The Carrie Diaries

Sunday, March 10, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

From left:Maggie,Walt,Mouse,Carrie & Sebastian
Have you guys watched The Carrie Diaries?Currently it's on the 8th episode and so far I'm loving the show..especially Austin Butler's Sebastian character.I bought the book 2 years ago but didn't have the time to finish reading it and then forgot all about it haha.It's a teenage book after all!

I just love this outfit!!
 The reason why I bought it was because Candace Bushnell wrote it and I have quite a number of her books.But the series is a little different than the book because a few characters isn't on the show.

I think Anna Sophia Robb is perfect as Carrie as she does look like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Watching the series at first was a bit of adjustment for me because it was set in the 80's when I was just born haha.But the clothes on the show,especially on Carrie are really cute.Especially her nail polish splattered bag in the first episode.

That's the nail polish splattered bag!
The stylist for the show is Eric Daman who styled the wardrobe for Gossip Girl and Sex and The City.A few of my fave moments--whenever Sebastian and Carrie talks.They have such great chemisty.Also the moment Carrie got her first Manolo's and drank the Cosmopolitan.Of course,like any tv series,there'll be a character which you just love to hate and in The Carrie Diaries it's Donna!urghhhh And also,Carrie's little sister Dorrit who's going to through an angst-y teenage phase.

Donna & Dorrit
I can't wait for Carrie to meet Samantha Jones though!:)