Happy 26th birthday to meeeee!

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In all seriousness,before I met Razin,my birthday wasn't really a big deal.My family doesn't make a big deal out of it either.I'll get cash and cake.But since I started working(3 years now) and paying for everything on my own,my parents of course doesn't give me cash anymore plus I can bake my own cake hahaha

But my boyfriend Razin will make my birthday special for me and he has been doing so for 3 years now.3 birthdays in total including last Tuesday.He always have something up his sleeves and will surprise me with a few things.

This year was a bit different because he was so busy with his final project that I thought he had forgotten to buy anything for me.But of course he surprised me on my birthday with quite a few things.Truthfully I felt guilty knowing how much he had spend on me.

The scrumptious Japanese cakes
Anyway,I took the day off from work on Tuesday and below are the pictures of what transpired on my birthday.Throughout our lunch,movie date and special dinner(he took me to a french restaurant),he surprised me with a few things:a homemade elaborate birthday card,three presents,8 different flavored Hokkaido cakes(from Tokyo Pastry,which I've never been.He did his research between a few Japanese bakeries--my current fave & choose this one..can't wait to go there one day!) and a bouquet of flowers.

Among the 3 presents that I got,the first gift was something that I had wanted since last year but never got around to buy it or find it for that matter.The second gift was something that he gave "just because" he said.The third one,he hid it in one of my bags and I found it when I was unpacking my stuffs,hahaha.

It was something that I had wanted in a longggg time as well.All of them were baking equipment and I know for a fact that they're not cheap!

He designed this flip dolls in my birthday card!
The birthday card was very unique!In front was what he felt about me which I've decided not to share here.Inside was a few pages of anatomically correct flip dolls--small waist & big hips= me,which Razin designed..yes,my man designed the clothes,shoes & etc haha So cute!
Amazing dinner
He brought me to Top Shelf for my birthday dinner and everything was excellent.It's approximately rm80-100 per head.We had the salmon ravioli,crispy duck pancake,rib eye and creme brulee.Delicious!

Fresh flowers!

Can't wait to use all of these soon!:)
To Razin Yuzer,thank you for making me feel extra special on my birthday for 3 years now.I love you with more than words can say :)


June updates

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A few weeks ago my skin was breaking out a lot and it scared me.Because I only get pimples(an even then only one or two) a week before my period.But this time around there's quite a number of them on my face and I was getting worried.Book a facial session pronto to fix it.Was so so happy with the results.

I had the royal platinum facial and the result can be seen instantly after my session ended.A few days after that,my pimple scabs just came off leaving no scars at all!Will definitely go there again one day.For now my skin is under control and I've found out what triggered the pimples.phewwww

It wouldn't be a complete blog entry without picture of foods!haha 

Have you eaten the fruit pictured above?It looks like an animal because of the scaly skin.It's called salak fruit/buah salak.The fruit is crunchy inside and taste bittersweet/kelat(malay).My late grandma on my mother's side introduce me to this fruit and I love it though not to eat all the time.

Nasi lemak!


My boyfriend's mother is a great cook.She loves cooking and making her own dishes.Above are some of her dishes that I love.Nasi lemak and lontong.Nasi lemak is like a Malaysian staple breakfast/lunch/dinner food.The combination of rice cooked in coconut milk,spicy sweet sambal,fried anchovies&peanuts,hard boiled egg and slices of cucumber is hard to beat!

I'm a purist in the sense that I want my nasi lemak with all of those condiments that I mentioned..it cannot be just anchovies without the peanuts etc.I don't like eating my nasi lemak with fried chicken/rendang either.I prefer it as is.

Razin's mum makes a mean lontong.She adds a lot of veges in it like shiitake mushrooms,banana flowers,carrots and many more.I love tempe in it too.

