End of April 2013--in pictures!:)

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Food porn
I've gotta admit,although I've lost another kilo,what I ate last week wasn't healthy at all!haha.Picture above was when the boyfriend and I ate Burger Bakar Abang Burn,we ordered the Supremo burger.I had the chicken one and he ordered the beef Supremo Cheese.

We ate from the Sect 7 Shah Alam outlet near Kayu Nasi Kandar.I don't know if it's the quality from the outlet but it wasn't good.It was like a greasy hungover kind of food..I prefer Yazid's burger.

Had dinner at La Bodega with my colleagues for a client's dinner.Haven't ate there in a long time.I loveee the fried goat cheese with lemon honey.The mushrooms with butter and garlic as well.
Lunch at Raju's last Friday with my colleagues as well.Definitely an indulgent as it should not be eaten once every few months.

Oldblossombox Preloved Party

Last Sunday was Oldblossombox's preloved party and I was able to join and sell my desserts.My dearest Razin was there from start to finish to help me eventhough he had somewhere else to be.He choose to stay although I told him to go,many times!haha So sweet.My friend Shakira was there giving me a helping hand as well :) Thank you babe!
My desserts
Razin and I setup my table and then we went for a quick brunch at Pappa Rich which was a first for me since I've never eaten there before and so did he.It was pretty good!
Sunday brunch!
My buys from OBB's preloved party
Of course with the array of clothes,bags and shoes available during the whole thing,I couldn't resist getting myself a few things.Bought a cute dress and also a bag.Both for only rm60!Thanks to everyone who came and made me sold out within 3 hours!Sorry to those who came when I already left(I left by 3pm) as what was commented on my instagram..:(
Happy faces

Yesterday I took leave so that I could bring my mum to the salon..as the appointment was made weeks back and it's hard to come by.She did her rebonding treatment while I colored my hair...red..with a little brown in it.I had a hard time deciding and finally was like,just go for it!
Before I went to watch Iron Man 3 with the boyfriend(which was awesome cos of Robert Downey Jr!),I managed to pick up the bags from ALDO which I reserved.It was a 2 for the price of 1 sale!Who could say no to that?Especially since I've been looking for the right black bag for quite some time.:) Hopefully I won't buy any other bag until after Raya or even after 2013!haha :P


Come to Old Blossom Box Preloved Party this Sunday!:)

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The last time I joined Old Blossom Box Pre Loved Party was in 2011.2012 was a busy year for me!This time around I'm joining them again and bringing you my desserts from my baking blog!:) I'll be bringing cheesecake brownies,almond brownies,choc chip cookies,sticky buns & if I have the time(I do everything on my own but the boyf offered to bake my choc chip cookies using my dough!:) ),coconut mango tart!:See you guys there!
Taken from Shea's blog..thank babe!:)

New cards designed by my boyfriend :)

Photos on the right baked by me,on
the left new ones that I'm gonna bake for Sunday!


Good bargains

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I love a good bargain.I always believe that you don't need to spend a lot of money in order to look good.Recently I went to Estee Lauder's staff sale at Renaissance with my mum and my friend Aimi.Thanks to my boyfriend's little sister who got a bunch of the passes but she couldn't attend due to work.

That's my mum in the white shirt and
 below is the stuff that Aimi and I got!:)
Though there were a lot of brands there from DKNY,Bobbi Brown,Estee Lauder,MAC,Origins,Coach(fragrance) and Clinique though it wasn't the current collection for some of them.The products sold out fast eventhough it started from 8am.I heard that people queued up from 4.30 am already!

Although I arrived there at 8.15 am like that,the place was packed!But I like the way they managed the queue,allowing a few people in at a time to avoid the grand ballroom for being too crowded.

I managed to get what I wanted--a good eyecream.The prices was very low.Around 60% from the original price.Below are the pictures of what I got.Basically I bought Clinique's eye cream,Estee Lauder's BB cream,MAC bronzer and lip tint balm.All of them would have cost me rm749 for the original price.But I got all of them for only rm222!Crazy right??I hope that I'll be able to go to the next one :)

My stuffs :)


Frozen fruits

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I've been trying my best trying to eat healthier and exercise more.Razin's eldest sister Nana told me about the Myfitnesspal app which helps me manage my calories better.So far I've lost 2kg in 2 weeks!I still find it hard to eliminate certain foods that I've grown accustomed too.So slowly but surely I hope to able to shed more weight.

