A short reunion at a wedding

Friday, May 31, 2013 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Back in my UiTM days as a TESLian(TESL student),I've a group of friends that I lived together with for a few years(before I got my own car& then my dad asked me to live with my late grandma).We became good friends over the years,through ups and downs.I've taken the mini bus with them,Rapid KL,KTM,had sahur and berbuka with them during puasa month,went to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands with them and many more great experiences.
Us with the bride and groom
Razin and I with the bride and groom

Anyway,last Saturday I went to Ampang for the wedding of one of us.Farhana and her husband Zarul.I went with my boyfriend Razin and my friend Yaya.She looked so radiant and happy.I was so happy for her for finally getting her happily ever after.The food at the wedding was really good(there was daging dendeng/tumbuk which is my faveeee..Razin's mum is a pro in making it)and there even was a tau fu fa stall.Luckily we didn't get lost going to the place!
Razin and I with little Nuha
With my Tesl senior,Mas!


It was great catching up because I haven't seen them in 2 years I think.The reason being is that most of them don't live in Shah Alam.Everybody lives in different states.Two of them are now married with kids.Now it's three of them.Thankfully I've been to all of their weddings.I've gotta admit I'm not great in keeping in touch haha..They know of this since UiTM days.

I rarely chat/text or call.I prefer real life interaction.But I've been busy with work for the past few years(my previous job was so time consuming that I missed out on a lot of things) and so were they.So I was really glad that when Yaya came with me and Razin,throughout the ride to and fro Ampang,we talked like nothing has changed.It was great hearing how good they're doing with their life.

Meeting Napisah's and Hani's kids was great too..Aqlan is still tiny and Nuha has turned 1 years old.She was just too cute!!She was okay with me holding her and everything..just like Razin's niece Qarla.

I know they'll be busy with raising their kids,balancing work + pursuing their masters..but hopefully we'll get to meet again sometime this year.:)


Hanna said...

Awwww.. Where's my name? Where's my name. Haha. I love loads liyana.

Liyana.H said...

Hahaha Hanna!!!I love you loads too!xoxo