How amazing was Star Trek Into Darkness?

Thursday, May 16, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I watched Star Trek Into Darkness almost a week ago,on Saturday to be precise because I was working on Friday(the day it came out).

It was amazing!My boyfriend clapped his hands at the end of it.hahah.I have to say that it was better than Iron Man 3.I'm not being bias because I'm a fan of Iron Man and I watched all 3 of the movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness had really good if not great actors and all of them wasn't forgotten in the movie.Every character had their time on the screen and left an impact.

Actors like Chris Pine,Zachary Quinto,Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg were awesome in their respective roles.The friendship between Kirk and Spock was moving.Those guys can cry!hahaha

The torpedos!
Khan/Benedict Cumberbatch was just really good(just like he was in BBC's Sherlock) as a villain..very smooth,cunning and still handsome as ever(though I prefer Tom Hiddleston/Loki more).:P

There was many heart stopping moments throughout the movie.I grabbed the boyfriend's hands so many times during the scenes.hahaha.

Spock and Captain Kirk with Khan.
I just freaking love the movie!People,go and watch it before it's not showing at the cinema anymore!But the next Star Trek movie will be out in yearsss to come because J.J.Abrams is now working on the latest Star Wars movie.So we'll have to wait!

Oh I give this movie 5/5..:P