End of April 2013--in pictures!:)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

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Food porn
I've gotta admit,although I've lost another kilo,what I ate last week wasn't healthy at all!haha.Picture above was when the boyfriend and I ate Burger Bakar Abang Burn,we ordered the Supremo burger.I had the chicken one and he ordered the beef Supremo Cheese.

We ate from the Sect 7 Shah Alam outlet near Kayu Nasi Kandar.I don't know if it's the quality from the outlet but it wasn't good.It was like a greasy hungover kind of food..I prefer Yazid's burger.

Had dinner at La Bodega with my colleagues for a client's dinner.Haven't ate there in a long time.I loveee the fried goat cheese with lemon honey.The mushrooms with butter and garlic as well.
Lunch at Raju's last Friday with my colleagues as well.Definitely an indulgent as it should not be eaten once every few months.

Oldblossombox Preloved Party

Last Sunday was Oldblossombox's preloved party and I was able to join and sell my desserts.My dearest Razin was there from start to finish to help me eventhough he had somewhere else to be.He choose to stay although I told him to go,many times!haha So sweet.My friend Shakira was there giving me a helping hand as well :) Thank you babe!
My desserts
Razin and I setup my table and then we went for a quick brunch at Pappa Rich which was a first for me since I've never eaten there before and so did he.It was pretty good!
Sunday brunch!
My buys from OBB's preloved party
Of course with the array of clothes,bags and shoes available during the whole thing,I couldn't resist getting myself a few things.Bought a cute dress and also a bag.Both for only rm60!Thanks to everyone who came and made me sold out within 3 hours!Sorry to those who came when I already left(I left by 3pm) as what was commented on my instagram..:(
Happy faces

Yesterday I took leave so that I could bring my mum to the salon..as the appointment was made weeks back and it's hard to come by.She did her rebonding treatment while I colored my hair...red..with a little brown in it.I had a hard time deciding and finally was like,just go for it!
Before I went to watch Iron Man 3 with the boyfriend(which was awesome cos of Robert Downey Jr!),I managed to pick up the bags from ALDO which I reserved.It was a 2 for the price of 1 sale!Who could say no to that?Especially since I've been looking for the right black bag for quite some time.:) Hopefully I won't buy any other bag until after Raya or even after 2013!haha :P