Lots of movies!!--Evil Dead,VHS 2,Pacific Rim and Monsters University.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

As per usual,I watched a lot of movies on a monthly basis..either via download or going to the cinema.Recently I watched Evil Dead and VHS 2 via the projector at the boyfriend's family house with his siblings and the girlfriend of one of his brothers.I watched Monsters University on my birthday with Razin.And recently I watched Pacific Rim with the boyfriend and his siblings!

Evil Dead

I've never watched the original 1981 movie version in full though the boyfriend has it and he showed snippets of it to me.I can honestly say that this movie is gruesome,terrifying,bloody and very good if you want to be really scared or grossed out.We watched this movie being blown up on the projector at Razin's family house..so the scary parts was looming on us on the wall haha.

I was very impressed over the fact that the lead actress is Jane Levy whom I've watched in Suburgatory.It's very different seeing her in a scary possessed role because Suburgatory was a comedy.There's Lou Taylor Pucci and Shiloh Fernandez in the movie as well.

Basically it's about Mia who's a drug addict,and her brother and her friends brought her to her family's former cabin in the woods to detox her system. But things go wrong when one of them decided to open an evil book which they found inside the house.

There was some seriously disturbing parts in the movie which I had to use a pillow to cover my eyes.I would suggest you to watch this movie with a bunch of friends.There's no point of being scared and grossed out alone.hahaha


If you have watched VHS,you would have known what VHS 2 will be about.Basically it's a collection of short footage containing scary and paranormal stuffs watched from VHS tapes.There were moments in this movie whereby I was clutching the pillow over my face but overall it was mediocre.There were zombies that looked pretty real but overall I've to say that VHS was better in terms that it was more believable and scarier.

But props to some well know Indonesian actors and actresses being featured on this movie though their part of the footage was very over the top!If only they stopped when it was very scary instead of continuing and making it look very comical.

I watched the movie with the boyfriend and his siblings and everybody agreed that it wasn't that enjoyable.

Pacific Rim

This movie surprised me because I didn't know much about it nor did I watch the trailer.But the boyfriend did and last week my Twitter feed was filled with people from my friends,various Hollywood celebrities as well..tweeting how the movie was awesome.

So I went to watch the movie on last two Sundays and I have to say that it was a great watch.Adrenaline pumping!I was surprised when I saw Rinko Kikuchi in it.She almost made me cry while watching the movie!I didn't recognize a lot of the actors in the movie.

The movie is set in 2020,when the world are attacked by Kaijus--huge Godzilla-like alien monsters.So we build Jaegers to take them down.Jaegers are handled by 2 people who are usually blood related because they have to link their brain together in order to be in sync with the machine.

After watching the movie,I wish that there's a game of that kind for Xbox..maybe there is but since I don't have an Xbox,I've no idea if it exists..haha.

Monsters University

Monsters Inc came out 12 YEARS AGO!Wowwww that was a long time.Now they came out with Monsters University,a prequel to show how Mike and Sulley met.I watched this with Razin on my birthday(25th June) at the Beanie plex(so comfy and it's my..third time I think watching movies at TGV's Beanie Plex).

I have to say that I enjoyed watching the movie.There were parts in the movie that made me laughed until I snorted(you know..making pig sounds..naturally.hahah).It's basically about how Mike got to enter the university of his dreams and he met Sulley who's the popular guy on campus due to who his father is.

There's many cute(-ish?) monsters in the movie.And I love the challenges that they had to go through in order to win the Scare Games.Although there was no Boo in the movie,it was still very enjoyable and funny!