Happy 26th birthday to meeeee!

Thursday, June 27, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

In all seriousness,before I met Razin,my birthday wasn't really a big deal.My family doesn't make a big deal out of it either.I'll get cash and cake.But since I started working(3 years now) and paying for everything on my own,my parents of course doesn't give me cash anymore plus I can bake my own cake hahaha

But my boyfriend Razin will make my birthday special for me and he has been doing so for 3 years now.3 birthdays in total including last Tuesday.He always have something up his sleeves and will surprise me with a few things.

This year was a bit different because he was so busy with his final project that I thought he had forgotten to buy anything for me.But of course he surprised me on my birthday with quite a few things.Truthfully I felt guilty knowing how much he had spend on me.

The scrumptious Japanese cakes
Anyway,I took the day off from work on Tuesday and below are the pictures of what transpired on my birthday.Throughout our lunch,movie date and special dinner(he took me to a french restaurant),he surprised me with a few things:a homemade elaborate birthday card,three presents,8 different flavored Hokkaido cakes(from Tokyo Pastry,which I've never been.He did his research between a few Japanese bakeries--my current fave & choose this one..can't wait to go there one day!) and a bouquet of flowers.

Among the 3 presents that I got,the first gift was something that I had wanted since last year but never got around to buy it or find it for that matter.The second gift was something that he gave "just because" he said.The third one,he hid it in one of my bags and I found it when I was unpacking my stuffs,hahaha.

It was something that I had wanted in a longggg time as well.All of them were baking equipment and I know for a fact that they're not cheap!

He designed this flip dolls in my birthday card!
The birthday card was very unique!In front was what he felt about me which I've decided not to share here.Inside was a few pages of anatomically correct flip dolls--small waist & big hips= me,which Razin designed..yes,my man designed the clothes,shoes & etc haha So cute!
Amazing dinner
He brought me to Top Shelf for my birthday dinner and everything was excellent.It's approximately rm80-100 per head.We had the salmon ravioli,crispy duck pancake,rib eye and creme brulee.Delicious!

Fresh flowers!

Can't wait to use all of these soon!:)
To Razin Yuzer,thank you for making me feel extra special on my birthday for 3 years now.I love you with more than words can say :)