Time flies!Life:June&July 2013(thus far).

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It's July already and we're halfway through 2013!Wowww..time flies so fast.

Before I start,just want to inform those who wants to order raya cookies/cakes/cupcakes please proceed to my baking blog by clicking HERE.

I watched a few movies recently but haven't got the time to write about my views on it here..along with quite a number of new tv series/reality tv shows that I'm watching(I download everything because I'm impatient to wait for it being shown on our national tv and plus there's the censorship issue!haha) and books that I'm reading and have read.Arghhh so many pending things to blog about that I just leave them be in draft mode.

I swear I use to blog a lot more during my uni student days 3 years ago. I've been abandoning this blog for a few weeks.So sorry for that!

As usual,I take a lot of pictures using my iphone and I prefer to describe them in the post to make things easier for me haha Some of the food pictures might not be appropriate for those who are fasting.

Because now it's the holy month of Ramadhan for muslims all over the world.Granted,most of the food pictures below were taken before the month of Ramadhan.:P

Had Sushi Zanmai for my second time(first time was with the boyfriend's sister when I went out with her last year to find presents for Razin's 27th birthday) a few days after my birthday,treated by my boss!It was goooddd..The food that we ordered,is in the picture above.My fave was the cranky salmon maki.

One of my favorite food these past 1-2 weeks was pasta with my homemade bolognese and mozarella on top.Baked until it's a bit brown on top.Delicious!

Limited Rainbow
Went to Limited Rainbow store launching party with the boyfriend's sister,Raqeema because the store owner is one of her bestfriends. They have a lot of pretty stuffs there!So people,do go to their shop(click on their name on top).Afterwards,we walked around the Sunway Giza area.
Love the beautiful necklace!
Managed to buy a dress there and also a few hair products.We found this beautiful necklace above and I'm thinking of getting it soon.:P
Ichiban Boshi!
Popped my Ichiban Boshi AND Artisan Roast Coffee cherry in one day!Had an early dinner at Ichiban Boshi and it was delicious.Though Qeema said that they've raise their prices considerably.
Artisan Roast Coffee
Afterwards we went to a bazaar at TTDI whereby I bought 3 bags from Wearerack for only rm50!What a steal.(pic of my buys below) Had coffee at Artisan Roast Coffee(pic above) for my first time afterwards and I had their bottled iced latte and I shared a caramel slice(soo good!),grasshopper slice and also lemon bar with Qeema.
Love my buys especially the maxi dress and lilac studded jelly purse.
After my long day out with Qeema(we went out from 2pm-9pm!),I played Taboo with the boyfriend and his family(his parents joined as well!) and went home around 1am!Yikesss haha

Because I was sleepy,I forgot to take my Smart Tag which I depend on to go to work with as it also contain my Touch N Go haha Imagine queuing up at the cash lane at NKVE while heading to work..NIGHTMARE!

My hero!
Luckily my boyfriend was willing to drive to my family house on Sunday to pass me the smart tag..he bought my fave lele penyet for dinner as well!nommms I was busy baking cookies the whole Sunday and wanted to stay at home.Also had to help my little brother who had a bbq with his friends on our lawn.

Breakfast date!
Had a rare breakfast date with the boyfriend at Popiah S.S.Ali which is my faveeee place for popiah goreng/basah and mee rebus in Shah Alam.Surprisingly the place(they have a cafe in section 7,same row as Kunzense) was open at 10 am and we managed to get a piping hot bowl of mee rebus each with a plate of popiah goreng.Happy meeeee!
Cutie pie Qarla!
A picture of the boyfriend's niece trying to put my sunglasses on my face haha So cuteee!
Pretty shoes for a bargain!
Went to Nose warehouse sale and managed to grab these 3 pairs of beauties for only--rm50!!They were selling 3 pairs of shoes for rm25/55.I choose the rm55 for 3 pairs but managed to get rm5 off due to a voucher they gave me for liking their FB page.

I went on the first day but I heard that they come out with new designs every day.But I was really happy with my purchases especially the sexy red satin stilletos!Gotta give credit to my friend Shakira who gave me the tip about the sale!:)
I love the pastries at Komugi as you can tell from my previous posts.Had this a few weeks ago and it was perfect!It was only rm4 something if I'm not mistaken.

Nestle came out with their own Greek yogurt.This is delicious and I had it during sahur.Unfortunately it's not available at your regular Tesco because I checked and I bought it from my fave place to buy groceries from--Jaya Grocer Warehouse(in Bukit Jelutong).

