Finale:Game of Thrones(season 3) and Da Vinci's Demons(season 1)

Friday, June 14, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Game of Thrones and Da Vinci's Demons have something in common..their respective seasons are short.10 episodes for Game of Thrones and 8 episodes for Da Vinci's Demons debut season.

I love watching both series and I do so by downloading them from,rather than watch it on tv(plus I don't have Astro at home..even so,if it's shown on national tv,there'll be too many cut scenes from each episodes).


If you've been following Game of Thrones from season 1 like I did,I'm sure almost most of you was devastated with episode 9:The Rains of Castamere,where the Red Wedding happened.

For those who haven't watched the episode I suggest your refrain from googling it because there's many Youtube videos about it from various fans emotional reactions.Even celebrities from Seth Meyers to Zach Braff and many more tweeted about the episode.

But I just want to touch about the final episode of the third season--Mhysa(mother).

Because they like to keep us hanging and at the edge of our seats,of course the finale was a bit like..BUT I WANT MOREEEEEEE!hahaha

The Starks heirs and heiresses are still alive..well,some of them(SPOILER!haha).There's a lot of girl power going on in this third season,especially my fave character on GOT--Daenerys Targaryen who now has a huge army,her three ever growing dragons and a possible new love interest in Daario Naharis.

Yeayy for Daenerys and Daario!!The look that he gave her when she came out of the bath tub was HOT!muahaha

Arya Stark is still alive and kicking and has a lot of spunk!Pity her sister's Sansa fate but atleast she's still alive and have some people protecting her.

I have this wish that Joffrey Baratheon would somehow be killed in the fourth season but that's wishful thinking on my part.He is just such a monster!Surprisingly,Jaime Lannister showed a likeable quality in this season.

Jon Snow is back and we'll probably see more of him in season 4.I can't wait for Daenerys to basically eliminate the Lannisters though Tyrion is a good lad so he should be spared.


From the title of the series,I'm sure you guys can guess that it is base on Leonardo Da Vinci's life.

I did a little research about Leonardo Da Vinci and found that the series does include some true things about his life.The whole being prison for sodomy was real although on the show it was only for a short period of time,in truth it was 2-3 years.

The cast!
There's a total of 8 episodes for the whole season.I haven't seen the guy playing Leonardo in any other series/movies before.But Lorenzo's wife is recognizable because she was Irene Adler in Sherlock's tv series(below). The actress who plays Lucrezia Donati has a bit of a resemblance with Angelina Jolie(she's in the picture above,second from right).

I have to say that I actually love the series and my boyfriend raved about it too.Leonardo or artista as he is called in the series is brilliant with a hint of madness--a genius!He was able to see things in a way that others can't.Like observing how birds fly and the inside of a pomegranates to create amazing inventions.

There's a lot of blood being spewed throughout the whole season so it's not for people who are squirmish haha.Basically the whole season was about Leonardo trying to find the Book of Leaves and also the politics between Florence and Milan.At the start of the season it made me feel like I was watching another version of Sherlock when Da Vinci had to solve a few puzzles.

The finale of the season was a cliff hanger!Thus we'll know in season 2 what was the fate between Leonardo Da Vinci and Lorenzo Medici.Interesting that the season started with a murder in the church and ended with a similar one as well.