Frozen seedless grapes
One of the tips that the boyfriend gave me was to freeze my fruits and then blend them so that they'll become like slurpee/slushy or eat them just like that as a snack.I've been freezing seedless grapes,pineapples and watermelons.

Breakfast of blended frozen watermelon
I've blended frozen pineapples and watermelons before for my breakfast or to replace my craving for ice cream at night.Frozen seedless grapes are just too good that I eat them as snack everyday.Try them!:)


Ready For Love and love,to me :)

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I saw tweets regarding Ready For Love from Bill and Giuliana Rancic both whom I follow on twitter.Decided to download the first episode(the 2nd episode came out today in USA) and take a look on what it's all about.

Basically it's a dating show that's being produce by Eva Longoria along with other people and the host of the show is none other than Bill and Giuliana Rancic(one of my favorite couples and how cute was Bill to Giuliana at the start of the show...awwww).

The show is about 3 of the world's best matchmakers trying to find love for 3 bachelors.*Interestingly,the girls on the show signed up based on the guy they were attracted to,as the guys have been revealed beforehand.*

The first episode was about one of the bachelor,Tim Lopez,who's from Plain White T's.His story was sad to me because of the fact that he married his highschool sweetheart but it didn't work out and she left him due to the fact that he was busy touring for 300+ days in a year.

We have 12 girls at first(the matchmakers chose 4 each for Tim) which Tim narrowed down to only 9 and at the end of the first episode,there's 8 left.I won't reveal who went out but I guess you could search on the net to find out.

When I watched the first episode I was really moved by Tim because I felt like he's a very genuine guy who's a bit introverted and even his parents admitted on camera how heartbroken he was from his previous marriage and etc.I really hope that he'll find someone new from this show.

Truth be told,I felt a bit sad from watching the show because I see all this beautiful girls and good looking guys who can't seem to find someone to love them/haven't found "the one" yet.It made me realize how love doesn't come easy and when you find it you should always appreciate it.It's something that I live by anyway, but watching the show reaffirms it even more.

I was a bit skeptical at first about the show because it's nerve wrecking enough being on a first date with a guy but then having the whole world watching you on tv??On the other hand,these people are putting their hearts on the line and some even quit their job to be on the show because they want to find true love.So who's to say they're not genuine?

I was surprised by the matchmakers and how in other parts of the world,people actually utilize their services.I rarely see it here in Malaysia though.The show is quite interesting,especially the tips the matchmakers give to the girls.The matchmakers actually choose which one of the girls get to have a one on one date with Tim and also those in the bottom three.

From the first episode you can also conclude that it's not all about looks(ehemm The Bachelor!) and Tim is definitely not superficial(which he said at the start of the episode)because (SPOILER) he send home a girl whom he have known for 6 years(watch the show to find out what's it's all about) who's probably one of the prettiest girls there.Physical attraction is only a part of it.

I can't wait for episodes to come as I want to see how the guys and the girls progress with each other.For Tim,I think maybe Hailey,Christina and Sara will go far..but we never know when it comes to matters of the heart!

As I said just now about love,you should always appreciate who you're with.I can relate to Tim who said that he can count using his fingers whom he has been with.I'm turning 26 this year and I've only been in relationship with two guys.

The one that I'm currently with is the second relationship that I've been in and I hope to God that he's the last for me because truly speaking,he's been amazing to me. We've been together for more than 2 years now(it's the longest for me,previously it didn't even last for 6 months) and I couldn't be happier or feel more loved.

It made me realize how something like this,doesn't come by easily and for that we should always cherish and appreciate each other.To have somebody whom you love and who loves you back and puts you first,it's..as corny as it sounds..magic( a word that he has used to describe our relationship as well!).

But doesn't mean that you're single now,you won't find love!It will come to you one day.It took me years to be this happy in a relationship and one which I thought will never happen to me haha.Of course,there's ups and downs in a relationship..no point in faking it that it's sunshine and rainbows all the time.

