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This blogpost has been in draft mode for so long!Super sorry for lack of updates at times :(

Everybody has flaws.One of mine is that I love to watch reality tv shows.My boyfriend doesn't encourage it because he finds them so shallow and fake.I love it for the crazy dramas and can't believe that these people are real!haha Some reality shows aren't full of fake people of course--there's Masterchef,Top Chef,Iron Chef,Hell's Kitchen and Survivor--yes,I watch all of them!

One my recent faves(not so recent I guess because I've watched the finale & it ended weeks ago) which is a spin off from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,is Vanderpump Rules.It's about the waiters and waitresses working at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR restaurant.

They're basically a bunch of young Hollywoods who are trying to make it into the scene--some models,have a band or aspire to become a singer.But the core of the series is the crazy relationship drama.I can't imagine how a guy can still be close with another guy who's currently in a relationship with his ex.

I'll just cut it short by saying that for a first season,Vanderpump Rules packs a punch in the drama section.I just can't believe that these people have so much drama in their lives.No wonder they're on tv!haha

The whole first season in a summary was about Stassi and Jax's tumultuous relationship.90% of it was about them.The finale was interesting because Stassi's so called best friends found out the truth about Jax.Man that was quite a good finale.It shows the stupidity of her friends.As they say,people will believe what they want to believe.

After Vanderpump Rules,it brings me to its predecessor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.The third season just ended and it was another drama packed season..though I've to say I love these ladies more than New Jersey or New York because they're less catty/combative.This season we see the 'war' between Brandi and Adrienne because of a comment Brandi made regarding Adrienne's "secret".

But seriously,you're on reality tv for gods sake..of course a lot of things will come out sooner or later.I have to say I was on Brandi's side this season.I love her,Yolanda and Lisa.And how amazing was Yolanda's fridge?It looks amazing and she designed it herself!(Picture below)

I can't wait for next season especially since Adrienne and Camille(she was a bitch,then she was nice and then she was a bitch..again!) won't be joining the cast.

I've been watching Survivor since I was in high school.Which was like 10 years ago.And I still love the show though I gotta admit that I've missed a few seasons but slowly getting back to it.This time around it was fans vs favorites.I wanted to blog about the meltdown from one of the contestants--he's one of the favorites and it was just insane.I've never seen anything like that in the history of Survivor.

He basically went bonkers.I can't wait for more episodes to come.I love the 'Food Auction' challenge which I hope they'll bring in this season as last season they did it.

Rachel Zoe might be so skinny but I love her.I think she's fun and a little fashion insane.haha But she has to be because she's a very well known fashion stylist and a lot of the stars that's on the best dressed list was dressed by her-- Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are some the few.

The 5th season of this show is a comeback after her 2 year hiatus on reality tv because she was busy taking care of her newborn--Skyler and also managing her expanding empire--she has her own clothing line now,something that she didn't have years back.I love seeing the relationship between her and her husband.They've been together for 21 years and are so playful with each other.They tease and annoy each's really cute.It reminds me of Razin and I hahah

My next post will be on the movie Silver Linings Playbook!Stay tuned :P