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Friday, May 17, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

If you follow me on my instagram account (@liyanahanim) you would have known that I've been buying breads/pastries from Komugi at Sunway Pyramid for lunch for three days now during weekdays.:P

Rustic looking breads
I stumbled upon it while I was at Sunway Pyramid 3 days ago,looking for what to have for lunch.I was immediately taken in by the pretty display of desserts and clean exterior.The rustic looking breads looked scrumptious and the cakes/tarts/macarons/puddings looked so perfect!

Pretty cakes,tarts,puddings and macarons
I started my first experience with Komugi by buying their tiny half-baked cheesecake(rm3.50) and their Mango pudding(I think it was rm5.50).The tiny cheesecake was satisfying and melts in my mouth.The pudding was milky and clearly made out of milk and no artificial ingredients involved.
Half baked cheesecake and chocolate cheese

The next day I bought the tiny chocolate cheesecake,sugar bun and garlic loaf.The garlic loaf was heavenly.Crunchy on the outside but soft and garlic buttery on the inside.And on Friday,I bought croissant,mini choc croissant and krone.I loveeee the croissant.It was one of the most delicious,flaky and buttery croissant that I've had in a long time!
Sugar bun

I can't wait to taste their other cakes and also their fruit tarts which have fresh blackberries/raspberries and many more on them.Komugi's have outlets in Pavilion(cafe),Mid Valley and also Paradigm(cafe).This blog entry was written because I genuinely love their baked goods and feel that people should know about their awesomeness!If you guys go there soon do try their amazing croissant and half baked cheesecake!I want to try the food at their cafe as well!

Mango Pudding

The perfect croissant,krone and mini choc croissant.