As the years go by Razin and I have been able to handle our 'disagreements'(I don't like using the word fight..so negative!haha) better.The shortest we've been mad at each other was probably 10 minutes and nowadays the longest is around 3-4 hours.

The older you become(he's 28 and I'm 26),the less energy you have to fight with each other hahaha.I also believe that one shouldn't find it hard to say sorry to each other.Being honest with each other is important as well.We tell each other everything.He's not just my boyfriend but he's my bestfriend too.

Before I rambled on about Razin,I better stop here haha


Reality tv junkie:Vanderpump Rules,Survivor:Caramoan,The Rachel Zoe Project&Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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This blogpost has been in draft mode for so long!Super sorry for lack of updates at times :(

Everybody has flaws.One of mine is that I love to watch reality tv shows.My boyfriend doesn't encourage it because he finds them so shallow and fake.I love it for the crazy dramas and can't believe that these people are real!haha Some reality shows aren't full of fake people of course--there's Masterchef,Top Chef,Iron Chef,Hell's Kitchen and Survivor--yes,I watch all of them!

One my recent faves(not so recent I guess because I've watched the finale & it ended weeks ago) which is a spin off from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,is Vanderpump Rules.It's about the waiters and waitresses working at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR restaurant.

They're basically a bunch of young Hollywoods who are trying to make it into the scene--some models,have a band or aspire to become a singer.But the core of the series is the crazy relationship drama.I can't imagine how a guy can still be close with another guy who's currently in a relationship with his ex.

I'll just cut it short by saying that for a first season,Vanderpump Rules packs a punch in the drama section.I just can't believe that these people have so much drama in their lives.No wonder they're on tv!haha

The whole first season in a summary was about Stassi and Jax's tumultuous relationship.90% of it was about them.The finale was interesting because Stassi's so called best friends found out the truth about Jax.Man that was quite a good finale.It shows the stupidity of her friends.As they say,people will believe what they want to believe.

After Vanderpump Rules,it brings me to its predecessor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.The third season just ended and it was another drama packed season..though I've to say I love these ladies more than New Jersey or New York because they're less catty/combative.This season we see the 'war' between Brandi and Adrienne because of a comment Brandi made regarding Adrienne's "secret".

But seriously,you're on reality tv for gods sake..of course a lot of things will come out sooner or later.I have to say I was on Brandi's side this season.I love her,Yolanda and Lisa.And how amazing was Yolanda's fridge?It looks amazing and she designed it herself!(Picture below)

I can't wait for next season especially since Adrienne and Camille(she was a bitch,then she was nice and then she was a bitch..again!) won't be joining the cast.

I've been watching Survivor since I was in high school.Which was like 10 years ago.And I still love the show though I gotta admit that I've missed a few seasons but slowly getting back to it.This time around it was fans vs favorites.I wanted to blog about the meltdown from one of the contestants--he's one of the favorites and it was just insane.I've never seen anything like that in the history of Survivor.

He basically went bonkers.I can't wait for more episodes to come.I love the 'Food Auction' challenge which I hope they'll bring in this season as last season they did it.

Rachel Zoe might be so skinny but I love her.I think she's fun and a little fashion insane.haha But she has to be because she's a very well known fashion stylist and a lot of the stars that's on the best dressed list was dressed by her-- Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are some the few.

The 5th season of this show is a comeback after her 2 year hiatus on reality tv because she was busy taking care of her newborn--Skyler and also managing her expanding empire--she has her own clothing line now,something that she didn't have years back.I love seeing the relationship between her and her husband.They've been together for 21 years and are so playful with each other.They tease and annoy each other..it's really cute.It reminds me of Razin and I hahah

My next post will be on the movie Silver Linings Playbook!Stay tuned :P


Hello April!Recent splurges/food/fitness/aquaria!

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It's April already!Time flies so fast.A post on the last few days of March.:)


I have bills to pay so every month my money goes there and most of my money goes toward food and petrol as well.BUT I allow myself to buy a few things for myself from time to time.Some of my recent splurges are as follows.
Crystal stud earrings with 14k silver from Red's Revenge.I love stud earrings and I wear them all the time but it's hard to find good quality ones that are also pretty.Luckily I stumbled upon this store at Paradigm and they were having a promotion.30% off on 3 items!

