Hello April!Recent splurges/food/fitness/aquaria!

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It's April already!Time flies so fast.A post on the last few days of March.:)


I have bills to pay so every month my money goes there and most of my money goes toward food and petrol as well.BUT I allow myself to buy a few things for myself from time to time.Some of my recent splurges are as follows.
Crystal stud earrings with 14k silver from Red's Revenge.I love stud earrings and I wear them all the time but it's hard to find good quality ones that are also pretty.Luckily I stumbled upon this store at Paradigm and they were having a promotion.30% off on 3 items!

I haven't bought anything from Sephora in months!Had to go there recently because I needed to replace my Clarisonic brush.Bought the 8hr wear mattifying compact foundation and Stila's stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner as well.I love the eyeliner BUT the compact foundation wasn't as mattifying as I thought it would be.I have oily skin and it only kept my skin matte for an hour or two haha.
Ever since I tried a sample of Wella's Enrich Self Warming Treatment from my February's Cosmobox,I just had to buy the full size of it.BUT it was not easy to find.Especially when Watson,Guardian,Sephora,and even Shins and Sasa didn't sell it.I was searching high and low for it.Finally I found it,in Shah Alam itself!And there was a promotion for 20% off on each of Wella's product!Lucky me!
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I got myself the Self Warming Mask and the Mirror Polish serum as well.

Food and such
If you follow me on instagram then you'd be able to see most of the pictures here as I update it daily compared to this blog.haha.Sorry!Penning my thoughts takes a long time than uploading a picture.haha.
Takeaway Only Mee for lunch with the boyfriend.Dry wantan noodle for me and also bbq duck rice for him.The reason why I shared this photo is because of their round takeaway packaging.It's very convenient because on the bottom is the wantan soup/rice and on top is the other foods.
Had dinner at Fullhouse with the boyfriend last Saturday night.Haven't eaten there in a long time.I ordered the butter fish while Razin had the barramundi.We had oyster and garlic bread for appetizer.And also creme brulee for dessert!It's one of my fave dessert ever.If there's a place that sells a good creme brulee,I'll order it.Tong Pak Fu and Upstair's cafe has great creme brulee as well.
Razin was sick last week and when he was getting slightly better,I made him this for dinner.Actually we made it together.I made the stir fried veges and the sauce for the salmon while he grilled them.He makes perfectly grilled salmon all the time.
Had dinner at Popiah S.S.Ali last Sunday night with Razin and his lil brother after our swimming session.Popiah S.S.Ali has been a fave of my family,especially my mother for years for popiah.They serve the best popiah!I was also surprised to find that their laksa,karipap and mee rebus was good as well cos previously I only ate their fried popiah or the normal ones.

In Shah Alam they have a kiosk in front of Plaza Alam Sentral and a restaurant in section 7(same row as Kunzense).Their truck is always around Shah Alam's pasar malam/night market.Section 6 on Tuesday and Friday.Section 17 on Tuesday as well.Section 13 on Saturday/Sunday morning.Yes,this goes to show that I've been to all of them.:P
 I haven't had an ice cream sundae in a long time.Ordered this at New Zealand Natural--their designer sundae after going to Aquaria with the boyfriend and his family last Sunday.3 scoops of ice cream with two toppings--green tea,pecan praline and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with choc chip cookies and ferrero rocher topping.It was gooooodddd.


Pedometer GPS
My boyfriend and I have been actively walking for kilometers around 3 times a week. Last week we walked very very far!6.3km!It was a bit insane for someone who's not as fit like me.My legs felt like jelly after it.

After the longggg power walk,I asked for a foot massage from him!And he obliged of course.So much love :P

My boyfriend have been teaching me how to swim for quite some time now.But I never was able to take a picture because I was busy trying to keep afloat.haha.Last Sunday his little brother joined us again and I managed to capture the pic above using his handphone camera because my battery died.


I've never been to Aquaria and never gave much thought about it.But last week Razin's sister asks us to come and bring their little brother with us.We went in separate cars as Nana said to meet here there at 2pm.. Razin,Raidi & I arrived around 1.30pm and Nana was still in Shah Alam.haha.

So we went for lunch at KLCC first.Sadly,after we left Aquaria and arrived in Shah Alam,Razin realized that he left his A/X hoodie which is a fave of his at KLCC..:(

Qarla holding a sea cucumber
Pictures of us there.Qarla was so brave and hold the sea cucumber/starfish & etc while I was the one who screamed when I hold the sea cucumber because it was soooo slimy..ewwww haha.
Love this guy!:)
Afterwards we went back to Shah Alam for a swim at Nana's house while she & her husband brought Qarla to get her ears pierced!So cuteeeeee!
Qarla's pierced ears!