July in a nutshell

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Today is the last day for July.As usual I've been busy with my life that I always forget to blog or blog a little bit and then put it in draft mode.Believe it or not I pushed myself to complete this entry today.I did a bit while I was free at work and then continued after I finish breaking my fast.So here it goes,July in a huge nutshell!:P

Iftar/berbuka puasa/breaking my fast

How has your puasa been so far?For someone like me who has gastric,I've been dealing with bad digestion + diarrhea which equals to nasty pimples popping on my chin..:( Hopefully it'll go away soon.

Below are pictures from my various iftar/berbuka with awesome people in my life :)

Sushi time!
Had Sushi King with the boyfriend and his siblings after we watched Pacific Rim.Initially we were supposed to break our fast at Manhattan Fish Market but somehow the reservation made by Razin's lil sis Qeema was mixed up and we couldn't dine there.Thankfully there were a few empty seats at Sushi King.
Mama's homecooked dishes and some bought from the bazaar
My mum loves prawns as much as I do.Though I'm actually allergic to it(it makes my skin itches and leaves horrible scars which is why I carry my allergy medicine all the time),I love eating seafood!For one of our iftar at home she stir fried huge prawns with vegetables and also made sambal tumis udang petai.
Nasi kerabu
I love nasi kerabu but it's hard to come by and I haven't eaten it in quite awhile.Bought this at section 7 night market with the boyfriend's eldest sister.It was goooood!
Not so good sandwich at O'Briens
 Went to O'Briens with Razin at Empire and we didn't particularly like the food.The sandwiches wasn't good.I've to say that our own Wondermilk is way better.
Delicious desserts at Tong Pak Fu
 Because of our disappointment with O'Briens,we had dessert at Tong Pak Fu to make up for it.I order the durian tracka and Razin had the creme brulee.We shared the flower tea.It was so pretty!
Homemade nasi ayam & salmon tom yam by the boyfriend's mum & sister
The day before this picture was taken,I was breaking my fast at home with my family and the boyfriend send me a pretty picture of the nasi ayam/chicken rice that his mum made for their iftar.I love a good chicken rice.So his mum was sweet enough to keep some of the chicken for me and I had it the next day for iftar with his family.
Takeaway Homst's food
I love Homst food..been eating their food for almost 3 years now?My fave is their butter prawns!It's the best and that's saying something because I've had a lot of different versions of butter prawns from various eateries/seafood places.Takeaway their salted egg yolk soft shell crab,butter prawns and deep fried squid with the boyfriend for our iftar with his family.
Abc special fredoo
 I love ABC(ais batu campur) but it's not something I eat often because it's very high in sugar.Recently the boyfriend sorta surprised me with it while I was buying stationery at section 2 as he wait in the car..because he zipped to Fredoo and put it down on the passenger seat and I saw it as I entered the car.:)
Fuzion,Sunway Resort with my office mates & bosses

More pics from the night
Had iftar with my whole office at Fuzion,Sunway Resort last Friday and I have to say that the array of food is astounding.Definitely far better than Hilton PJ which was the previous venue that our boss choose to treat all of us.There's was so much food!I had grilled crabs,salmon sashimi,huge prawns,satay and many more.But their dessert was so-so..I guess because I'm sorta a baker so it didn't reach my standards??hahaha
Homst with the family and the boyfriend
On Saturday had berbuka at Homst with my family and the boyfriend.I've brought my mum and brothers to Homst for lunch before but it was my dad's first time there and he loved the food!We got the ramadhan set which had a lot of different dishes.Steamed siakap,butter prawns,salted egg yolk soft shell crab,kailan,butter chicken,soup,chinese pancake and chinese tea.We ordered 2 jugs of watermelon juice because the chinese tea was for dessert.The service at Homst Shah Alam is as usual,top notch!

Ichiban Boshi with the boyfriend,his sis&Qarla!
Recently Razin's sister wanted to eat Japanese food so Razin and I accompanied her to Ichiban Boshi.It was my second time eating their food but it was Razin's first time.The food was good!I had the business gozen--tempura,grilled mackerel and salmon sashimi.Nommms.

What I baked/cooked
Francois Payard's chocolate tart

Creamy innards
Saw this recipe online and had to try it.It was simple but the pastry is very delicate so you have to be careful in handling it but it's definitely worth it and will wow the people who you make them for.
Chocolate cookie and almond butter cookies order
Bake a few cookies for kind people who ordered them from me.Eggless chocolate cookies and also almond butter cookies.

So much green mangoes

Getting down to business
We have a lot of fruit trees in our garden at home.Recently our mango trees bears a lot of fruit!My mum was too lazy to let them turned ripe because it meant that she had to wrap them in newspaper while they're on the vine.So they pluck the green mangoes(and there's still a lot of them on our trees) and I was left with a heck load of them.

Som tam/kerabu mangga by me!
I gave away a lot of the mangoes to my colleagues and friends.I made mango pickles--mix the slice mangoes with sugar and a little bit of salt.No vinegar because I had the taste of vinegar in mango pickle which is why I never buy them outside.I also grated the mangoes and made som tam/kerabu mangga.

