June updates

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A few weeks ago my skin was breaking out a lot and it scared me.Because I only get pimples(an even then only one or two) a week before my period.But this time around there's quite a number of them on my face and I was getting worried.Book a facial session pronto to fix it.Was so so happy with the results.

I had the royal platinum facial and the result can be seen instantly after my session ended.A few days after that,my pimple scabs just came off leaving no scars at all!Will definitely go there again one day.For now my skin is under control and I've found out what triggered the pimples.phewwww

It wouldn't be a complete blog entry without picture of foods!haha 

Have you eaten the fruit pictured above?It looks like an animal because of the scaly skin.It's called salak fruit/buah salak.The fruit is crunchy inside and taste bittersweet/kelat(malay).My late grandma on my mother's side introduce me to this fruit and I love it though not to eat all the time.

Nasi lemak!


My boyfriend's mother is a great cook.She loves cooking and making her own dishes.Above are some of her dishes that I love.Nasi lemak and lontong.Nasi lemak is like a Malaysian staple breakfast/lunch/dinner food.The combination of rice cooked in coconut milk,spicy sweet sambal,fried anchovies&peanuts,hard boiled egg and slices of cucumber is hard to beat!

I'm a purist in the sense that I want my nasi lemak with all of those condiments that I mentioned..it cannot be just anchovies without the peanuts etc.I don't like eating my nasi lemak with fried chicken/rendang either.I prefer it as is.

Razin's mum makes a mean lontong.She adds a lot of veges in it like shiitake mushrooms,banana flowers,carrots and many more.I love tempe in it too.

Mini chocolates
Razin's brother came back from Australia and brought a lot of chocolates.No,I didn't eat all of the above but I arrange them cos they looked so cute.hahaha My fave are cherry ripe,moro and crunchie!
Pancakes and 'hot' wings
I've been to Plaza Masalam/Shah Alam Mall ever since I was 12 years old,when they first opened in Shah Alam.A few months back there were a few new eateries opened up there.We went for dinner at Paddington House of Pancakes and Nobers hot wings.

Ordered the pancakes with grilled bananas and bacon.Also the hot wings--the boyfriend ordered a mix of the spicy and also sweet&sour ones.Everything was good though I wish there were more maple syrup with my pancakes and I actually had to request for it since it came with bbq sauce.The buffalo wings was crunchy and good BUT the spicy ones wasn't hot and was more on the sweet side.
Raidi's 16th birthday at Laman Seri Grill
Celebrated the boyfriend's little brother's 16th birthday dinner at Laman Grill Steak& Bar-B-Que.The company was great but the food wasn't.Razin's family was disappointed as well.I shared this chicken chop platter thing(2nd from top on the right).

There were 3 types of chicken being cooked and it was good.BUT the dessert which was pandan creme brulee that I ordered,was a disappointment as it tasted more like pudding/agar2 than creme brulee.Razin's father ordered a simple dessert--banana split and we asked for it TWICE and they still forgot to bring it.Finally after waiting for too long,his dad forgo the ice cream cos it still didn't show up.

I won't be coming there again.Ironically the owner of the place and he was even there that night,is a judge on Malaysia's Masterchef(a tv show I abhor&nowhere near the standard of Masterchef US)

Me and my love that night :)
After dinner ended,all of us came back to the boyfriend's family house,Raidi opened up his presents and then we played Taboo which was super fun!
Girly day out with Aimi
I haven't my girl Aimi Azizan for nearly 1 month and 1/2 because she started working with a new company for almost 2 months now.So glad that she's getting a better job with a better pay now.We had spa session--body scrub/mask/wrap but no hot stone massage cos I was having my period & they didn't allow it.So we reschedule just for the massage next time.Managed to shop at a few of the boutiques around the strip.

There was so many crazy discounts!Aimi and I bought blazers at this one boutique and she gave us further discount for it.Awesome!Went to Cat's Whiskers and got a dress & a top for 60% off!I bought 2 pretty belts as well.I hope I won't spend too much the next time we go there which will be in 3 weeks time.

Simple but delicious cake
Father's day was last Sunday and I bake this simple orange cake with chocolate orange ganache on top.It was yummy!haha Also ayah asked for huge chocolate chip cookies so I baked those too.
My favorite fruit is in season now!Mangosteens!I love eating it and can eat lots of it.

My little pony
Got this from McD's happy meal and I put them on my bags but only during the weekend as it's not a  professional look for work!haha
Maisara and I
On Sunday evening went to watch Man Of Steel with the boyfriend,his brothers,his dad and also Maisara(above),Raushan's(boyf's bro)girlfriend.We took a quick snap here which is why my facial expression looked a little funny..oh well..haha I love how my hair looked though!:p
A cool story!
The movie was good to me but it wasn't great but then what do you expect from a Superman movie?The dude is not dark..he never kills anyone ever(told by my boyfriend who knows everything about comics&everything else haha) so a scene in the movie was very crucial actually because it broke tradition.

I was a little apprehensive over the fact that Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane but I think she did a good job.Of course Henry Cavill was so swoon-worthy!The picture above is part of an article in Instyle's June issue which I snapped for you guys.I think it's a cool story because now Henry has worked with Russell!

I will update my next post on some tv shows that I've been watching recently.Have a good night!