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Saturday, June 08, 2013 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I see my boyfriend practically everyday.He lives with his family but since I'm quite close to them,I'm always there after work either hanging out with him or babysitting his adorable niece,Qarla,who's there on weekdays.

But sometimes we need a proper date out.Having dinner outside and going out once in awhile.Recently we went out a few times.Went to PJ's Digital Mall because we were looking for new speakers for his pc since his previous one,Altec Lansing's Octane 7, which I gifted to him early last year,went kaput due to lightning strike at his house.It ruined the graphic card of his pc too.

There's an interesting story on how I got him the speakers.I went to Low Yatt with my friend Aimi and I parked my car at Pavilion.So we walked to Low Yatt..I didn't know how big the speakers was gonna be.I bought it as a surprise for Razin and thus had to carry the huge box from Low Yatt to Pavilion while I was wearing a dress,walking with my friend hahaha I got a few weird looks that day.
Only at Jaya One!
Anyway back to present day,we went to Digital Mall twice that night(went back there after dinner)because Razin couldn't decide between what new speakers he should get for himself.We had dinner(it was breaking my fast for me because I was fasting for my puasa ganti)at Jaya One's Sushi King,which had a buy one free one promo every Tuesday and Friday.None other Sushi King outlets have this kind of promo going on.
New pretty menus!
We haven't been to Sushi King in only a few weeks I think..and when we came that night,was surprised to see new menus.I like how Sushi King is constantly trying to reinvent themselves.We ordered two of the new items from the menu.Razin ordered the ponzu chicken something..I think hahah(pictured below,the one which the raw egg..you have to cook it on the plate.).I ordered the new seaweed salad because I love seaweed!It was all tasty.
Yummy food!
Fresh salmon
I also tried raw salmon belly for the first time.It was so good.Soft and buttery.The sushi is on the right in the picture above. 

The aftermath!
It was my first meal of the day because I was fasting the whole day.Look at our dishes above.hahaha.Razin is my fave makan partner ever!:P Picture of him below happily installing his new speakers.

My happy man with his new speakers!

The next day was a whole day out for us.We watched two movies back to back..with a little gap for a quick dinner.Watched Now You See Me and also The Great Gatsby.Picture below of us making funny faces while we were on our way to OU.
My silly guy!
We normally don't watch movie at TGV as Razin always prefer GSC cinemas..but since we were buying the tickets like 4 days before and only TGV ones were available online,had to end up with it.We never buy the normal seats.It always has to be couple seats.We like to be close and also the seats are roomier.
Movie marathon & always couple seats.
Eventhough we always watch movie at GSC(at One Utama),we will actually go to TGV to buy their popcorn Royale.Because it's the only popcorn that I like to eat while watching a movie.Razin and I have done this so many times.hahaha

Popcorn royale duo crunch!
That particular Saturday afternoon,unfortunately the popcorn Royale wasn't ready yet by them we reach the counter after queuing up for almost 15 minutes.But thankfully the guy at the concession stand was so nice that he took one of the popcorn container and went to the kitchen to get me one.So it was buttery hot from the oven.It was a new kind of popcorn as well..the duo crunch!They mixed cornflakes into it.

After we finish watching Now You See Me--which I loved by the way and had a twist that even Razin didn't expect!--we had our late lunch and early dinner at Fish and Co.Our fave spot for fish and chips.They make excellent food..trust me on this!They had a new menu and there were a lot of new items as well.

Pretty menu!

Appetizer:Crispy white bait--so yummy!

Side of coleslaw

Appetizer platter--my dish & I lovee both dips!
I actually finish the squid too!

My pineapple juice and Razin's lychee mojito

Our spread--on the left is Razin's dish--swiss cheese fish&chips!
Our bill was only rm65..that's cheap!
I haven't eaten at Fish and Co for a few months now and I was glad that the quality of food was still so good!My mouth waters when I think about the dishes again.hahaha

I enjoyed watching The Great Gatsby and so did he.Though Now You See Me was better.I would probably watch the movie again just to see the scene between Leonardo,Tobey and Carey Mulligan,when she came over for tea..so many white orchids and pretty desserts!

After the movie we walked around and had a few scoops of Hokkaido ice cream.Corn and japanese potato.Delicious!
Ice cream!

Managed to go to Candylicious as well which I haven't been in a long time.Bought the candies in the picture above!:)


WA said...

Hi, Li!

Just wondering if the buy 1 free 1 promo at Sushi King on Tues n Fri has any T&C, as in time limit n stuff.

Haven't been eating sushi for quite some time!

Liyana.H said...

Hye wawa!
I think this promo is available only at Jaya One outlet.According to the pamphlet.And you can only eat for a maximum of 45mins which I think they overlook at times haha Hope this helps!Or you should get the sushi king card as their rm3 per plate promo is next week!