Mini chocolates
Razin's brother came back from Australia and brought a lot of chocolates.No,I didn't eat all of the above but I arrange them cos they looked so cute.hahaha My fave are cherry ripe,moro and crunchie!
Pancakes and 'hot' wings
I've been to Plaza Masalam/Shah Alam Mall ever since I was 12 years old,when they first opened in Shah Alam.A few months back there were a few new eateries opened up there.We went for dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes and Nobers hot wings.

Ordered the pancakes with grilled bananas and bacon.Also the hot wings--the boyfriend ordered a mix of the spicy and also sweet&sour ones.Everything was good though I wish there were more maple syrup with my pancakes and I actually had to request for it since it came with bbq sauce.The buffalo wings was crunchy and good BUT the spicy ones wasn't hot and was more on the sweet side.
Raidi's 16th birthday at Laman Seri Grill
Celebrated the boyfriend's little brother's 16th birthday dinner at Laman Grill Steak& Bar-B-Que.The company was great but the food wasn't.Razin's family was disappointed as well.I shared this chicken chop platter thing(2nd from top on the right).

There were 3 types of chicken being cooked and it was good.BUT the dessert which was pandan creme brulee that I ordered,was a disappointment as it tasted more like pudding/agar2 than creme brulee.Razin's father ordered a simple dessert--banana split and we asked for it TWICE and they still forgot to bring it.Finally after waiting for too long,his dad forgo the ice cream cos it still didn't show up.

I won't be coming there again.Ironically the owner of the place and he was even there that night,is a judge on Malaysia's Masterchef(a tv show I abhor&nowhere near the standard of Masterchef US)

Me and my love that night :)
After dinner ended,all of us came back to the boyfriend's family house,Raidi opened up his presents and then we played Taboo which was super fun!
Girly day out with Aimi
I haven't my girl Aimi Azizan for nearly 1 month and 1/2 because she started working with a new company for almost 2 months now.So glad that she's getting a better job with a better pay now.We had spa session--body scrub/mask/wrap but no hot stone massage cos I was having my period & they didn't allow it.So we reschedule just for the massage next time.Managed to shop at a few of the boutiques around the strip.

There was so many crazy discounts!Aimi and I bought blazers at this one boutique and she gave us further discount for it.Awesome!Went to Cat's Whiskers and got a dress & a top for 60% off!I bought 2 pretty belts as well.I hope I won't spend too much the next time we go there which will be in 3 weeks time.

Simple but delicious cake
Father's day was last Sunday and I bake this simple orange cake with chocolate orange ganache on top.It was yummy!haha Also ayah asked for huge chocolate chip cookies so I baked those too.
My favorite fruit is in season now!Mangosteens!I love eating it and can eat lots of it.

My little pony
Got this from McD's happy meal and I put them on my bags but only during the weekend as it's not a  professional look for work!haha
Maisara and I
On Sunday evening went to watch Man Of Steel with the boyfriend,his brothers,his dad and also Maisara(above),Raushan's(boyf's bro)girlfriend.We took a quick snap here which is why my facial expression looked a little funny..oh well..haha I love how my hair looked though!:p
A cool story!
The movie was good to me but it wasn't great but then what do you expect from a Superman movie?The dude is not dark..he never kills anyone ever(told by my boyfriend who knows everything about comics&everything else haha) so a scene in the movie was very crucial actually because it broke tradition.

I was a little apprehensive over the fact that Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane but I think she did a good job.Of course Henry Cavill was so swoon-worthy!The picture above is part of an article in Instyle's June issue which I snapped for you guys.I think it's a cool story because now Henry has worked with Russell!

I will update my next post on some tv shows that I've been watching recently.Have a good night!


Cutie pie

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I'm the only girl in the family so I've never seen a baby girl growing up in front of me before.Thus why I'm pretty obsessed with the boyfriend's niece,Qarla Adelia.I was there at the hospital the day she was born and managed to see her growing up in front of my eyes.It's pretty amazing!To see how once she was a tiny baby and now she can talk quite a bit!