I haven't bought anything from Sephora in months!Had to go there recently because I needed to replace my Clarisonic brush.Bought the 8hr wear mattifying compact foundation and Stila's stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner as well.I love the eyeliner BUT the compact foundation wasn't as mattifying as I thought it would be.I have oily skin and it only kept my skin matte for an hour or two haha.
Ever since I tried a sample of Wella's Enrich Self Warming Treatment from my February's Cosmobox,I just had to buy the full size of it.BUT it was not easy to find.Especially when Watson,Guardian,Sephora,and even Shins and Sasa didn't sell it.I was searching high and low for it.Finally I found it,in Shah Alam itself!And there was a promotion for 20% off on each of Wella's product!Lucky me!
Add caption
I got myself the Self Warming Mask and the Mirror Polish serum as well.

Food and such
If you follow me on instagram then you'd be able to see most of the pictures here as I update it daily compared to this blog.haha.Sorry!Penning my thoughts takes a long time than uploading a picture.haha.
Takeaway Only Mee for lunch with the boyfriend.Dry wantan noodle for me and also bbq duck rice for him.The reason why I shared this photo is because of their round takeaway packaging.It's very convenient because on the bottom is the wantan soup/rice and on top is the other foods.
Had dinner at Fullhouse with the boyfriend last Saturday night.Haven't eaten there in a long time.I ordered the butter fish while Razin had the barramundi.We had oyster and garlic bread for appetizer.And also creme brulee for dessert!It's one of my fave dessert ever.If there's a place that sells a good creme brulee,I'll order it.Tong Pak Fu and Upstair's cafe has great creme brulee as well.
Razin was sick last week and when he was getting slightly better,I made him this for dinner.Actually we made it together.I made the stir fried veges and the sauce for the salmon while he grilled them.He makes perfectly grilled salmon all the time.
Had dinner at Popiah S.S.Ali last Sunday night with Razin and his lil brother after our swimming session.Popiah S.S.Ali has been a fave of my family,especially my mother for years for popiah.They serve the best popiah!I was also surprised to find that their laksa,karipap and mee rebus was good as well cos previously I only ate their fried popiah or the normal ones.

In Shah Alam they have a kiosk in front of Plaza Alam Sentral and a restaurant in section 7(same row as Kunzense).Their truck is always around Shah Alam's pasar malam/night market.Section 6 on Tuesday and Friday.Section 17 on Tuesday as well.Section 13 on Saturday/Sunday morning.Yes,this goes to show that I've been to all of them.:P
 I haven't had an ice cream sundae in a long time.Ordered this at New Zealand Natural--their designer sundae after going to Aquaria with the boyfriend and his family last Sunday.3 scoops of ice cream with two toppings--green tea,pecan praline and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with choc chip cookies and ferrero rocher topping.It was gooooodddd.


Pedometer GPS
My boyfriend and I have been actively walking for kilometers around 3 times a week. Last week we walked very very far!6.3km!It was a bit insane for someone who's not as fit like me.My legs felt like jelly after it.

After the longggg power walk,I asked for a foot massage from him!And he obliged of course.So much love :P

My boyfriend have been teaching me how to swim for quite some time now.But I never was able to take a picture because I was busy trying to keep afloat.haha.Last Sunday his little brother joined us again and I managed to capture the pic above using his handphone camera because my battery died.


I've never been to Aquaria and never gave much thought about it.But last week Razin's sister asks us to come and bring their little brother with us.We went in separate cars as Nana said to meet here there at 2pm.. Razin,Raidi & I arrived around 1.30pm and Nana was still in Shah Alam.haha.

So we went for lunch at KLCC first.Sadly,after we left Aquaria and arrived in Shah Alam,Razin realized that he left his A/X hoodie which is a fave of his at KLCC..:(

Qarla holding a sea cucumber
Pictures of us there.Qarla was so brave and hold the sea cucumber/starfish & etc while I was the one who screamed when I hold the sea cucumber because it was soooo slimy..ewwww haha.
Love this guy!:)
Afterwards we went back to Shah Alam for a swim at Nana's house while she & her husband brought Qarla to get her ears pierced!So cuteeeeee!
Qarla's pierced ears!