Made buah melaka twice!
I also made buah melaka/onde2 twice for my family and also the boyfriend's family.It's very easy actually but I've tasted bad ones whereby the pandan flavour taste artificial,or the texture is too chewy or not enough gula melaka inside it.

I always blend a few pandan leaves with hot water and extract the juice using a sieve.You can actually watch the video of me making it on my instagram account @liyanahanim :)

Dates,Qeema's birthday,Qarla Adelia and going out!
His new frying pan
My boyfriend can actually cook and when we went to Empire a few weeks back and was browsing through Aino Living and also The Kitchen Shop,he bought a frying pan which has a two year warranty.Who would have thought that a frying pan comes with a warranty?
So cuteee!
I always help the boyfriend and his mum babysit Qarla and one of the days,her grandma bought her a bathing robe and it was so cute that I put it on her after I bathe her.Look how adorable she looked on top!
Qeema's 24th birthday
Celebrated the boyfriend's little sister's Qeema's 24th birthday.I got her a bouquet of white lilies which is her fave.Glad she liked it.We played fireworks after and I love the picture that I got from it.
The Wolverine midnight movie date night
After Qeema's birthday,Razin and I along with Raushan and his girlfriend Maisara and also Qeema and her friend,went for a midnight movie screening of The Wolverine.It was quite enjoyable!As you can see from the picture above I'm not wearing a smidge of makeup haha Also I wore Razin's H&M jacket which was huge but comfy!
Qarla loving my makeup brush
Qarla,Razin's niece has seen me get ready and putting on makeup a few times.I guess she picked it up and she likes to play around with my Bare Minerals brush and also MAC bronzer.She would brush me,Razin and Qeema and it's the cutest thing ever!
A little shopping with Maisara
After Raushan,who's Razin's younger brother left for Australia again,I went out with his girlfriend the next day to bring her shopping as she confided to me how sad and lonely she felt without him around.I can relate to that because both of us are super close with our respective boyfriends.I had a good time and Razin's eldest sis Nana went with us as well.
Caught in the act
I'm a leftie but there are certain things that I only do with my right hand..play bowling,cutting food,applying eyeliner and so forth.Pictured above,I was caught off guard by boyfriend while I was getting ready to go out with him and his sister.
Skype with Qarla!
While I was bored at work,I skyped with Razin and Qarla.Looked at how cute she is holding on to her beloved uncle that way.haha
Evian Baby Me app
There's this app called Evian Baby & Me whereby you upload your picture and they'll show you what your supposed future baby will look like.Look at how my baby has a fringe!hahaha

Purchases and room stuffs!
Perfumes galore!
I went to a fragrance and cosmetics warehouse sale with my mum and I went a bit crazy because the prices was insane.Perfumes was like 50-70% off!I grabbed 3 different ones for myself,2 for Razin and bought 1 for his sister Qeema.
Good stuffs from MAC
If you follow me on Twitter(@liyanahanim) you'll know that one of my fave Youtuber is Zoella.She recommended this combination as a face base so many times in her vid.So I bought it.MAC studio sculpt and also MAC mineralize skin finish.I have to say they're amazing and gives me a natural look without feeling cakey/heavy.I rarely if ever wear foundation but I'll keep this for a special occasion.
Crazy bargains!
When I went shopping with Maisara and Nana,the sales were crazy!Stuffs were 50-70% off everywhere.I got mini luggage bag and amazingly cut blazer from MNG for such a low price.The bag was rm69 from rm189 and the blazer was rm169 from rm299!The ALDO shoes with satin lining inside and a hint of sparkly gold glitter was rm57 from rm190!The earrings was also from rm30 to rm15.I bought a few other things as well--a denim biker jacket from H&M(rm59 from rm149!) and jeggings from Uniqlo(so comfy!!)
Pretty raya outfits from his mum&sis
My favorite colour is purple/lilac/lavender.I was happy to receive the raya outfits above.The left one is from the boyfriend's eldest sister and the right one is from his mother.
My tailormade raya outfit
Usually every raya,I'll buy my baju very last minute..like the night before raya itself because the prices will be so damn cheap.But this time since I got a lovely pink songket from my friend Shakira,I knew I had to turn it into my raya outfit.I bought fabric for the top part and also search for design that will flattering and pretty.Plus there was input from the tailor and also the boyfriend's eldest sister who brought me to the tailor.The stitching was impeccable and everything cost me less than rm150(fabric + tailoring).I can't wait to wear it soon!
Organized my makeup

Brushes and mascaras
I don't have a lot of makeup but I have a substantial amount.So I recently organized them into these clear trays and pen holder--both which you can get from Daiso.It looks more neat and tidy.
Topshelf on Flavours
Bought July issue of Flavours and was surprised to see Topshelf,the place where Razin brought me for my birthday dinner,was reviewed on it!I still remember the crispy duck...mmmm delicious!