Purchases in May and food!

Friday, June 07, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

It's June already!And this month I'll be turning 26..yikesss!haha..Anyway,as usual,I like to blog with pictures on them so here are some bits and pieces from May.I have a few posts in draft mode so yeayyy!!

It means that I'll be blogging a little more frequently..I usually don't have the time to blog extensively or I don't know what to blog about.If you guys have any idea on what you would like me to blog about,do drop a comment in this post :)

May purchases
Among the other things that I bought in May in my previous posts,these are the remaining few.I bought a few things on Urbanoufitters as well but they're not here yet as the boyfriend's brother will bring it back from OZ.Can't wait for them!

I wear stud earrings everyday.But the moment I saw this pair of dangling earrings,I had to have them.I love the color and mint green/seafoam is my current fave color.I have quite a number of dresses in said color now :P
I love colors and prints.Got this pretty pastel candy colored cardigan(top) and a floral kimono cardigan.Whenever I buy an outfit,I'll think about how it will look like with the other stuffs that I have in my closet.For example,I paired the candy colored cardigan with a simple lilac maxi from The Poplook to work(below):

Easy breezy outfit!
Grey with a hint of neon
I saw this pair of wedges at Forever 21 and after a week of contemplating and trying it on a few times..I finally got it.I love how it was very comfortable.Hopefully I'll wear it often haha
Bought the hardcover at Borders!
If you read my previous posts under the tag BOOKS,you would have found two blogposts on Khaled Hosseini's books.The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.After 6 years of not coming out with a new book,he came out with And The Mountains Echoed.I've only read a few pages but I'll definitely write a review on it soon.
Macaron mat
I've never attempt in baking macarons ever.The boyfriend bought me this mat online via one of those voucher website when I saw it one day.I haven't used it yet but hopefully I will soon!


Fluffy mango cheesecake
As all of you know,Komugi is one of my fave bakery at the moment.I go there every week because it's near my office.One rare occasion they sold this mango cheesecake.Their cake selection varies and I managed to get the last piece!It was fluffy and so good.

Garden spritzer
Let's face it..the food at Ben's isn't good.I've seen complaints about the establishment from my boyfriend's sister and many more.But there was this one drink that I had there which was called the Garden Spritzer..a combination of peach puree,lemon juice,soda water and sprigs of thyme.

Ever since I tasted it almost 2 years ago,I like to make it from time to time.I made it for breaking my fast with his family 2 weeks ago.It was refreshing.I don't make it so often because you need a lot of peaches to make the puree and peaches ain't cheap here!haha

I love fresh cherries!
I love eating fresh fruits whenever I can.Got myself a bunch of fresh lychees and cherries which are not available at our supermarkets.Did you know that fresh cherries is a natural sleep inducer?I always eat them at night to help me sleep better and earlier.:P
Roti jala with chicken curry

Being Malaysians,we are blessed with the abundance of good food.Especially our own Malay dishes.The pic on top is of roti jala with chicken curry made by the boyfriend's mother.It was so good!I don't like curry unless it's to eat with roti jala.haha

Mama's dishes!
My mama doesn't really like to cook as much as I do but when she does cook,it is always so good.one of my fave dishes from her is a stuffed fish or called 'ikan belah belakang/ikan jaket'.My late grandmother would always make it for me when I stayed at her house and I can eat for lunch and dinner.Mama cooked it for me along with sambal petai tumis udang(I love petai/stinkbeans!) and sayur kangkung(water convovulus/water spinach).

Putu bambu

Malaysia also has the weekly night market.I love going there with the boyfriend once in awhile to get our fave foods like popiah goreng and putu bambu(pictured above).Putu bambu is a kind of dessert made from rice flour,gula melaka and coconut.