August and Raya 2013 so far :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Selamat hari raya,maaf zahir&batin to all my fellow Muslims who are celebrating eid during this month.I haven't had much time to blog.

Went on a short trip to Kuantan with the boyf and his family,had lotsa raya cookies/cakes to bake and also a food tasting for an upcoming cafe called Foodsbury in Shah Alam!
Pictures above are from my Kuantan trip.
Tastings at Foodsbury!You guys will be able to taste some of my desserts there starting 19th August!

Busy baking for raya!
Managed to go to Floristika 2 days before raya to get flowers for the house with the boyfriend's eldest sister.It's my second time going there and this time the selection was much better!

Raya so far....

First raya was divided between two houses--my dad's side and my mum's side of the family.At night relatives from dad's side came over.My little cousins who's shoe sizes are the same as mine got to take some of my stuffs--I love giving stuffs away because it makes more space in the bedroom haha

Second Raya I went to the boyfriend's eldest sister's house and then went to Jaya Grocer with his mum,lil sis and brother.

Now I'm home and need to sleep because will be on a 3 day vacation with my family!Goodnight.And as usual you can follow me on instagram/twitter at @liyanahanim to see my updates!