Dinner at Gen @10,Sunway Putra Hotel

Friday, March 15, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I wanted to take Razin out to a fancy Japanese dinner for his 28th birthday but due to the fact that he went on his family vacation on his birthday,and then we went to Penang for 3 days and then I went on my family holiday to PD,the reservation had to be rescheduled,two times.

Wore my fave oldblossombox lace black dress with the emerald
cluth that the boyfriend gave me
Finally last Saturday we managed to go there.I purchase the voucher from Groupon which gave an rm52 discount.If not per person would have cost rm82 ringgit but I only paid rm110 for the both of us.On top of his presents and birthday cake,this was something extra.The place was next to PWTC.You go to the ninth floor of the hotel and from there you can take the pretty staircase to the restaurant.

Even the lift were fancy!
The view..we could see Menara KL(not in pic) as well.
I've heard rave reviews about the exceptional service of Gen @10 staffs and it was definitely true.Razin and I was very impressed with their service.Initially when I made the reservation,they said due to the place is almost fully booked,is it okay that my table is at the foyer(outside of the restaurant)?I said okay.But when we got there,they ended up giving us a table inside with an amazing view.
Dinner with a great view

The variety of Japanese food there was great.There was teppayanki grill,a udon section,a sushi section,a salad section,appetizers section,main course section,fruits,desserts(cakes&puddings) and ice cream.We tried a little bit of everything.Razin made sure I controlled my portion so that we won't be too full.haha.Everything was good!
Huge plate of wasabi
The food!
Each table was provided with a pot of green tea that can be refilled.The staffs was very courteous.The waiters are all very polite and they'll always let their customers walk before them first.They even open your napkins for you.Top notch service!I love that their desserts was bite size so we don't overeat.
The pretty porcelain.
I love our bamboo shaped cup.
I would definitely come here again with Razin.For the food and the excellent service.:)

Afterwards we walked around the lobby and saw this little girl who was hanging at the bake shop of the hotel.She was very hyper--bouncing of the walls hyper-- and couldn't stop talking to me and commented on my iphone cover.hahaha

We went to OU(one utama)to watch OZ The Great and Powerful which was the prequel to Wizards of OZ.I thought it was enjoyable although I did dozed off a little bit because of the food I ate before hahaha We bought the Popcorn Royale from TGV in OU although we were watching the movie at GSC.haha I love Popcorn Royale!

A great pic of the Penchala tunnel
by me while Razin was driving :P

Before the movie started we were rushing to Cold Storage because the boyfriend wanted to buy the ingredients for his Nutella ice cream.It was so cute because he rarely get excited about a recipe and wanting to make it himself.We made nutella ice cream before the night ended.It was yummy(I tasted it the day after).