & Furqaan spend the morning swimming at our hotel so they didn't go.
Hard Rock!
The breakfast spread was good.Among the normal items on a breakfast buffet,there was some unusual ones like roasted beetroots,dim sums,roti jala(rarely on a breakfast buffet in hotels,and I've stayed in quite a few).They had waffles as well!
Thanks sayang!:)
We walked by the beach afterwards and my favorite picture is the one below,he captured it without me noticing it.:)

This is candid as well hahahaa But it looked like I was dancing!
After checking out,we went to they Toy Museum.The entrance fee was rm15,quite expensive but there was a lot of toys though the place was stuffy,the air conditioning was low and it was dusty(my nose is very sensitive to dust so I was very uncomfortable!).Plus,the toilets was horrible.Poorly maintained!

Toy Museum
Lunch at Queensbay!
We went to Queensbay Mall,and had lunch there.Razin bought me Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book which I've been wanting for days!!We reached Shah Alam around 9.30 pm..phewwww.I love Penang!Also the fact that there,you have to pay for plastic bags..everyday.Which I think is good because it helps the environment!:)
Love her!!

Port Dickson trip with the family


So,I came back from Penang on Friday night and on Saturday morning,I went to Port Dickson with my family.Barely had time to rest haha.We stayed at Regency Resort & Apartments.My family have been going there since I was in primary school!
View from our balcony
We went to PD because my dad's 50th birthday fell on Friday and also he had a work thing nearby our hotel..a seminar of some sort.So we stayed until Sunday.
Bundle loot!All for joke!
After we checked in,my mom wanted to go to this huge bundle store that she saw on tv which is nearby.So we went there and it's called Baden something2.The place is big but it was very hot eventhough it was indoors.I managed to find 2 dresses and one hoodie all for only--RM15!Crazy!!But you have to look around because there are a lot of tacky stuffs haha
Had cendol pulut to cool us down from the was goood!
Captured this using just my iPhone 4S!
At night we went to have dinner by the beach.Back when I was little(pic below),we used to eat there everytime we stayed at The Regency.The food was good and although the price was a bit high,the portion and taste makes up for it.
That's me in red,my cousin on
the right,my dad&brother at d back.
The place now :)
The chairs are still d same haha
My huge virgin Bellini
Our food!
This chicken chop was delish!!

Sago gula melaka for dessert.yumms
Before we went home the next day,my parents brought us to the army museum because my youngest brother is an army fan.In my head I thought it was gonna be really boring but surprisingly it wasn't and was pretty educational.Though Port Dickson is just really hot.Sweating like mad haha But inside the museum there's air conditioner..phewww

To cut your fingers..ayeyayay

My skinny as a beanpole lil bro

That's all folks!Enough vacation for me until my 26th birthday in June!:P