Razin's 28th birthday :) and something extra

Monday, March 04, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

This post was supposed to be uploaded in February but as usual I was busy and totally forgot about it.hahaha.

On the 23rd of February was my dearest Razin's 28th birthday.I've celebrated his birthday for 3 years now.As he told me,we'll be together for 100 years(amin) so I hope I'll be there to celebrate it for years and years to come.:))
I made his birthday cake,a tiramisu,one of his fave.It was my first time ever making one.I was so glad of the positive reaction from his family members and most importantly,him.

His family and I 'surprised' him at midnight,with the cake and gifts!He didn't expect to get so many gifts.I got him a few gifts,and also something that I made on my own.
Some of his gifts from his family:shoes,
clothes,400 thread count sheet!
What I gave him.:) The gifts aren't in the picture.

I was glad he was so happy with what he got and the cake,of course the fact that I was there as well.

Can't believe he's 28 already!I'll be turning 26 this year.hehe So I'm still younger than him.hahaha

Before he left for Cameron :(
The morning after,his family went to Cameron Highlands for their 3 days holiday and here I was below,being all..don't want to let him go hahaha But he's back now of course :P

When he got back,I got a bunch of stuffs!Asked for rose petals and he got me a huge bag of it.:)

Tons of rose petals
Stuffs from his mum to my mum in the baskets,
flowers for me with him holding them
& my fave scones from T Cafe.

My pretty desk at work :)

I know in Malaysia,Valentine's Day is considered taboo but I baked a cheesecake for him.A first as well as I've never baked a cheesecake before.Also made cupcakes with hearts inside.The reason was I felt bad that last year,he surprised me with flowers,homemade sandwiches which he made(rare occurrence since he doesn't really cook but he can!haha) and a huge card he made,the morning of V-Day and I didn't give him anything because duh,it was a surprise on his part :P
My first cheesecake with heart shaped blueberry filling
Cupcakes with hearts inside them!:)

He gave me a surprise,2 weeks after our anniversary..why 2 weeks?Because he was waiting for the necklace and earrings below to arrrived!hahaa Poor thing.He made the card long time ago but had to wait for the accessories.

Super sweet..more special since he's a man of few words :)
Actually he already gave a pretty sparkly ring for our 2 years anniversary but this is something extra.:) He showed me the email of the transactions between him& the seller for the necklace and earrings(it is handmade) and it was before our anniversary but somehow due to the seller's mistake,it arrived much much later.