Had dinner at Papa John's with the boyfriend,his mum,eldest sis,2 brothers and Maisara(his brother's Raushan's gf).Thanks to Nana(his eldest sis) for treating all of us.We got a free plate of baked rice because they accidentally made extras!Yeayy :p
Afterwards we went to Tesco cos Nana&aunty wanted to buy groceries and then the boyfriend&his brothers put on the projector so we can all watch Evil Dead(2013).It was scary and gross!
Everybody passed out in the living room after the movie and in the morning,Razin and I made breakfast for everyone.
I made buttermilk pancakes using Martha Stewart's recipe(make your own buttermilk--mix milk with 1 tablespon vinegar/lemon juice and add more until milk mixture thickens a little bit).Razin fried hashbrowns using the air fryer which his eldest sister bought for their mum.

For Sunday lunch,Razin and I brought his youngest brother to Sushi Zanmai.We got a table and didn't have to join the long queue because I managed to reserve a table an hour before we went there!Score!

The food was good as usual!Total bill for the 3 of us was rm120+ because the boys ordered a lot--Razin even ordered caviar sushi&oyster sumtin along with his fave unagi don and temaki.

I had the cranky salmon maki,small karaage don(which wasn't that good&I won't order it again)and soft shell crab roll.Raidi had the large ebi don(that was really good&I would order that next time!) and a pretty kyoho soda.

Ended the meal with 3 scoops of ice cream--black sesame,yuzu and melon.

Had this dulang meal at Old Town White Coffee with all of the ladies at my office for our 2nd last lunch together before Ramadhan starts and it was good which was unexpected.It came with a drink(you get 3 choices) & a dessert.

The beef rendang(you can choose chicken as well) was very tender and I love the keropok lekor &the many veggies!The only downside was the chicken satay which was overpowering with turmeric from the marinate.

Had a potluck at the office,a day before Ramadhan.I brought lychee pudding and macaroni with bolognese sauce,all homemade of course!
Went to Bukit Bintang with the boyfriend to help him buy a new speaker.His second one this year btw haha His previous Altec Lansing one went kaputt after it was used for 2 nights for his family movie nights.Poor thing because he purchased it like 2 months ago?
So decided to splurge and bought this top of the line speakers which was huge.Apparently it is the 2nd best speakers for pc.The first was cost 1k+(gulp!).This was supposed to be 1200 2 years ago but now marked down to 749!Glad you're happy baby!:)
I got myself these pretty pastel Sharpies when we were at Low Yatt and also redeemed my birthday gift from Sephora!I love how compact the makeup pallete is&I can put it in my handbag.
A picture of cute Qarla enjoying her biscuits while her mum,aunties and uncle was enjoying their kuey teow haha.

Anyway,how's your Ramadhan so far?I've been feeling lethargic at work due to the fact that I sleep at 11.30pm or 12 am and then wake up for sahur at 4.30am.Sleep again at 6am and then wake up at 7.30am for work..zzzzz

My first day of berbuka with my family was a bit hectic cos the parents came back from the bazaar 10 mins before berbuka(cos too many people there,precisely why I avoid bazaar ramadhan)&we were scrambling to prepare the food that I forgot to take a picture hahaha Oh well,who cares!:p

But for the 2nd day of fasting,I break my fast with the boyfriend's family at Hotel Singgahsana,thanks to his father who treated all of us!Picture is below.

Yesterday I break my fast with them again(because their house is nearer from my office--15 mins,than my parents house-45 mins)and I went to section 6 night market(my fave during non-puasa month) to buy drinks and desserts(cos his mum cooked lauk) with Razin's youngest sister.

Funny thing was that the boyf's dad went to another bazaar,his eldest sister went as well and so did one of his brothers.So we had a lot of food last night.Pictured below.
Lastly,I've been meaning to get a bottle of perfume that last long because my mum got me a bottle of Hugo Boss Orange a few months ago and it doesn't stay long at all..only a few mins tops.

Initially I wanted to buy Coach perfume but the want I wanted didn't come in a set and I ended up buying the one below instead.

Got Jimmy Choo's perfume in EDT,60ml.I always prefer to buy EDP but the salesperson Ika assured me that the EDT lasts a long time too and it smells nicer than the EDP which she was right!

And afterwards when I got back I googled the review between the smell of the EDT and EDP and many preferred the EDT smell.

She gave me a LOT of samples which was very nice of her.So whenever you're at Parkson's Sunway Pyramid fragrance department,do ask for help from Ika!:)

Pheww that's the end of my long blogpost!Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone :)