Ready For Love and love,to me :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I saw tweets regarding Ready For Love from Bill and Giuliana Rancic both whom I follow on twitter.Decided to download the first episode(the 2nd episode came out today in USA) and take a look on what it's all about.

Basically it's a dating show that's being produce by Eva Longoria along with other people and the host of the show is none other than Bill and Giuliana Rancic(one of my favorite couples and how cute was Bill to Giuliana at the start of the show...awwww).

The show is about 3 of the world's best matchmakers trying to find love for 3 bachelors.*Interestingly,the girls on the show signed up based on the guy they were attracted to,as the guys have been revealed beforehand.*

The first episode was about one of the bachelor,Tim Lopez,who's from Plain White T's.His story was sad to me because of the fact that he married his highschool sweetheart but it didn't work out and she left him due to the fact that he was busy touring for 300+ days in a year.

We have 12 girls at first(the matchmakers chose 4 each for Tim) which Tim narrowed down to only 9 and at the end of the first episode,there's 8 left.I won't reveal who went out but I guess you could search on the net to find out.

When I watched the first episode I was really moved by Tim because I felt like he's a very genuine guy who's a bit introverted and even his parents admitted on camera how heartbroken he was from his previous marriage and etc.I really hope that he'll find someone new from this show.

Truth be told,I felt a bit sad from watching the show because I see all this beautiful girls and good looking guys who can't seem to find someone to love them/haven't found "the one" yet.It made me realize how love doesn't come easy and when you find it you should always appreciate it.It's something that I live by anyway, but watching the show reaffirms it even more.

I was a bit skeptical at first about the show because it's nerve wrecking enough being on a first date with a guy but then having the whole world watching you on tv??On the other hand,these people are putting their hearts on the line and some even quit their job to be on the show because they want to find true love.So who's to say they're not genuine?

I was surprised by the matchmakers and how in other parts of the world,people actually utilize their services.I rarely see it here in Malaysia though.The show is quite interesting,especially the tips the matchmakers give to the girls.The matchmakers actually choose which one of the girls get to have a one on one date with Tim and also those in the bottom three.

From the first episode you can also conclude that it's not all about looks(ehemm The Bachelor!) and Tim is definitely not superficial(which he said at the start of the episode)because (SPOILER) he send home a girl whom he have known for 6 years(watch the show to find out what's it's all about) who's probably one of the prettiest girls there.Physical attraction is only a part of it.

I can't wait for episodes to come as I want to see how the guys and the girls progress with each other.For Tim,I think maybe Hailey,Christina and Sara will go far..but we never know when it comes to matters of the heart!

As I said just now about love,you should always appreciate who you're with.I can relate to Tim who said that he can count using his fingers whom he has been with.I'm turning 26 this year and I've only been in relationship with two guys.

The one that I'm currently with is the second relationship that I've been in and I hope to God that he's the last for me because truly speaking,he's been amazing to me. We've been together for more than 2 years now(it's the longest for me,previously it didn't even last for 6 months) and I couldn't be happier or feel more loved.

It made me realize how something like this,doesn't come by easily and for that we should always cherish and appreciate each other.To have somebody whom you love and who loves you back and puts you first,it' corny as it sounds..magic( a word that he has used to describe our relationship as well!).

But doesn't mean that you're single now,you won't find love!It will come to you one day.It took me years to be this happy in a relationship and one which I thought will never happen to me haha.Of course,there's ups and downs in a point in faking it that it's sunshine and rainbows all the time.

As the years go by Razin and I have been able to handle our 'disagreements'(I don't like using the word negative!haha) better.The shortest we've been mad at each other was probably 10 minutes and nowadays the longest is around 3-4 hours.

The older you become(he's 28 and I'm 26),the less energy you have to fight with each other hahaha.I also believe that one shouldn't find it hard to say sorry to each other.Being honest with each other is important as well.We tell each other everything.He's not just my boyfriend but he's my bestfriend too.

Before I rambled on about Razin,I better stop here haha