Ignore my ruined eye makeup & focus on the lil girl
I always see her during the weekdays because Razin's mum takes care of her 3 days in a week.She's such a 'manja' baby and super cuteeeeee.And smart!I love taking pictures of her various antics.
Trying to wear shoes like an adult!

Giving her uncle a makeover ahaha

Qarla's "I'm taking over the world" look 

Made all of her uncles watch Teletubbies with her
Practice writing..fuyooo
Today is Monday meaning that I get to see Qarla after work.I wonder what kind of mum I'll be when I have my own baby.Probably a strict one and Razin will be the cool parent hahaha


Finale:Game of Thrones(season 3) and Da Vinci's Demons(season 1)

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Game of Thrones and Da Vinci's Demons have something in common..their respective seasons are short.10 episodes for Game of Thrones and 8 episodes for Da Vinci's Demons debut season.

I love watching both series and I do so by downloading them from eztv.it,rather than watch it on tv(plus I don't have Astro at home..even so,if it's shown on national tv,there'll be too many cut scenes from each episodes).


If you've been following Game of Thrones from season 1 like I did,I'm sure almost most of you was devastated with episode 9:The Rains of Castamere,where the Red Wedding happened.

For those who haven't watched the episode I suggest your refrain from googling it because there's many Youtube videos about it from various fans emotional reactions.Even celebrities from Seth Meyers to Zach Braff and many more tweeted about the episode.

But I just want to touch about the final episode of the third season--Mhysa(mother).

Because they like to keep us hanging and at the edge of our seats,of course the finale was a bit like..BUT I WANT MOREEEEEEE!hahaha

The Starks heirs and heiresses are still alive..well,some of them(SPOILER!haha).There's a lot of girl power going on in this third season,especially my fave character on GOT--Daenerys Targaryen who now has a huge army,her three ever growing dragons and a possible new love interest in Daario Naharis.

Yeayy for Daenerys and Daario!!The look that he gave her when she came out of the bath tub was HOT!muahaha

Arya Stark is still alive and kicking and has a lot of spunk!Pity her sister's Sansa fate but atleast she's still alive and have some people protecting her.

I have this wish that Joffrey Baratheon would somehow be killed in the fourth season but that's wishful thinking on my part.He is just such a monster!Surprisingly,Jaime Lannister showed a likeable quality in this season.

Jon Snow is back and we'll probably see more of him in season 4.I can't wait for Daenerys to basically eliminate the Lannisters though Tyrion is a good lad so he should be spared.


From the title of the series,I'm sure you guys can guess that it is base on Leonardo Da Vinci's life.

I did a little research about Leonardo Da Vinci and found that the series does include some true things about his life.The whole being prison for sodomy was real although on the show it was only for a short period of time,in truth it was 2-3 years.

The cast!
There's a total of 8 episodes for the whole season.I haven't seen the guy playing Leonardo in any other series/movies before.But Lorenzo's wife is recognizable because she was Irene Adler in Sherlock's tv series(below). The actress who plays Lucrezia Donati has a bit of a resemblance with Angelina Jolie(she's in the picture above,second from right).

I have to say that I actually love the series and my boyfriend raved about it too.Leonardo or artista as he is called in the series is brilliant with a hint of madness--a genius!He was able to see things in a way that others can't.Like observing how birds fly and the inside of a pomegranates to create amazing inventions.

There's a lot of blood being spewed throughout the whole season so it's not for people who are squirmish haha.Basically the whole season was about Leonardo trying to find the Book of Leaves and also the politics between Florence and Milan.At the start of the season it made me feel like I was watching another version of Sherlock when Da Vinci had to solve a few puzzles.

The finale of the season was a cliff hanger!Thus we'll know in season 2 what was the fate between Leonardo Da Vinci and Lorenzo Medici.Interesting that the season started with a murder in the church and ended with a similar one as well.


June dates!

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I see my boyfriend practically everyday.He lives with his family but since I'm quite close to them,I'm always there after work either hanging out with him or babysitting his adorable niece,Qarla,who's there on weekdays.

But sometimes we need a proper date out.Having dinner outside and going out once in awhile.Recently we went out a few times.Went to PJ's Digital Mall because we were looking for new speakers for his pc since his previous one,Altec Lansing's Octane 7, which I gifted to him early last year,went kaput due to lightning strike at his house.It ruined the graphic card of his pc too.

There's an interesting story on how I got him the speakers.I went to Low Yatt with my friend Aimi and I parked my car at Pavilion.So we walked to Low Yatt..I didn't know how big the speakers was gonna be.I bought it as a surprise for Razin and thus had to carry the huge box from Low Yatt to Pavilion while I was wearing a dress,walking with my friend hahaha I got a few weird looks that day.
Only at Jaya One!
Anyway back to present day,we went to Digital Mall twice that night(went back there after dinner)because Razin couldn't decide between what new speakers he should get for himself.We had dinner(it was breaking my fast for me because I was fasting for my puasa ganti)at Jaya One's Sushi King,which had a buy one free one promo every Tuesday and Friday.None other Sushi King outlets have this kind of promo going on.
New pretty menus!
We haven't been to Sushi King in only a few weeks I think..and when we came that night,was surprised to see new menus.I like how Sushi King is constantly trying to reinvent themselves.We ordered two of the new items from the menu.Razin ordered the ponzu chicken something..I think hahah(pictured below,the one which the raw egg..you have to cook it on the plate.).I ordered the new seaweed salad because I love seaweed!It was all tasty.
Yummy food!
Fresh salmon
I also tried raw salmon belly for the first time.It was so good.Soft and buttery.The sushi is on the right in the picture above. 

The aftermath!
It was my first meal of the day because I was fasting the whole day.Look at our dishes above.hahaha.Razin is my fave makan partner ever!:P Picture of him below happily installing his new speakers.

My happy man with his new speakers!

The next day was a whole day out for us.We watched two movies back to back..with a little gap for a quick dinner.Watched Now You See Me and also The Great Gatsby.Picture below of us making funny faces while we were on our way to OU.
My silly guy!
We normally don't watch movie at TGV as Razin always prefer GSC cinemas..but since we were buying the tickets like 4 days before and only TGV ones were available online,had to end up with it.We never buy the normal seats.It always has to be couple seats.We like to be close and also the seats are roomier.
Movie marathon & always couple seats.
Eventhough we always watch movie at GSC(at One Utama),we will actually go to TGV to buy their popcorn Royale.Because it's the only popcorn that I like to eat while watching a movie.Razin and I have done this so many times.hahaha

Popcorn royale duo crunch!
That particular Saturday afternoon,unfortunately the popcorn Royale wasn't ready yet by them we reach the counter after queuing up for almost 15 minutes.But thankfully the guy at the concession stand was so nice that he took one of the popcorn container and went to the kitchen to get me one.So it was buttery hot from the oven.It was a new kind of popcorn as well..the duo crunch!They mixed cornflakes into it.

After we finish watching Now You See Me--which I loved by the way and had a twist that even Razin didn't expect!--we had our late lunch and early dinner at Fish and Co.Our fave spot for fish and chips.They make excellent food..trust me on this!They had a new menu and there were a lot of new items as well.

Pretty menu!

Appetizer:Crispy white bait--so yummy!

Side of coleslaw

Appetizer platter--my dish & I lovee both dips!
I actually finish the squid too!

My pineapple juice and Razin's lychee mojito

Our spread--on the left is Razin's dish--swiss cheese fish&chips!
Our bill was only rm65..that's cheap!
I haven't eaten at Fish and Co for a few months now and I was glad that the quality of food was still so good!My mouth waters when I think about the dishes again.hahaha

I enjoyed watching The Great Gatsby and so did he.Though Now You See Me was better.I would probably watch the movie again just to see the scene between Leonardo,Tobey and Carey Mulligan,when she came over for tea..so many white orchids and pretty desserts!

After the movie we walked around and had a few scoops of Hokkaido ice cream.Corn and japanese potato.Delicious!
Ice cream!

Managed to go to Candylicious as well which I haven't been in a long time.Bought the candies in the picture above!:)


Purchases in May and food!

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It's June already!And this month I'll be turning 26..yikesss!haha..Anyway,as usual,I like to blog with pictures on them so here are some bits and pieces from May.I have a few posts in draft mode so yeayyy!!

It means that I'll be blogging a little more frequently..I usually don't have the time to blog extensively or I don't know what to blog about.If you guys have any idea on what you would like me to blog about,do drop a comment in this post :)

May purchases
Among the other things that I bought in May in my previous posts,these are the remaining few.I bought a few things on Urbanoufitters as well but they're not here yet as the boyfriend's brother will bring it back from OZ.Can't wait for them!

I wear stud earrings everyday.But the moment I saw this pair of dangling earrings,I had to have them.I love the color and mint green/seafoam is my current fave color.I have quite a number of dresses in said color now :P
I love colors and prints.Got this pretty pastel candy colored cardigan(top) and a floral kimono cardigan.Whenever I buy an outfit,I'll think about how it will look like with the other stuffs that I have in my closet.For example,I paired the candy colored cardigan with a simple lilac maxi from The Poplook to work(below):

Easy breezy outfit!
Grey with a hint of neon
I saw this pair of wedges at Forever 21 and after a week of contemplating and trying it on a few times..I finally got it.I love how it was very comfortable.Hopefully I'll wear it often haha
Bought the hardcover at Borders!
If you read my previous posts under the tag BOOKS,you would have found two blogposts on Khaled Hosseini's books.The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.After 6 years of not coming out with a new book,he came out with And The Mountains Echoed.I've only read a few pages but I'll definitely write a review on it soon.
Macaron mat
I've never attempt in baking macarons ever.The boyfriend bought me this mat online via one of those voucher website when I saw it one day.I haven't used it yet but hopefully I will soon!


Fluffy mango cheesecake
As all of you know,Komugi is one of my fave bakery at the moment.I go there every week because it's near my office.One rare occasion they sold this mango cheesecake.Their cake selection varies and I managed to get the last piece!It was fluffy and so good.

Garden spritzer
Let's face it..the food at Ben's isn't good.I've seen complaints about the establishment from my boyfriend's sister and many more.But there was this one drink that I had there which was called the Garden Spritzer..a combination of peach puree,lemon juice,soda water and sprigs of thyme.

Ever since I tasted it almost 2 years ago,I like to make it from time to time.I made it for breaking my fast with his family 2 weeks ago.It was refreshing.I don't make it so often because you need a lot of peaches to make the puree and peaches ain't cheap here!haha

I love fresh cherries!
I love eating fresh fruits whenever I can.Got myself a bunch of fresh lychees and cherries which are not available at our supermarkets.Did you know that fresh cherries is a natural sleep inducer?I always eat them at night to help me sleep better and earlier.:P
Roti jala with chicken curry

Being Malaysians,we are blessed with the abundance of good food.Especially our own Malay dishes.The pic on top is of roti jala with chicken curry made by the boyfriend's mother.It was so good!I don't like curry unless it's to eat with roti jala.haha

Mama's dishes!
My mama doesn't really like to cook as much as I do but when she does cook,it is always so good.one of my fave dishes from her is a stuffed fish or called 'ikan belah belakang/ikan jaket'.My late grandmother would always make it for me when I stayed at her house and I can eat for lunch and dinner.Mama cooked it for me along with sambal petai tumis udang(I love petai/stinkbeans!) and sayur kangkung(water convovulus/water spinach).

Putu bambu

Malaysia also has the weekly night market.I love going there with the boyfriend once in awhile to get our fave foods like popiah goreng and putu bambu(pictured above).Putu bambu is a kind of dessert made from rice flour,gula melaka and coconut.