Cutie pie

Monday, June 17, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm the only girl in the family so I've never seen a baby girl growing up in front of me before.Thus why I'm pretty obsessed with the boyfriend's niece,Qarla Adelia.I was there at the hospital the day she was born and managed to see her growing up in front of my eyes.It's pretty amazing!To see how once she was a tiny baby and now she can talk quite a bit!

Ignore my ruined eye makeup & focus on the lil girl
I always see her during the weekdays because Razin's mum takes care of her 3 days in a week.She's such a 'manja' baby and super cuteeeeee.And smart!I love taking pictures of her various antics.
Trying to wear shoes like an adult!

Giving her uncle a makeover ahaha

Qarla's "I'm taking over the world" look 

Made all of her uncles watch Teletubbies with her
Practice writing..fuyooo
Today is Monday meaning that I get to see Qarla after work.I wonder what kind of mum I'll be when I have my own baby.Probably a strict one and Razin will be the cool parent hahaha