Movie reviews:Iron Man 3,Oblivion and Silver Linings Playbook.

Friday, May 10, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Iron Man 3

Did you guys remember Robert Downey Jr in Ally McBeal?I watched that show when I was little and I loved it although Ally is a little disturbed with the talking baby and all.hahaha.Anyway,to someone like me who's been watching Iron Man 1 & 2,Iron Man 3 didn't disappoint and I'm even hoping that there'll be an Iron Man 4.

But,I heard that Iron Man 3 is the last movie and we'll have to wait for The Avengers 2 to see more of Robert Downey Jr.How was the movie?Lots of action,Tony Stark's quick wit,sweet moments between him & Pepper which made me go awwwww haha.Basically the movie was about how something that we've done in the past will eventually affect us in the future.I loved that Pepper also kicked ass at almost the end of the movie.

I didn't read the comic book but what I was told from the boyfriend was that in it,Mandarin,the suppose villain in the movie,actually is the real villain.

There's also a funny part of the movie when Tony Stark had to teamed up with a little boy named Harley.As usual,wait until right at the end of the credits for a bonus scene!I give the movie 4/5.


Watching this movie was an impromptu thing after the boyfriend and I had our lunch at Setia City Mall on Monday(public holiday for Selangor!).Below is his joke to me and sorry for those who doesn't understand Bahasa Malaysia.
My guy,the comedian 
I was skeptical about the movie at first but it was a pleasant surprise because I actually enjoyed it.The idea in the movie was a bit of a mind f*#k.Basically we have this guy Jack Harper who lives with Vic,and they're a team in a post-apocalyptic world after the destruction of the moon.
He's responsible for repairing drones and while he does so,Vic monitors him from their tower/home.Both of their memories from the 5 years prior has been wiped out.But Jack always has this recurring dream of him and a woman.He met the woman,Julia,while he was out repairing drones.
It's a little too long to explain here but it's an entertaining movie nonetheless.Tom Cruise is great in it of course.Basically there's a twist which I didn't see coming hence why I said about the mind fu#% part.
I give this movie 3/5.

Silver Linings Playbook

Firstly,I love Jennifer Lawrence ever since I saw her on X-Men.She won an Oscar after being in this industry for only 6 years.That's not a long time in the industry that she's in.Also the fact that she was nominated in the same category 2 years ago.Crazy amount of talent and the fact that she's super hot!:P

I have the book on my ipad but haven't finish reading it yet.The movie to me was very enjoyable.My boyfriend who has an exceptional taste in a lot of things loved it as well.It's basically about two people who are not really mentally/emotionally unstable who somehow finds each other.

I love Tiffany which is Jennifer Lawrence's character.She was brilliant!Especially the meltdown scene in the diner.hahaha

I might be bias because I'm a big fan of hers but I'd give this movie 5/5.A must watch!